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Zaccur's Gladiator Guide

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Note that I am currently revising this guide.
This looks a lot like the Sombre's Buffalo Guide on ggftw.com, because I'm the one who made that guide and I'm redoing it here on playtrickster.com

[A-] Introduction!
[A1] Buffalo Information (The 3 Jobs)!
[B-] Stats!
[B1] Skill Builds & Growth
[C-] Guides!
[C1] Training Guide
[C2] TM Guide
[D-] Job Advances
[D1] First-Second Job Advance
[D2] Second-Third Job Advance
[E-] Credits,Guides, & Update History!

[A-] Introduction!

Welcome to my guide to be a Pure Buffalo, which means this guide is meant to help you become a strong Gladiator. So if your making a Bunny/Hybrid Buffalo this may not be as helpful to you as a Pure Buffalo, but feel free to use this guide still.
[A1] Buffalo Information (The 3 Jobs)!
Fighter.gifFighter Information (1/3):
 - The Bunny and Buffalo share a set of Power Type skills in their first job. It consists of one-to-one attack skills and some stat buffs/debuffs. 
Reason for coming to Caballa Island:
 - He is a professional fighter who would challenge and fight anybody. He unknowingly competes in an illegal fight and seriously injures his opponent in a win. But only finds out about it after he was cheated off his prize money by his manager. He comes to Caballa Island to make money to take care of his injured opponent and his family.
 - The Buffalo is the male counterpart of the Power Type. The Buffalo uses Sword type weapons for melee damage and Attack Power (AP) to strengthen its attacks. The Buffalo has a large variety of multiple-target attack skills, along with some other single-target attacks. The Buffalo can also use Elemental Attributes to power up some of his skills.
 - A strong, bully type character with big horns on top of his head. He wears a red scarf and a protective bandage on his arm. 
Warrior.gifWarrior Information (2/3):
 - The Buffalo obtains new multiple-target skills used to kill quantities of enemies, with the addition of elemental power to his attacks. 
 - Buffalo who advances to second job, and now has there own select skills, that bunnies can't get unless they become a hybrid bunny.
 - After becoming a warrior a buffalo gains immense power and ability to attack either one or multiple enemies. With a more serious look and the broadsword always on his back the Warrior is always prepared for even the most challenging opponent. 
Gladiator.gifGladiator Information (3/3):
 - The buffalo gains some skills (5): Shadow, Suffocate, Sonic Slash, Gale Strike, Chi Sword  
 - After intense training A Warrior who accepts his true calling for power goes the path of the Gladiator. With enhanced skill power and new skills afforded to a Gladiator he is equipped to battle many types of enemies. 

[B-] Stats!

There are four digits in builds, here they are:


 - First digit of the four, this is the stat that you need to put stats in constantly. Consists of AP(Attack Power), AC(Accuracy), and DX(Dexterity).
Attack Power(AP): This number increases your damage with a Sword, Knife, or Hammer. It really is one of the most important for you.
Accuracy(AC): This as the name implies, determines your accuracy. Generally, I find this wasn't really an issue until I started using Chi Blade and started fighting higher leveled monsters.
Dexterity(DX): The LOWER (Yes, lower) this stat is, the faster you will attack.
 - Second digit of the four, this is the section you should never need to put points in for a power type, here they are: Magic Points (MP), Magic Attack (MA), and Magic Defense (MD).
Magic Points(MP): This number determines the number of Magic Points you have. You use MP when you cast skills, so this is kind of important. If you run out, you can’t use any more skills until you use a MP increasing item, such as a Blue Potion C.
Magic Attack(MA): This stat is useless for us. Essentially, the higher it is, the more damage you’ll do with Magic Attacks. But wait, we don’t have any of those…
Magic Defense(MD): This stat determines how much damage you take from MAGIC skills. But we generally get enough MD from our equips.
 - This is the third number out of the four digits. This is a section which varies from build to build, because this will either allow or limit you from holding all the items you wish to. Consists of: Weight (WT), Detection Ability (DA), and Luck (LK). Here’s what they do:
Weight(WT): This number determines how much you can carry. The higher it is the better. But we decide between this and charm, so many buffalo's struggle with this. (Generally, it'll get better the higher you level.)
Detection Ability(DA): This number helps you detect items when drilling. When it reaches 90, you will always detect something when you’re drilling.
Luck(LK): Well, you know how I said Accuracy determines a critical hit rate? Luck is the other stat that determines a critical hit. The higher it is, the more often you will have a critical. Luck is also the accuracy for Magic attacks and Gun attacks.
 - This is the last number out of the four digits. These stats determine
survivability. Consists of: Hit Points (HP), Defense Points (DP), and 
Evasion (HV). 
Hit Points(HP): This number determines how long your alive. If this hits 0,
you die. Very important for any character.
Defense Points(DP): This number determines how HARD you get hit, when you
get hit. The higher this is, the less damage you will take.
Evasion(HV): This number, determines how easily you will evade an attack and
generate a “miss”. The higher this is, the more attacks you will dodge.
[B1] Skill Builds & Growth

4141 (Consists of: 4 Power, 1 Magic, 4 Sense, 1 Charm) (Glass Cannon)
 - This build is the "glass cannon" build. Having a 1 in Charm means you have
very little defensive abilities. But with that 4 in Sense, this is the most able to store, drill, and compound out of the builds.
4132 (Consists of: 4 Power, 1 Magic, 3 Sense, 2 Charm)
 - This build is similar to 4141, but instead of having a 4 in Sense, you have 
a 3. So you ditch a little bit of storage, for some defense. It is still more on the frowned side of builds. Good if you have the gear for it.
4123 (Consists of: 4 Power, 1 Magic, 2 Sense, 3 Charm)
 - This build, in my opinion, is the best of the builds. You 
have decent defense, and your Sense is pretty good as well.
4114 (Consists of: 4 Power, 1 Magic, 1 Sense, 4 Charm)
 - This build, in my opinion is the second best of the builds. You have 
great defence, but your drilling and store ability sucks.
Where to put your points in? Well here's the list of common ones:

If you don't know much about builds and stats you should just go with Pure AP.
Pure AP: (Most Common) This provides great damage.
Hybrid WT: This build was made for buffs who choose 4114 builds and later realize they can't hold all of there junk.
Pure AC: Better accuracy. Not recommended.
Pure DX: Not recommended at all, this only really helps in very few  occasions.

[C-] Guides!

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