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Suggestion Pve

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Sorry If i suggest a lot of things, this is just to innovate a bit every month :)
Yet again, feel free to bash this suggestion, reject, accept or delete ot. It is completely fine.
This might not get implemente due rejection or impossible to make.
Title event: This is war! 
Description: The monsters around our server has rebelled more and more, has developped more evil inside them and want us to be killed, cooked and eaten! Calling you all tricksters, make our army and slay those monster!
This is a Player-vs-Environment based event. And duration: 1-2? month
This event has got 5 stages and it just consist of Killing monsters and Looting items.
Objective and rules: 
Max count: 50,000,000 monster kills
Max loot: 1,000,000 monster items (galders included)
It's too much monsters! you say: well if everyone collaborate, i say it's possible ;) and we would have 30 or 60 days. Well, let's just try lol. Why not? :/ 
Kill counts: The monster kill counts only to those monster that are outside fields like Coral Beach field... Abyss field... Event garden field monsters.. etc, we exclude chaos tower and any kind of dungeons and mine monsters, since they spawn in the same spot.
Loot counts: Loots must be those items that any monster drop, you must pick them, drill items will not count (Would be easy and unfair). Yes, just loot and deposit them to your bank, and i guess that counts. It wont count those who does pick, drop, pick, drop, pick drop... etc, Of course, Chaos tower, dungeon, mines drop excluded. Thus this would be easy if you get a looting pet and galder loot everything.
Rewards will be obtained once the event is over and to those account that has got atleast 1 level 250 character and has got atleast 5,000 kills (c'mon you got coral beach ... easy right?) kills OR 1,000 loots from monster. 
Stage 1:
Count: 10,000,000
Loot: 200,000
GM cert: x15
Flicker Drill (1800): x2
White elixir: x3
Black elixir: x3
Green Elixir: x3
Nate's Bottle: x3
Daily Coupon: x15
Altiverse boxes(all): x3
Stage 2:
Count: 20,000,000
Loot: 400,000
GM cert: x25
Flicker Drill (1800): x2
White elixir: x4
Black elixir: x4
Green Elixir: x4
Nate's Bottle: x4
Protein Candy: x4
Repair Powder: x10
Daily Coupon: x25
Altiverse Boxes(all): x5
Stage 3:
Count: 30,000,000
Loot: 600,000
GM cert: x35
Flicker Drill (1800): x3
White elixir: x5
Black elixir: x5
Green Elixir: x5
Nate's Bottle: x5
Protein Candy: x5
Repair Powder: x15
Daily Coupon: x35
Altiverse boxes (all): x7
Recharge Coupon: x30
Stage 4: 
Count: 40,000,000
Loot: 800,000
GM cert: x50
Flicker Drill (1800): x4
White elixir: x7
Black elixir: x7
Green Elixir: x7
Amethyst Elixir: x3
White/green elixir: x3
White/Green Elixir ev: x3
Nate's Bottle: x7
Protein Candy: x7
Repair Powder: x20
Daily Coupon: x50
Altiverse boxes (all): x7
Recharge Coupon: x30
Myshop points: 5,000
Stage 5: 
Count: 50,000,000
Loot: 1,000,000
GM cert: x100
Flicker Drill (1800): x5
White elixir: x10
Black elixir: x10
Green Elixir: x10
Amethyst Elixir: x5
White/green elixir: x5
White/Green Elixir ev: x5
Nate's Bottle: x10
Protein Candy: x10
Repair Powder: x30
Daily Coupon: x100
Altiverse boxes (all): x10
Recharge Coupon: x30
Myshop points: 7,500
Bonus Stage: 
Count: 100,000,000
Loot: 2,000,000
GM cert: x150
Flicker Drill (1800): x10
White elixir: x20
Black elixir: x20
Green Elixir: x20
Amethyst Elixir: x10
White/green elixir: x10
White/Green Elixir ev: x10
Nate's Bottle: x20
Protein Candy: x20
Repair Powder: x75
Daily Coupon: x150
Altiverse boxes (all): x15
Recharge Coupon: x100
Super Special Akuaregia nate: x9
Azoto of God: x9
The protection thing i forgot its name xD: x9
Myshop points: 10,000
I guess we will have a monster kill and loot counter via website i guess? lol 
PS: If we include Chaos Tower ... lets make both counts x5? 250,000,000 kills, 5,000,000 loots, why 250m kills? Well, 1 player let say plays 4 hours a day, and 1 character can kill between 7-10 or more mobs per second. Lets take 8 monster per second, thats 8x60 = 480 monster per minute, 480x60 = 28,800 monster per hour, 28,800x4hours gameplay a day = 115,200 monsters kills , 115,200x30 days = 3,456,000 monsters 1 player can kill in a month if he plays daily. It would only take 70 - 80 players to complete the quest. This is just an expeculation

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its a neat idea but we can hold this at least like a pop event its almost the same + we can drill and hunt boxes i think its nothing so new but i like the spirit u give it in who knows what will happen gl with this ^^



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Nice idea bro



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Second Suggestion:


The event is for Easter, I remembered something similar from eTO.


The Golden Egg Event!


Any kind of monster drops a golden egg with a very low drop rate.

