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Olympic Games of Kamelot

Olympic Games Kamelot

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Hello Tricksters! This is it, the Olympic Games are coming to Trickster!
The 1st Olympic Games are going to be host by Kamelot.
There will be a few Olympic Games played inside Kamelot.
You can find Kamelot at the steps of the Don Cavalier Statue in Megalopolis Square.
Kamelot is a castle and the home of the guild Knights of Kamelot.
No Mods or GMs have been requested for this event. This is a Players made event.
*I am counting on the honesty of all the players participating. Every player will choose only 1 of his/her characters to legitimately compete into this Olympic Games Event.
It is a rule and if you get caught using more than 1 character during the Games, you will be disqualified. So yes, you can only represent 1 guild. But a guild can be represented by many players.
**I am looking for many volunteers to be Assistants or Judges for the length of the Olympic Games.
***Any person or guild who wants to participate in the sponsorship by distributing some goods to the event is welcome. We need the support of the rich people to make this event a success.
I already found the 1st sponsor in Shaki School guild who is willing to distribute a lot of wealth to have some pretty interesting rewards for the winners.
****Every players, guilds, Mods, GMs are invited to take part in any kind of form into this Olympic Event. We will accept every kind of support we can get.
*****Every guild leaders will receive an Official Invitation to the Olympics and will have the chance to send representants to every competition.
******The guild is the equivalent of the country in the real life Olympics. You must be in a guild to be able to take part to the Olympics.
Olympic Games:
We are still looking for people who will be offering some wealth to be able to have awesome prizes to distribute to the players.
Click on this Sponsors List to access to the latest updates concerning the Sponsors and the donations they gave.
*Update of February 28, 2021: New donations. (Check the Sponsor List)
Actually 4 guilds are registered to participate to the Games:
Knights of Kamelot (Who also hosts the Olympic Games of PlayTrickster and will participate in the donations)
Shaki School (Who is also sponsoring the Olympic Games)
Gochu Boyz
School of Laymans
**News about the volunteers who showed interest: I found 2 volunteers to be Judge and/or Assistant for a few games. It is nice to find out people with interest but I will need many more volunteers.
***Update of March 01, 2021: At this rate, it will be impossible to hold the Olympic Games before this summer. It will require a GMs/Mods/Admins event to bring back some players before we can hold the Games. By bringing back more interest into PlayTrickster to the old players, we will find out more guilds to register to the Games and we'd also find new volunteers for being Judge or Assistant. *Crosses fingers*

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I too am very interested in this event, I would love to bring back old memories with my guildmates!  :D

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