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Announcement: Mini-modding (Updated! Please read!) Posted by Paige


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Message from Savannah:

Hello Tricksters! We appreciate the help that some of our members have been showing but it has come to our attention that a handful of members are taking it upon themselves to "mini-mod" certain threads on the forum.

Examples of mini-modding:

1. This thread should be locked.
2. This thread should be moved from ___ to ___.
3. Answering questions pertaining to information only GMs and moderators have access to.

There have been cases where some players and even moderators have been misinformed about certain issues due to hear-say and assumptions by other players. And a warning also to the player-base; not all information disclosed by members who are not GMs and moderators are not necessarily always 100% true. Just as you shouldn't trust certain people, you should also be selective and be able to discern what is false from true.

Q: What can/should I do then?
A: Simply click the "Report" button (which can be found on the bottom of each post) and state what the problem is. All reports are readily reviewed and discussed by admins and moderators.

People who continue to mini-mod will be rewarded a Warning Point. Thank you for your patience!

Message from Aran (Original Post can be found here):

Regarding the mini-modding issue, players who try to help other players with issues such as logging in, downloading, patching, etc ~ these are not considered as "mini-modding" (mini-moderating). The GMs greatly appreciate players who are very helpful and offer their technical advice to other players.

We acknowledge that there are some players who are really expert on technical stuff in this game, and their helping other players' cries for help in this forum is really a wonderful thing.

Players who share their knowledge about the game are also appreciated. They enrich the knowledge base of the game and those they help, I'm sure, are grateful for the knowledge-sharing.

Perhaps it is only in matters relating to game news or events that players do need to listen only to the GMs, who are the primary sources of such matters. The GMs may inform the moderators, who may in turn, post such matters to the forum, or to the Playtrickster Facebook group.

To all the players who help other players in this forum & in Facebook, thank you. Certainly the GMs appreciate your taking it upon yourself to lessen their burden of looking after the players. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. :)