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Announcement: Signatures Posted by Paige


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The location field, IGN, Class and Level, about me, profile picture and signature options are edited via your Profile. The location field are displayed next to your posted text, under your user name. Profile pictures are shown in your public profile. Signatures, once created in your profile, are attached to the end of your posts (if you choose the option to include your signature).
  • URLs or other forms of advertising (phone numbers, plans, contact details, etc.) are not allowed in custom user titles or names. Also, you may not use custom titles or usernames to impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, rTO Staff, rTO Forum Staff, user groups, or any entity you are not associated with.
  • No advertising of any form.
  • Images must not contain foul language not permitted on the boards with or without symbols to disguise their intended purpose.
  • Profile pictures cannot include sexually explicit or graphically intense images.
  • Profile Summary (and all other modules) cannot include or link to illegal encouragement, harassment, sexually explicit, or other non-family-friendly content.
  • Signatures:
  • May contain a maximum of 3 small gifs.
  • May contain 5 number of images with a total size of 500kb.
  • Images must not be larger than 500x200 (dimensions in pixels).
  • Total dimensions of combined images must not exceed 1500x800 (dimensions in pixels).
  • May include up to 10 clickable links.
  • Maximum font size cannot be larger than normal.
  • Any signature that is offensive or insulting to rTO, its members, or its staff, is prohibited.
  • Must not contain quotes or private conversations posted by members, mods or staff either on these boards or elsewhere.

What is and is not suitable is at the sole discretion of the moderators and staff on the forums. We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your avatar and/or signature at any time, for any reason.

This post is subject to change without prior notice. If you are unsure if your combined signature is permitted or not, you may contact me or any of the mods via Private Message here on forum for approval. Some exceptions may be permitted.