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In-game economy

economy events event drill event broken op

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Introducing giveaway drilling event is not totally a bad move. it attracts people to rejoin the game to reap the event rewards. Drilling event as big as this 2 month's gives plenty of incentives for people who have quitted to re-play, somemore its our second anniversary, its worth the celebration, we should just enjoy it.  when they rejoin, they will need to get recharge coupons for their driller pets. this increases revenue for the server. giveaways are important because they also make new players feel easier to gain wealth and join the community.

However more can certainly be done.. as mentioned above-giving better quality equips/capes/ face/heads (more dp,md, hp,lk,mp, wt oriented one to help the squishy ones survive) maybe through lvl up gift boxes like the moon bracelet ev to help them through the first lvl 100 can be very effective. they dont have to be too good, the normal ones are somewhat decent.. events should also includes low level who doesnt have driller pets. maybe we can have like a daily attendance, there are such events files dont we, maybe for everyday online they can get like a random monster card that can be used to clear card quests, or to master their skills maybe? 

The other way to increase revenue is definitely through selling boxes. just give the players what they desire. and most players want the good boxes.. for example we can release animal boxes(mixing different types),  and 1 colour of vivid boxes of all levels every new patch, for example 1 month we can have red, the other month blue, next yellow.. this way we can spread the boxes more evenly and can have more varieties of boxes.

lowering the cost of myshop items to slightly above the current ah value is also encouraged, if there are so much supply in the AH, i am not sure whether will myshop sell any.. if the supply in the ah is running out, people can turn to myshop without paying too much a price.  and the quantity in ah will not be the amt you need.

we can also have events that give out microphones like exchanging 100 sarah tix for a microphone so we can spam our tbn and make the chat more interesting xd. or events that gives mycamp furniture/ houses/ gacha coupons so people can spent their spare time to decorate their homes lol? poppuri npc that gives secret cards by exchanging with 6 different random monster cards..just spamming crazy ideas =3=

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You people really love to write very long, don't you? 




Sorry we can't be as concise as you guys. Being able to open a votation with six words is something worth looking forward to, right?



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Event have to be fun :] why don't we have a more interactive event next time ? Like an official X/O for example, or even an official hide and seek event by the GMs or mods. I prefer this kind of events. I know that this is probably harder to manage, but it's fun and actually makes people interact with each other rather than afk drilling.

A forum event would be nice too, just like the selfie event last time. The price does not have to be a rare item like CBS and stuff, maybe just a some MS or a few GM cert. There is still a lot of fun event that we can do, music event and fashion event is the one on top my head right now. This also encourage people to use the forum more, some people never even access the forum for update regarding this server.
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I will list some ideas, events, too lazy to organize it more


1. Back in eTO every 13th of Friday everyone got a surprise 13th ms box in their MS inventory (if they logged on that day). This wasn't much but made me very happy and I was looking forward for it every 13th of Friday :) I kind of miss these type of things. This year's anniversary reminded me of this old event [I secretly hope something similar for this year's halloween xD]


2. I think it was the first anniversary when we could claim the prices on the website: Bulpen Bag, 100x GM tickets, etc. I was very happy with my penguin backpack and I also dyed all of my chars' hair at that time


3. When it comes to drilling vs. hunting I would be really happy if the hunting part would have the same rates as our old poppuri events (or similar?). I wish to get at least 40-50x boxes / hour of gameplay (therefore the content of the boxes should be someting casual). No idea about the auto-driller part because I don't use it.


4. When it comes to rewards in the drilled/hunted boxes I think it would be better if only 1 or 2 consumable things were from MS in 2 or 3x stacks. The rest should be potions or random fashion piece, daily coupon, galder coupon (10k coupons maybe?), hair dye (can we make it tradeable in-game?), 1x GM ticket, etc. I think this would balance the game a little more. In my opinion this would be the best for the event exchanges too (1 or 2 reward from MS and the rest should be something more casual)


5. The most valuable things in the game which are obtainable in-game shouldn't come from events. Ever. For example: Nikarium (I thought treasure hunting was fun and rewarding until last event)


6. Forum events are fun, prices are cool, we should have one again ^^ (someone suggested a fashion show for fuse hoarders on the satus update thingie)


7. Surprise X/O events would be nice, or hide and seek but if you guys do this, do it at least every 1 or 2 months not once a year :'D


8. Change the egg shop exchange every few months


9. Encouraging questing: I don't know if it is possible or not but maybe you could hold something similar:

  • If you complete Caballa Relics Key Quest by the end of the month you get XY price

  • If you complete Oops Wharf Key Qests by the end of the month you get XY

  • Etc.

It would be similar to the Episode 6 promotion event back in eTO, if you get your guardian and completed episode 6 you could get a free Spinel, lv210 head acc etc :)


10. I also think there should be less new MS boxes, like 3-4 (they don't even fit into the Special Boxes tab, sometimes they are under the Pets one)


11. You could change only 1 gacha town / month


12. There should be the maximum of 2 events running at the same time, only 1 if there are many event quest items required



That's all for now, maybe there will be a part 2 later

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Is it possible to make an event just like Poppuri but instead of drilling you would have to kill monsters?

I guess it would be fun and bring back the old good grind parties :)

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Attr makes everything so fuxxxxx easy, people can hit up 1 million, and they can get unimaginable values from compounds with all these events. Even pvp seems broken.


Make a lion or a fox do that kinda damage and give me a screenshot.

PVP has been the same old thing since day one, a den of people who min/max their equipment and attempt to beat up others.


I only want the dumb V in VIP to vanish when I use hide, I have to turn it off the vip status and be at a disadvantage compared to every other class who has it. 



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Make elemental bullets and throwing items/cards. Kappa. >.>


Also, on the topic of getting more new players around here, no specific ideas myself but.....we need some fresh meat.



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Is it possible to make an event just like Poppuri but instead of drilling you would have to kill monsters?

I guess it would be fun and bring back the old good grind parties :)


Imagine this.... Would be bloody heaven! Different monsters in different stages tho, so I can pick up the quest items and sell in future >;D

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Hi, I'm socially awkward. Nice to meet you too. I love Gaga.



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 Even pvp seems broken.


You were close though~​​

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