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Rikiyuu's Icon Shop! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Hey everyone! I decided to open up icon commissions, since I made some for my signature! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

Here are some examples of what you'll get!





[ Pricing ]

  • Each icon is 500k, in galders
  • Buy 2, and get the 3rd one for 50% off! (So it would be 1.25mil)
  • If you wish to purchase more, we can negotiate over message!
  • There is no haggling for a cheaper price, regardless of circumstance.

[ What's included? ]

  • A Face Acc [Ex: Ninja Mask, Innocent Glasses, Blood-Red Eyepatch, etc.), Helmet (Ex: Red Hibiscus, Scared Hairclip, etc.), Animal Horns (Ex: Buffalo Horns, Sheep Horns, etc.)
  • Clothes (If your character is wearing a Myshop clothing set)
  • Skin/Eyes
  • Pose (if no pose is specified, I'll have to make something up)

[ Payment ]

  • Option 1; Half and Half

Pay half the fee upfront, and the rest when I have finished. You will not receive the file until the payment has been paid in full.

  • Option 2: Full Payment

Pay the fee upront, and receive the picture upon completion.


[ Form ]


Doesn't have to be in this exact form, but the general idea of it at the very least. Please send a message to my forum account (rikiyuu), cause it'll be easier to sort out from there.

  • Forum name/Ign: (So I can contact you in some way)
  • Screenshot of Character: 
  • Name/Screenshots of Included Accessories: (If its a JP/TH item, or something not on the wiki, I'd appreciate a screenshot!)
  • Extra Details: (If you want the eyes a different color, different skin color, specific pose, etc)
  • Extra comments: (just in case there is something extra you'd like!)


[ Process ]

  1. I send a message confirming your purchase
  2. You send a payment, along with the form. (If you're paying half and half, this is where you sent the first half of the payment)
  3. I send the first sketch, and you can either give me the go ahead to start coloring, or ask me to fix minor details
  4. I send the second sketch (if needed), and begin coloring.
  5. PIcture is complete, and I hand it off to you \m/ (If you paid with the half and half method, this if when I'd expect the second half of the payment)
  6. We high five and be merry!

[ Slots ]


I'm taking 10 at the moment!













[ Questions? ]


Some questions you might have!

  • How long will it take?

Due to how small these pictures are, I can work on them with fair speed! But, I am a college kid and have a crazy schedule, and work on the weekends too. But I promise to try and get it to you within a week!

  • What kind of poses will you do?

Since it's such a small canvas size, I don't think I can make anything crazy or whacky, but I can totally manipulate the canvas to your liking to at least try and give a feel of something dynamic!

  • What if I want to do icons for my characters who are a couple?

In that case I can accommodate the size to fit both characters, and/or give you both icons of each character either holding hands or something of the sort. Feel free to send me a message and we can work out the details in full.

  • Can I pay in MS?

With how the rate of ms/galder is at the moment, it doesn't seem worth it to charge for MS, since it'll be small. I find MS to be more valuable to galder since its real life money.

However, if you are buying a large amount and think paying in MS is easier, feel free to say so in the message and we can convert it from there!

  • Can I pay in equips/pets/fuses/forms?

I'd prefer galders but if you're ordering a huge amount and have racked up a large sum, and again, think it'll be easier to pay with equips or something, please send a message and we can work it out from there.

  • How do you want to be credited?

Just a simple thing in your signature or something saying "Hey rTO user rikiyuu made this icon", and maybe with a link to this thread would be grand also! Just don't take credit for it, is all I ask.


[ Rights ]


I reserve the right to use these icons for my portfolio and to upload these for promotional work, and for social network sites. You may not alter the images in anyway/shape/form without my consent or permission. You may not upload these images with the intent on selling these without my permission, and you may not claim these to be yours. 

The characters are copyrighted to Ntreev Software, and Trickster Online. Art belongs to me, rikiyuu.


Sorry this is my first time doing commissions online like this and I'm an art student so I'm just trying to get all that stuff out of the way ;_;


Thanks for reading!

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