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Need help building a Wizard

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I dunno if there's any rules for compounding, as in "this stat only can be compounded on this type of gear" or whatever, but I get that MA and HP should be a higher priority over LK, yeah. I was just saying how someone going 1441 would probably need to try and get even more HP, but also could afford to get less LK from compounding. But dunno, maybe they end up getting the same gear and one would simply survive more and the other miss less.


Certain equipment have certain compound capabilities. For example: most rods and staves can only be compounded with things like LK or MP, but others can be compounded with MA.


(On a side note, did you just make a new account or something? Cause it says you have 4 posts and all 4 are in this thread, lol. Just curious.)


Yes. I recently registered here for something.. business related, you could say. I am just browsing the forums to kill time.