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Contacting admin

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Please do not send your enquiries to me through in game mail.


Contact me either through forum pm or facebook group.


Also, contact me directly on matters that only GM can answer/address/solve. Do not send pm to me on everything you want to ask. For example, do not spam-message my personal fb if you were merely asking things like, "There's a new CT boss?"


This kind of information can be gotten by you from the Patch Note or even just by going to CT or talk to other players who do CT. As much as I want to serve you as admin, I am not your personal helper. My time is limited to entertain everyone who thinks that they must contact me directly to get information on anything about the game.


Contact my personal fb if your matter is highly urgent & important (only GM can solve). Other than that, please post in forum so that the mods can see the matter & perhaps they can try to help or answer your questions. The mods can also relay any important message to me, so it's useful to post your issue in the forum where they can see it.


Your understanding & consideration is much appreciated. Thank you.


~ aran 

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