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Forum Etiquette

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Membership in the forum


  • Please put the basic information about yourself in your profile. For example, your IGN will let the other members know who you are in game.
  • When asking for help, first try to search in the forum in case someone else has had similar issue and see if it has been resolved. Read on how to post your issues. Provide all the necessary details.
  • When offering help, be as patient and tactful as possible.
  • Membership in this forum means you agree to be bound by forum etiquette that is meant to make this forum a productive and beneficial platform for the community. Your presence in this forum should be a positive factor that help creates a good and constructive environment for the community. 


Personal topics/rants


Rants and complaints are frowned upon and may be closed. Posts of this type are much better suited for other platforms. Public posts should be open, productive and inviting to all members. Discussions among a select group of users should take place in private message.



Ineffective discussion


Threads that are ineffective and inflammatory will be locked.


Harsh, unproductive criticism is also uncalled for.


If you have a question, please ensure that your topic poses a specific question and be open-minded to responses. If possible, provide a solution or partial solution.



Be responsible


If an interpersonal issue arises, please be open-minded to the possibility that your behavior may have contributed to the problem. Taking responsibility for our actions is often a good first step toward a peaceful reconciliation.



Respect other users


Treat others as you would be treated; respect them and their views, even if you disagree with them.





Spamming is forbidden. Please report spam with the forum report function and a moderator will review it for removal. Offending spam accounts and associated IP addresses will be banned.



Old threads/"necro-bumping"


Posting in old threads or "necrobumping" is generally discouraged since such threads usually contain outdated posts with information which is no longer current or relevant.



Rules of thumb


If you have a question, start a new thread and link to the old if relevant.


If you have something to add and judge that your information is related, but more up-to-date, start a new thread and link to the old if desired, but avoid duplicating effort by posting information already contained in the old thread.



Forum member accounts


Please limit your forum membership to one account only. Having multiple accounts is an unnecessary use of resources. Further, it may be interpreted as trolling behavior. A second account may only be allowed by Admin due to technical difficulties with the first account.


To expedite new forum account validation, please post in game’s Facebook group asking Admin to validate your newly-created account. State your forum account display name and your IGN.



No trolling


A "troll" is a person who intentionally attempts to disrupt, cause controversy, incite an argument, and/or receive negative attention by deliberately posting provocative content. The term may also refer to the act of posting such content, or the content itself.


Trolls are generally deceitful and often use ambivalence as a method of covertly insulting, intimidating, or inciting a person or persons for their own sadistic pleasure. They often pick their words very carefully and are therefore able to defend their masked attempts at creating unrest, frequently redirecting the blame onto the community and its supposed failure to understand them properly. Trolling is strictly prohibited.



Avoid controversy/controversial/provocative/obscene topics


There is no explicit list of topics considered to be "trollish", controversial or provocative, but threads with posts pertaining to Religion, Race, Nationalism, Politics, and Pornography/Obscenity are generally considered as controversial. Therefore, specifically avoid these and all divisive topics in this forum! 


Discussing topics relating to other games is also frowned upon. While members may share their interests in other games, threads or posts that are deemed to actively promote such games will be closed or deleted.


Discussing other servers offering this game is strongly prohibited. Also, do not talk smack about other servers. There is nothing to be gained by engaging in this kind of behavior.



No power-posting/empty posts


Power-posting is best described as posting empty and worthless messages. It is not tolerated. People may have two reasons to do this: to increase their post count meaninglessly or to lend support to an idea as if it were a vote. Examples of power-posting include, but are not limited to, replying with "+1", "lol", "me too", "I agree", or ":)".


When posting or replying to messages, make sure you have something to say. These empty posts clutter up threads and discussion, and waste bandwidth and server space.


Threads that degenerate into a series of "+1/-1" or "me too/I agree/I disagree" will be locked. Individual power posts may also be deleted.



Sharing is Caring


If you have posted an issue that eventually you are able to fix yourself, please post how you fix it. Include details and information that others may find useful. Share with the community. Posting "Nevermind, I fixed it." in your thread or deleting your own posts is selfish and useless to the community.


Also, demanding help or showing an obvious impatience toward getting it is unwarranted and unneeded. The staff and game advisors is a community of volunteers. All forum members are encouraged to make an effort, help others, get involved, and contribute to the community.





Posting a single word or useless message (bumping) to attract attention to your thread is not allowed. If people are reading your thread without answering or offering help, you may try giving more details, or ask to be pointed in the right direction. Sometimes posts remain unanswered because of lack of details in the original post itself, or the community's unwillingness to point out the obvious.