What does Golden egg do? Actually all you need to do is to keep it in your inventory until the event ends.


After the event:

1 egg is worth: 

750ms and 1 gacha coin. +10 mileage (optional)

If you get 10 eggs? 7,500ms, 10 gacha coins and 100 mileage! :D


(We can add more prices if so, but i think this is enough :P )



The more eggs you get, the more you price you get :)

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i remember the golden egg event on eto couse i had found 2 eggs back then :))))



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Third Event Suggestion: 

Of course, lets try not to make every event an individual event, i mean as in, you can just do the event by yourself.

Here's my idea for easter again:

Event: Godly Bunny!


Every 3 days, somewhere in the map, in any kind of map, the bunny god appears! All you need to do is kill it! Because he wants to invade us!
(Of course, every spawn will have its own notification: "The Goddess Bunny will invade X Field 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 whut ever the case lol)

Tartarus Tier:

Bunny stats:
AP: 25,000
AC: 1,500
DX: -10
MA: 2,000
MD: 30,000
LK: 650
DA: 1,500
HP: 20,000,000 x 5
DP: 30,000
HV: 650

Physical Attack Attribute: 150% Fire/Electric/Wind
Skills: Cure, Berserk, Aura Shatter, Guard x10, Mana reflector. Will start using skills at 25% HP.

(We all have guardians duuurh) 

Everyone should collaborate to kill this bunny right?! :D So everyone who participates must deal atleast 10,000 damage to the bunny, once the bunny is killed, everyone (those who dealt 10,000 damage atleast) and also MUST be in the map will recieve a "carrot" named: Kaguya's Carrot (Yes, naruto references) 

By the end of the event you will be rewarded by the amount of carrot you have: 
1 Carrot = 

Super Special Akuaregia nate: x1

Azoto of God: x1
White/Green elixir: x1
White/green elixir ev: x1

Gacha Coin: x1

Repair Powders: x5

Refine Card nº xxx: x1

Nates Bottle: x2
Myshop points: 3,000

Mileage points: 30

So 1 month got 30 days atleast (yeah february does not what ever), so everyone can get exactly 10 carrots which is

Super Special Akuaregia nate: x10

Azoto of God: x10
White/Green elixir: x10
White/green elixir ev: x10
Gacha Coin: x10

Repair Powders: x50

Refine Card nº xxx: x10

Nates Bottle: x20

Myshop points: 30,000

Mileage points: 300



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I like the first event suggestion since it is a community driven event. It'd be nice to have more events encouraging team work.




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I really like your suggestions :) would be nice to see some kill events with good prizes in the future ~



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I may use some of your ideas in the future but adapt based on coding ability.


Thank you for the suggestions. :)

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Suggestion 4:
Might not possible though :/ Oh well, worth a try! This is an event oriented yet again for a community collaboration, not individual plays.
Event name: Raid Angry Boss Relay!
Description: Every x time, a boss appears in certain map, with an insane amount of HP. Once dead, a timer with certain hour will begin to decount until 00:00 and that's when the boss will re-appear in the map.
Only level 200 players will participate (well, you can get to level 200 within exactly 2 days) and who deals atleast 1 damage to the boss, once the boss is dead it will give to those players their respective broom(2 only) and a GM Lucky Bag (x2) and will also have a possibility of boss drop (Same drop rate but the Disadvantage, the one who hits the boss first will get the drop, unless we can prevent this and it will directly sent to a random player). you know, that thing when you kill a boss and you get an ult. equiment directly to you inventory.
Raid Angry Boss 1: 
Angry Tutankhamen lv 999: 
Spawn location: Desert Beach Field 2 - 
Timer until respawn: 24 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 2: 
Angry Stone Tombeth lv 999:
Spawn Location: Caballa Relics Field 4
Timer until respawn: 28 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 3:
Angry Pirate Captain Skull lv 999:
Spawn Location: Oops Warf Field 4
Timer until respawn: 32 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 4:
Angry Pirate King Karan lv 999
Spawn Location: Ghost Blue Field 4
Timer until respawn: 36 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 5:
Angry Vampire Count Blood lv 999
Spawn Location: Vapire Castle Dungeon 4
Timer until respawn: 40 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 6:
Angry Tenter Lion lv 999
Spawn Location: Swamp Dungeon 4
Timer until respawn: 44 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 7:
Angry Ice Queen Odinea lv 999
Spawn Location: Ice Dungeon 4
Timer until respawn: 48 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 8:
Angry Stone Soki lv 999
Spawn Location: Ash Dungeon 4
Timer until respawn: 52 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 9:
Angry Red Spicy Dragon lv 999
Spawn location: Tapasco Field 4
Timer until respawn: 56 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 10:
Angry Steroid Pig Koiosu lv 999 (Reward is not a broom of course but .... idk lol)
Spawn Location: Abyss Field 1
Timer until respawn: 60 hours.
Raid Angry Boss 11:
Angry God True Kronos lv 999 (Reward: x2 Key 10) .. i forgot the name of the key :P
Spawn location: Abyss Field 2
Timer until respawn: 65 hours.
The Health Points of Every Monster gradually increases by 2.5 millon points starting from 7.5 millon itself from Tutankhamen.
Boss stats will remain the same except HP.

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