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Hardcore Discussion.

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Poll: Question: Would players be interested to play on a Hardcore server or channel? (76 member(s) have cast votes)

Question: Would players be interested to play on a Hardcore server or channel?

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    Percentage of vote: 48.68%

  2. No. (28 votes [36.84%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 36.84%

  3. Maybe. (11 votes [14.47%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 14.47%

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I would personally be interested in a server like this. It would bring back the feel of eTO. I do, however, think there should be a way of getting myshop boxes without having to pay. Perhaps something like an exchange system where you can exchange 1 mil ganders for 1000 MS points. I don't know if this would make this new server profitable for you guys or not, so maybe you can tweak that. But there should at least be some kind of event, like the ones done on the server currently, where you can obtain good gear without having to pay. If its possible, maybe you should trial this "new server" for about a month and see how it goes, if it really doesn't revive any interest then we can at least say, we tried, but it isn't working. 



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I like the idea! Me and my brother played on the original TO server and we remember how difficult it was to obtain uniques and holding our breath every time we click open a Kitty Box for a sprint. But that was part of the game. It was actually fun to be able to work for things. My brother would sell myshop REGULARLY so that's how he made his income and gained a reputation for people to lend us uniques for the boost in level and those sweet accessories.
Now that the nostalgia trip is over, my brother and I have been talking about starting new characters that we play in a "hardcore" style (no crazy JP myshop items, strictly using the in game items and available standard MyShop, not using the AH). If there is a server dedicated to that style of gameplay, I think that it would be extremely successful. I loved the prospect of the "All-Star" Gacha events because it would allow me to buy Gacha coins to get special "antique" pets that I missed from before I started playing. I think that the frequent updates in Gacha makes the items that you get from the Gacha fields worth so much less than they should be, both monetarily and sentimentally. 
I think that if you were to create this new server with a hardcore style, it would eliminate the pay-to-win aspect of the current game. As it stands, if someone wants to purchase $1,000 worth of MyShop points, they can use those points to purchase the best MyShop gear and those crazy JP stones to completely overtune their gear. 

In the hardcore server, you should have the 1st Job boxes on rotation, the holiday boxes (Christmas boxes, Christmas Gacha, Halloween boxes like Corvid/Nyxx/Noxx) around the time of their respective holidays, and the regular stones. And then EVENTUALLY let out the 2nd job boxes. Those weren't too bad. Also, update Gacha much less so that the items you get from the fields are more exclusive. It used to be cool to have a Spiker Tinnie and Squire Gilbert for your low level characters.
So basically, if people want to drop $1,000 in the new server, they wont have completely overtuned gear. Someone could open a box and get extremely lucky with a pet or an equip with the same or better stats than the equips that a person spent $1,000 tempering. 

But if someone wants to drop money, they had the option to sell their MyShop through gifting. This was GREAT because it allowed people to purchase MyShop with their hard earned Galders while benefiting a single player as opposed to a 3rd party bot-farming company. The pay-to-win was so much more contained as a result of this. While this was a clear avenue for scammers and the Auction House has lessened the ability of scammers to get away with stuff like this, it has also eliminated the trust and communal factors between players. It is a game. There are always going to be scammers. But there are also going to be good-hearted players who just want to sell MyShop points and earn Galder that way. So I say remove the auction house.
I love the idea of reducing the EXP boosts as well! It used to be almost REQUIRED to do all of the card quests and all of the Grass collecting quests in order to reach 3rd job. It used to be grindy but it was FUN! That was part of the game. I like the availability of extra Card Quests. I think that has been a positive. But they are almost useless now because one hour of drilling for quests that I need and I already gained 2-3 TM levels. Also, Driller Boy used to only be for sale during the drilling events. I think that should be a thing too. The exclusivity factors of the MyShop used to make people actually want to spend both real $ and galders to get exclusive things. (Galder for Gacha coins or $ for boxes that only come around once a year). While the perpetual availability of these items is pretty cool, I feel like I could just buy it whenever I want, so I don't.  
Ultimately, I think this hardcore server would be a HUGE success. I can't see the future, but I think that the player base would have a positive response to it. More people would stop AFK'ing and actually play the game because you have to in order to improve. The AFKers in Mega would actually have to play the game to get decent items and actively drill for DAYZ to get good quest items to sell all while waiting for the Drilling event to buy Driller boy to ease their pain. But I think they would see it as worth it. I think people would return as well. If you do decide to make a server like this (even if you dont use any or all of my recommendations), I think you should also send an email out to every account advertising it. I think you will find that many players want to play this style! 

Sorry for the long rant, but I think this is an amazing idea with so much potential for success! 



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I guess when eTO was around, everyone was still young enough not to get carpal tunnel from drilling.


most people don't seem to have really thought this through:


No Bonus EXP/TM

You spend 20mins per level right now, this turns it into 1 hr. This might be ok for some when everyone is locked inside and has time to waste, but really...


No Auction House

you want that perma sprint worth 2k on webshop? nope gotta go open 100 mileage boxes for a chance at it.


No Functions on the website other than bug fixes.

Enjoy your minimum compounds...


No drill pets

Give it a try right now, gather all quest items without a driller pet, just to get a taste of hardcore


No Myshop equipment other than the eto defaults.

so... best equipment ingame would be a lv170 set? (minus uniques)


No Myshop Box releases

you know that fuse which makes your sheep superrrrr cute? nope, you are gonna look like every other sheep with a lv170 pluto set.


All tampered skills- all skills reset to default

So no exp/tm boost makes 1hr/level, this makes it 1.5hr/level, gl not falling asleep


Reset item rates back to original. Anything we have increased would be reset back.

I remember hunting 3 hrs straight for like 10 ice picks, good memories~


No JP Compound Items

With lv170 basic myshop equip, minimum compounds and tempers? you'll need a 6 man group just to do spicy. 3 man hrs for a 1% drop, sounds legit. Better race to pickup that drop first.


No Myshop updates

Minimal events

Minimal Gacha releases

you'll get an update every 3 months, but that's ok, should be enough time to hunt those 10 pink lipsticks you need with the original rates.



somewhat exaggerated but i much rather GM/coder work on paula or something.

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Hello, any update about the hardcore server?

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I'm intending to come back for Paula server, but If the p2w model is applied I won't even download It lol



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Well since it was never spoken again i'd say that hardcore server wont happen. Also paula is not the hardcore server that was talked before. It will be mostly like rto so if you do not like rto i dont think you will enjoy paula either.


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I have been crossing my fingers since the new server was announced that it would be exactly as you just described, and I can see myself falling into it and playing constantly. Hard work is fun. I realized quickly that once you have everything the journey if over and the excitement leaves. 


I vote hardcore server!!! 


I understand why people would be sad that everyone is not Haxxxxxxx TM, but....... if everyone is on the same level, the idea of hax changes. 

I guess I can't really explain why a hardcore server is so alluring.


Things actually become impressive again. 

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