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Patch Note 2015-04-18

patch note april 2015 poppuri event

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1. Black Dog Pouch – This item is now timed. It is a MyShop item and all pouches from MyShop are timed.



2. Keeper Julio at Gate of Caballa Relics – The dialog error is fixed. “Oops Wharf” to “Relics Fields



3. Pachi at Megalo Square – The dialog error is fixed for Gate of Vamp Castle.



4. Expand Function on website – This function is now available to everyone.



5. The following items are now tradeable in game:

  • Lv. 40 Gift Box
  • Lv. Up Gift Box
  • Lv. 100 Gift Box
  • Lv. 140 Gift Box
  • Lv. 180 Gift Box A
  • Lv. 180 Gift Box B


P/s ~ we can't make PPAD/PPAD Ev, Memory Port, and Friend Finder tradeable in game. We tried. When we make them tradeable, they lose their teleporting function. You can click on them, they are consumed, but you are not teleported anywhere. So. We have to keep them untradeable. Sorry, guys.




6. Adventurer’s Book – This item is now untradeable through AH. This is to stop players from claiming loss or disappearance of Adventure Book whereas they might have transferred this item to another char using AH, rendering the item unusable, or worse, deleting the char holding the book, thereby totally losing the item.



7. The following items are now sold in MyShop:

  • White/Green Elixer Ev
  • Amethyst Elixir
  • Pink Elixir



8. Burner, NPC for Draconic Pendant quest, at Spicy Island – His dialog is fixed. Level is changed from “230” to “300



9. Vinosh, NPC for Draconic Pendant quests, at Tapacso Field 3 – Her dialog is fixed. Level is changed from “230” to “300



10. Hours Online Event – The event has ended but you can still collect your rewards on the event page on website.



11. Hat item from [JP] Cum Reel 190 box – The hate previously called [JP] ????????? is now called Armil Turban.






12. Rose Fairy Leotard – This Gacha item is now untimed.



13. Compounder Nadia in Megalo Shop is now the NPC exchanger for Resist Crystal, courtesy of Khloebunni.


The exchange is as follows:






MyShop In Game



1. Juris Box 120 / 220





2. Succubus Box 90 / 210





3. Incubus Box / Gun Box 90





4. Incubus Box / Gun Box 210





5. 1st Job Dragon Boxes


Dragon Box 30

Dragon Box 70

Dragon Box 140

Dragon Box 190



6. 1st Job Buffalo Boxes


Bika the Bull Box 50

Bika the Bull Box 90

Bika the Bull Box 150

Bika the Bull Box 210



7. Bunny Girl Box 80 / 180


Bunny Girl Box 80

Bunny Girl Box 180






Town 1 -- > Chronos Set




Town 2 -- > Charismatic Kochi




Town 3 -- > Pessimistic Pachi




Town 4 -- > Mermaid Girl Marin




Town 5 -- > Elencia Set






Web Shop @ Manage Account:


1. Angel's Wings Headband





2. Diable Wings Headband





3. Bejeweled Glasses



Note: This item has been made untimed.



4. Dragon Ring 30 / 70 / 140 / 190 


Dragon Ring 30

Dragon Ring 70

Dragon Ring 140

Dragon Ring 190



5. Bika Bison’s Gauntlet 50 / 90 / 150 / 210 (1st Job Buffalo Accessory)


Bika Bison’s Gauntlet 50

Bika Bison’s Gauntlet 90

Bika Bison’s Gauntlet 150

Bika Bison’s Gauntlet 210



6. Intermediate Adventurer Special Set




7. Advanced Adventurer Special Set






MS Bonus


20% bonus when donating MyShop for 3 days April 21 – 23, 2015 to celebrate Earth Day on Apr 21st.

Before making the donation, please check the amount of MyShop points carefully to ensure whether or not the bonus is there. Remember, bonus amount is built into the total amount; you DO NOT get a separate amount for bonus.






