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Quest Items Discussion/Suggestion

Suggestion Exchange Quest Items

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Hi, I am an on and off player on PlayTrickster and I have recently started playing again mid-October (Missed the August event feelsbadman). Anyway, I have a re-occurring problem every time I quest and it's that some quest items have an incredibly higher rarity (No exaggeration), and I know, even though they are meant to be rare- BUT it's to the point where getting your last item out of the 5 you're suppose to get, can and might take an hour to get! I believe this shouldn't be the case.


Q: "Can't you just buy the items?"

A: "The player base is small- purchasing will take as long as trying to get them or even longer."


I've thought of a solution that might solve this problem instead of trying to increase/decrease certain monster's item drop rate every now and then. There should be an exchange for quest items and I came up with 4 different ways and will explain them in the coming paragraphs.


Crow.gif Crow will be used as an example for this explanation.


Method 1 - Same monster quest item exchange



Method 2 - 500 Galder Coupon exchange



Method 3 - Create an item for exchange



Method 4 - Quest boxes by location



This is just my two-cents. I am however, just content that RTO is still running after all these years and would like to thank the administrators/moderators for maintaining this game. 


This is just a suggestion.


Feel free to discuss if it's not realistic or if quest items are okay the way they are.

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