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Parfait Is Recruiting. <3.

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Parfait; [pahr-fey] (n).

1a dessert of ice cream and fruit or ice cream and syrup in alternatelayers, often topped with whipped cream and served in a tall, narrow,short-stemmed glass.

2. any frozen dessert in which fruit, nuts, etc., have been folded intowhipped cream or egg custard.

3. French: literally, perfect.




Hello all you sweeties on Trickster. 

If you don't know me, I'm one of your moderators, Planty.

But I'm also a guild leader.

I've created this guild when rTO was still in beta. After my previous guild attempt failed.

My old guild was Saranghaeyo. This was also the guild I leaded back in eTO.

But now I have a new guild that I am proud to be the Guild Master of.

This guild you may have seen around a bit, its called Parfait.

This guild is made of all those delicious and sweet people on the server. (( Or at least try to be made of them. ))

My basically Co-Master of this guild is the wonderful Nyh.

She's been in my guild almost from the beginning and its amazing how we both grew.

Enough about us. Well. What we want for you, is to join!

If you love friendly people, activeness, sweets, talking, and just being silly. Join!

There are no level restrictions or anything. Heck, we'll always be willing to help you level!

So join! Its simple, just find Planty, Nyh, or Muddy in game and apply.

You do this by right clicking one of those characters above, going down to guild information, then clicking the 'Apply' button.




Hope you join us. <3. We're the new sweets nation. c;.

We'll also give you free candies. :3.

See you in the guild. c;. I hope. <3.

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IGN: Planty; Lvl32x Fire/Earth SM | Muddy; Lvl19x Water/Electric SM | Apolloneus; Lvl25x Priest | Teroka; Lvl23x Gambler
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