Event 1: Poppuri Box Drill & Hunting event


This is a repeat of our Poppuri event in June 2014.

See patch: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/3701-patch-note-2014-06-13/


Prizes will be awarded to all players based on stages of the total of boxes (Drill Box + Hunt Box) achieved. After each stage, eligible accounts can log in to website and take the rewards (just like how we did it for Hours Online Event).



The number of boxes and prizes are changed as follows:




Players must be level 50 or above and have minimum of 1,000 unopened poppuri boxes remaining in his item inventory by the end of the event to qualify to get the rewards.


Rewards are given per account basis. That means, only one (1) set of prizes is given per account.

Regardless of how many players level 50 with minimum of 1,000 boxes exist in an account, that account will be awarded only one (1) set of reward at each stage achieved by total players.


Once Stage 10 is achieved, or the month is up, whichever comes first, this event will be over.


Please take note that poppuri boxes in this patch will be stored in Etc. tab. In next month's patch, this item will move to Use tab. You are NOT supposed to open these boxes in this patch. If you opened them nothing will come out. You are to open them in next month's patch when we will put up NPC for exchange of tickets you may get from the boxes.

Event 2: Return to Sender


This is a repeat of our Sir Gaollen event in May 2014.

See patch:  http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/2609-patch-note-04-05-2014/


Player must be level 30 and above to be able to participate in this event.

Player can only do this event only once.


Please refer to this link as your guide for doing this event: http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Return_to_Sender_Pt._2_%28Guardian_Knight_%26_Sir_Gaollen%29

Please follow the steps listed in the Wiki link above.

The quest items are available as follows (still the same as in sir Gaollen event):


· Pen is dropped by Fanta Fish.

· Paper is drilled in Desert Beach Fields 2 or purchased at Item Girl.

· Cookie Flour is drilled in Southwest Forest and Southeast Forest.

· Witch Powder can be purchased from Witch La Befana in Icy Antechamber. Choose Hilde's second option to teleport to La Befana at the Icy Antechamber.

· Knight's Love is obtained by compounding 1x Knight's Oath + 4x Love Support with Compounder Paul in Megalopolis Square.

· Knight's Oath is compounded by 1x Chivalrous Spirit + 1x Oath Stone Oath Stone with Compounder Paul at Megalopolis Square.

· Chivalrous Spirit is dropped by Guardian Knights.

· Oath Stone is drilled in Southeast Forest and Southwest Forest.

· Love Support is dropped by any monster of Caballa Island.

· Silver Ring is drilled in all Caballa Island.


The Guardian Knight monsters can be found at the following locations:


· Guardian Knight 30: Beach Field 2 - Center & Beach Field 6 - Statue of Anubis.

· Guardian Knight 60: Relics Field 1 - Atlas & Relics Field 4 - Altar of Round.

· Guardian Knight 90: Seabed Field 1 - North & Seabed Field 4 - Undersea Grave.

· Guardian Knight 120: Swamp Field 1 - Black Hole and Swamp Field 4 - Dark Omen.

· Guardian Knight 150: Snow Field 1 - Merry Christmas and Snow Field 4 - Happy New Year.



The prizes are as follows:


Lord Lycan 120 items

Aspect of the Lycan 120

Lycan’s Claw 120

The Wolf Moon 120

Lord Lycan 120



To upgrade the reward items to Level 240, speak to Officer Tera in Megalopolis Square (standing on stage). Use the second option.


Lord Lycan set 240 for upgrading from level 120:


Aspect of the Lycan 120 -- > Aspect of the Lycan 240


Lycan’s Claw 120 -- > Lycan’s Claw 240


The Wolf Moon 120 -- > The Wolf Moon 120


Lord Lycan 120 -- > Lord Lycan 240




Note: If you found any bug relating to items of events in this patch, please do not exploit it. Please make a report to this thread immediately. Thank you.




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