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Events we Should Have to bring people back

Suggestion Suggestions Event Events

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Do you guys remember these kind of events? Could we have this again?


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We hope the game will have some bonus for Harkon Protector.

For Instance, some My shop Box, Lucky Bag........etc.

It can attract more people to Play.



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Been doing this...it's my little radio station that runs 10-10:30pm est :D



Id really like to see a boss summon event though. That was REAL fun!

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This game still exists :0




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I was considering playing this game again but I'm worried it's not very active. I played 2013-2015 and in those days the game was very active and fun, but declined a lot towards the end. 


What is the player base like these days? Active? Dead? PVP empty? 



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Hello Dear,


The server at this time is pretty active. Over the past year several other private servers have closed so many players from these have also integrated in.

Active Areas Include:

1. PVP: There are pvp activists on all times of the day. Players can see them Tbning and talking in populated areas.

2. Tartarus: There are days players can walk in and see several players hunting.

3. Harkon Defense: Harkon Defense is actively won on our server.

4. Merchant Stalls In Mega: You can find many players buying and selling in mega.

5. Monthly Maintenance: Every Month the server without fail has a Maintenance.

6. Forum: This month were having a creativity event. Please check it out.

7. Chaos Tower: No matter what day of the week it is you can find full partys grinding together in chaos tower.

8. Guilds: I may be biased because I have been in the Harkon Rangers along time, but we have a waiting list of 11 different players who want to join us, with no room.


This forum will be locked after this message. This wasn't the place to to ask these questions.

Have a great day~


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Go Go Harkon Rangers!

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