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Game Rules

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A. Game Relations


Rule No. GR/01

Do not use any Third-Party Program.

Starting September 20, 2013, All players who are caught Macro-ing/Botting will be banned permanently without any notice.


Q: What if they beg you to unban their accounts?
A: Even if they beg 24/7, I wont unban their accounts.


Q: How will you know if a player is botting?
A: If they are not responding and they are doing the same pattern for a long time.

Example: Cast Skill – Cast Skill - Use MP Potion – Cast Skill – Cast Skill – Use MP Potion



Rule No. GR/02

No Impersonation. Do not pretend to be a Game Master. Do not name yourself similar to a GM.


Example #1: A player whispers another player and he has a “GM” on his name.
Remember, GM(s) will never ask for your Account Info or Items.


Example #2: A player copies the name of your friend and whispers you “Hey, may I borrow your Lvl 13 Altiverse Maiden Set?”


Remember, GM(s) are not responsible for lost items.



Rule No. GR/02a

Players are requested not to name their chars similar to names of existing chars in game. This is to avoid confusion and any unwanted consequences. For example, if a char whose name is very similar to yours got banned, the system may also end up banning your char as well. The Game Masters may change chars' names that are too similar with each other without notice. [Added September 20, 2014]



Rule No. GR/03

Exploiting bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of Galder or Items or having Overpowered Equipments, or disrupting the server will result in a IP ban/account ban.



Rule No. GR/04

Do not use character names or guild names with offensive or inappropriate words in them, that might directly or indirectly offend other players. Names that carry sexual connotations are also prohibited.



Rule No. GR/05

Do not attempt to trade things within rTO for things outside of rTO. This includes real money, items/accounts of other servers/games, etc.


Add: http://board.playtri...nse/#entry95940




Rule No. GR/05a

Starting June 21, 2014, account trading is prohibited. Any account known to us as traded account will be banned without notice. Any report of players being scammed by original owners or by other parties due to account trading will not be entertained, and the account(s) involved will be banned permanently.



Rule No. GR/06

Please use the TBN wisely and with care. Do not use foul language, and do not post on TBN things that are considered as trolling, may incite fights, may be offensive, or otherwise unpleasant. You can post fun things with TBN, but use common sense; do not abuse it. Abuse of TBN may result in ban. [Amended March 14, 2015]



B. Game Master Relations


Rule No. GM/01

GM(s) will never ask for your items or password in game.


Rule No. GM/02

GM(s) will never give away any galder, items, power level or tank players.


Rule No. GM/03

Respect all GM(s).


Rule No. GM/04

Do not spam messages to GM(s).


Rule No. GM/05

Do not ask to be a GM.


Rule No. GM/06

GM(s) reserve the right to ban players for rule violations without warning.




C. Player Relations


Rule No. PR/01

No begging for items/galders. Example: Posting this on Party Bulletin ”SOMEONE GIVE ME MONEY PLZ IM NEW HERE”



Rule No. PR/02

Respect all players. No harassment or discrimination is allowed. Serious offenses such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment will result in a ban.



Rule No. PR/03

Do not spam, trashtalk or use vulgar or obscene language in public chat. Something is considered spam when the same (or a similar) message is repeated very often. If you need something, do not tell or ask about it every 30 seconds or minute. Once every few minutes is more than enough.



Rule No. PR/04

Although we welcome any nationality and thus a wide variety of languages, it becomes very difficult for players to follow conversation when large quantity of lines are in languages they do not understand. As such, please try to keep the primary language in public chat to English. Extended conversations or excessive lines in another language can be treated as public chat spam on a case-by-case, player-reported basis.


English is the main language for our server. However, our players come from many different countries. You may speak your own language, however always be sensitive to others who do not understand what you are saying. If asked what you are saying, translate what you say to English so that others may understand.


The general rule is: Be tolerant of others who may be different from you (and speak a different language), and be mindful that you may be different from others (and may speak in a language which could be misunderstood by, and be offensive to others).


~ Edited by Aran, Dec 7, 2015 



Rule No. PR/05

If you are recruiting or looking for a party, please use the Party Bulletin.



Rule No. PR/06

When casting area attacks, make sure not to hit other players’ monsters.



Rule No. PR/07

PvP : KOS-related drama, player-to-player quarrel, or guild-related quarrel will not be entertained by mods, admin or GM, either in forum or in game, except extreme cases on grounds such as racism, homophobia, and matters of similar nature. To report such extreme cases, take evidential screenshots and report to us. [Amended December 14, 2014]



Rule No. PR/08

Do not scam/steal people of their items, accounts and galder. Upon clear evidence, scammers will be banned from the game.


However, this rule does not extend to power-levelling activities. We do not encourage power-levelling since the game provides many legitimate quests to undertake in order to level up and that players should expend effort to level themselves up, and not depending on someone else through power-levelling. Thus, any player who want to engage in either buying or selling power-levelling, they undertake this activity at their own risks and reports of scams arising from such activities would not be entertained. [Amended September 20, 2014]



Rule No. PR/09

If someone apologizes for breaking one of the Player Relations rules, accept the apology and move on. Do not harass, swear or threaten them.



Rule No. PR/10

Bullying or any method of harrassment to a player is not allowed. (E.g., Using TBN to yell a player's name with a bad intention, Setting up a MyCamp to annoy a player, Spamming Trade Request, Card Battle Request, Party Request, Whispers.) Blackmailing a player is also a form of bullying. Players caught/reported doing this will be banned permanently from the game.




D. Important: General Rules


Rule No. IG/01

Do not advertise or recommend other Trickster servers on any kind of chat.


Rule No. IG/02

You are responsible for your account’s security. Choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.


Rule No. IG/03

If you give out your password/account information to anyone, you take FULL responsibility for their actions while playing on your accounts (including botting/scamming/item loss/character deletion).


Rule No. IG/04

We are not responsible if your items got stolen or galders/MS/mileage points are lost because someone guesses your password, because you give your user name/password/account information to others, or because you share your computer and others could get hold of your game/forum account information that way.


Rule No. IG/05

Account trading is not encouraged. If you lose accounts/items from attempting to or from actual buying/selling/trading of accounts or items, we are not responsible for your loss. Please see Rule No. GR/05a.


Rule No. IG/06

Most of all, use common sense. Do not do things to other people that you wouldn’t want done unto you.


Rule No. IG/07

The GM(s) reserve the rights to change these rules without notice.

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