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The Official Item/Fashion Customisations Thread!

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wow this looks amazing hopefuly one day this can all come true by our awesome gms working to make the server better and better everyday haha praying for the best

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Photoshop files make it much better chances for GM to be able to make your items. GM and Coder both are not good with photoshop, which is needed to create good items (except fashion), so if you have ready photoshop files, that's very helpful indeed.


Background colour ff00ff, yes.

I'm not quite sure what to send - just the original pictures of the recoloured fashion? will I have to edit the actual characters out? really hope to see these fashion items in-game in the future :]


will be happy to design anything else - feel free to request


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Here's Cyclonid. I plan to change his hair color.




Here's ChaosGunner, known internally as "Jacket" and "Richard". He is proof that I like Hotline Miami far too much for my own good.

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