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Galder Guide or Galder Farming *2022*

galder galder farming galder guide

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Hello everyone.

I came back this July 2022 and saw that the Auction House function (MyShop trade)
was permanently removed and the only possible way to get/earn myshop is by donating.
Galders is the only currently available currency in game if you don't want to donate for myshop points.

Now, as a returnee player, how do I earn Galders? How do I trade for myshop items?

Here's the list.
Feel free to comment below your ways on how to earn galders and I will add them to the list.

Thanks in advance :P

1. Buy MyShop points through donating. This will help the server a lot. Listed below are the acceptable payment methods by PlayTrickster. Some may vary from country to country.

  • FasterPayer Visa
  • Mint - with 5%, 10% Bonus
  • Paypal - with 5%, 7%, 10% Bonus
  • MOBIAMO Pay by mobile
  • Cherry Credits - with 5%, 7%, 10% Bonus
  • Razor Gold - with 5%, 7%, 10% Bonus

2. Sell your Myshop Items for galders and/or MyShop points either through gifting or trading in AH (safest). Gifting is fine as long as you trust the seller. Current rate that I've seen is 20m~25m : 1k MS points.

3. AFK drilling at Tapasco Mines and selling the ores. Use a character with a lot of WT at least 100k WT so that you will be able to leave your character for a longer time with an auto driller pet (Driller boy/girl, Super Driller Boy/Girl, Baby Driller, RTO Driller boy 300). Better to have your driller army.

Ps. I recommend using the regular driller boy. It's cheaper, for level 10 character and only 5,700 MS pts for 7 days. And then recharge the item using Recharge Coupons.


4. Selling powerlevel service. What powerlevel does is someone is going to grind for you. You stay in a safe area or an area that is far from the monsters while using a booster. You need to have a decent equips to OHKO mobs for faster leveling. Rates are different from seller to seller.

PS. I recommend using a Wind sheep. Windblade skill (Master) is the main skill youโ€™re going to use while poweleveling someone. It has 0.5s casting time with 1s cooldown. Fast right? For price comparison, you can use the search button, there are popular powrlevelers in the forum.

5. Boss Equipments - popular ones are the Koi and Kronos equips for end gamers or

Altiverse Equipments - popular ones are the Altiverse Twist equipments (good for Air types) and Altiverse Maiden equipments (for Elec types).

6. Quest Items especially the ones in Tapasco.

7. Boxes from previous events then resell them later or wait for few months before you sell them. Don't sell the boxes while the event is still ongoing 'cause the price might still be lower.

8. Sell Altiverse boxes from Chaos Tower.

9. Cards including monster cards or secret cards. You can farm at Coral Field 2 and get Bad Fury Cards then sell them to those who are doing their card identification.

10. Chaos Feathers from Party Quests on mines. Popular CFs are 200, 290, 305, 320.

11. Sell Shadow Equipments to NPC for those players who already have their guardian.They drop from shadow monsters while using mind's eye skill.

12. Gift Boxes such as Cat Accessory Boxes for sprints (from mileage shop), Level up Boxes, and Level 100 and 180 B boxes.

14. Fiesta Marbles from fiesta. You can get myshop drills from this.

--- to be continued ---

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Selling Powerlevel Service.

Please click the link below. 

๐Ÿ’œ https://tinyurl.com/...werlevelService ๐Ÿ’œ