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Study Abroad!

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Hey guys! I'm here to say that from this Saturday 5/16, to 06/15, I'll be studying abroad in Japan!!


While I'm sure I'll get internet access and stuff, I don't know if it'll be enough to hold the game for a long time, unless we stumble into an internet cafe on our days off and i can sit down to actually play the game or upload cute pictures of all the wonderful scenery I'm gonna see /o/


We are gonna be staying at a beach house with our wonderful resident family, and I'm really excited since it'll be the first time i'm visiting a place that isnt my home island of the Dominican Republic!!


Plus, as I'm sure many people might have noticed...i sadly haven't had much energy for the game lately.

I haven't felt the want or desire to level up characters, and I feel like i'm wasting a lot of people's time, like joining Music, only to feel like i don't wanna play the game and i'm taking up space for someone who probably has more energy/desire than i do...it's kinda draining actually, and hopefully a good one month hiatus from everything will give me a fresh restart that i need. Even if that means that when I return I have to delete a few characters @[email protected]


But regardless, it'll be a wonderful vacation away from the rest of the world \o/

So I'll see you guys when I come back!! And if I can, i'll pop in with quick pictures of the scenery and the food I eat!!


See ya guys, and thanks for reading :-)




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I know we havent spoke much before but is really great you are going to study abroad, and in Japan! Its there a place cooler than that? I dont know, Im so jealous, but in a good way (is there a good way to be jealous? lol)

Hope you have a really nice trip, eat tons of food and learn a lot, and hopefully when you come back you can translate some mangas for me xD

And dont get lost in translation! (get it? like the movie? ok I think Ill better go to sleep now) Have Fun!! 8D

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