Bumping of selling/buying thread is allowed once a day for a consecutive total of seven (7) days. After that, the thread will be locked.





Cross-posting is posting the same question multiple times in different threads. This is a waste of resources and is not permitted. Any cross-posted topic will be immediately locked or deleted.



Misplaced posts


Try to place your posts in the correct forum for the topic. Any post that is deemed by the staff to be in the wrong forum will be moved to the correct location.



Thread hijacking


Thread hijacking is replying to an existing thread with a different topic. This is not allowed.


Thread hijacking using similar/same issue but the issue needs to be addressed individually by staff is prohibited. Start a new thread if you have the same or similar problem to make it clear you are not the same person (different from the original poster).



Do not flame


Flaming is directing negative, disrespectful, and/or insulting comments toward someone. Flaming may lead to an exchange of insults which can make the forum environment toxic. Flaming fellow members (including the staff) will not be tolerated. Never resort to insults and please avoid sarcastic and patronizing language. Discussions can be productive, but quarreling/insulting/accusation is always destructive.



Respect the staff


The forum staff (Admins & Moderators) are a voluntary team in this community. They have the final say in the running of the forum.


Note that this forum is not run as a democracy. The forum staff shall always attempt to implement universally peaceful solutions, but in the end, are charged with the responsibility of maintaining peaceful, civil order for the community. Therefore, they cannot always please everyone with the decisions made. Please do your part to contribute to a healthy community and environment.



Warnings, user locking, banning


If the forum staff feels that a member's behavior is unacceptable and warrants intervention, a warning will typically be issued unless the occurrence is judged to be especially flagrant, in which case a ban will be implemented. Warnings will not be discussed. If the warning goes unheeded, further action will be taken. This may range from temporary suspension of the offending user account, to deletion or banning of the user, out of consideration for a peaceful forum and community. Action is generally on a case-by-case basis.


If a user is apologetic, interested in a peaceful solution and wishes to have his/her account reinstated, a general consensus will be formed by the moderation team for, or against, such a request. Admins will have the final say in such matters.



How to post


  • Write clearly, providing as much details so as to enable others to respond positively. Avoid extraneous phrases such as [HELP!], [URGENT], etc.
  • A sincere effort to use modest and proper language and grammar is a sign of respect toward the community that will certainly be appreciated. Please refrain from using forms of internet slang which may not be universally understood by members. Please remember that our forum members come from all over the world, and English is not the native language for a lot of the members.
  • For posters who are non-native English speakers, we understand if you posted using the so called “broken English.” If you chose to post in your native language, please understand that only members who understand your language can respond to you.
  • When asking questions or asking for help, provide as much information as possible. Always include a screenshot of the issue. Screenshots enable the others to visually see and understand better what issue you are facing or talking about.
  • Post one topic per thread.
  • When responding to an existing thread, always read the original post and attempt to focus on the original topic.



Locked, Deleted or Hidden Threads


The forum staff shall lock solved threads or threads that are deemed unsuitable for further open discussion.


The forum staff shall delete posts or threads that are repetitive or deemed unsuitable for publication in the forum.


The forum staff shall hide posts or threads that are reserved only for staff or unsuitable for open discussion or publication in the forum.





Criminal solicitation is strictly forbidden in this forum. In this context, "criminal solicitation" shall mean, "To actively or passively inform about, facilitate, incite, move, or persuade others to some act of lawlessness or illegal activity."


Therefore, do not post discussions about or link to criminal solicitation in any form. This includes, but is not limited to information or links to facilitate illegal drug use, theft, network intrusion, creation of code for malicious purposes, prohibited software copying, prohibited use of copyrighted/patented material, or sites which provide torrents or links to such contents. Illegal contents will be removed and actions will be taken against posters of such contents.





The free and open exchange of assistance, speech, ideas and opinions is highly regarded and encouraged on the forums, but it must be noted that the freedom granted to forum members is relative freedom. It exists within the boundaries of the above guidelines and principles. Complaints of censorship are therefore baseless and unfounded, since this necessary framework must simultaneously provide reasonable limitations. Our standards as reflected in these guidelines regulate community freedom for the common good and protection of all our members. Freedom in our forum means cultivating benevolence toward others and harmonizing our attitude by bringing only benefit to our peers without aggravating others. Embracing the above principles and obeying the forum guidelines therefore benefits the entire community by providing protection from the harmful and negative consequences of absolute freedom which likely breeds chaos and unchecked negativity.

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