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A Very Simple Trick To Storing Your Items & Avoid Warehouse Bug

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You guys know about the warehouse bug that we have in this version of the game, right?


From time to time, someone would encounter warehouse problem where you have put a lot of pages (using store-more permits) in your warehouse and have a lot of items in it and end up cannot opening the warehouse anymore. Every time you want to open it, you got dc.


* Warehouse = Lovely Angelina

* dc = disconnection


Well, there is a rather simple solution to that, thanks to our Auction House and GM/coder who have made 6 slots per account for us.


You know that 1 char can carry a max of 300 items. However, sometimes the game can become like a 4-year old who can't count properly, so let's be safe and say, you can put in max 290 items per char.


So, 6 chars x 290 items = 1,740 items.


That's a lot of items you can save in one account; and that's not even counting the 1 page free per char in their respective warehouses [1 page = 80 items x 6 chars = 480 items].


But let's ignore that 1 page free warehouse per char. That's just bonus space.


You see, if you transfer items to a char through AH, this totally ignores WT limit.


* WT = weight


So, what it means is, you can put up to 290 items in 1 char by transferring items onto that char using AH, and you don't have to worry about the amount of WT you have put on that char. 


And the beauty of this simple method is, that char where you put the items can be Level 1. You don't even need to level him/her up.


Do remember these:


1. You must not go beyond 300 items per char; or 290 items, to be safe. This is because, if you go more than that, there will no longer be slots available on that char (this include card slots as well), and so your item will start "disappear" from the char.


The extra items actually do not get lost; you simply can't see them because there is no more slots available on the char to display them. You might go into panic mode and think you have lost the items. So don't go beyond 300, or 290 as per my suggestion. [If you want to risk it and go beyond, it's your own neck you are sticking out. Haha.]


2. You can open this overweight char in game, but you cannot do anything else with it. You can't play it because it is overweight (if it's overweight); if it's not overweight, your item inventory is full (or almost full anyway), so it's not safe for you to do anything involving items on that char.


You can take out items or transfer items out of that char to other chars using AH as well. You can do game trade using that char if it's not overweight; if it's overweight, you can't.


The point is, you can put your items on your chars and not overloading your warehouse, so that you don't get the warehouse bug.


Well, that's it.


I'm not much of a guide writer, so forgive me if this is rather messily-written. I just thought I'd share this knowledge with players in the game.


~ aran


p/s ~ I've done this, so I know it works.



Just remember, if your mule is overweight, you won't be able to take out anything from its own warehouse in game; so don't store anything in its warehouse that your other chars might want or need later, because to take that item out from the warehouse and put onto your char's item inventory to enable transfer to the other chars, your mule has to be NOT overweight first.



Temporary Fix:

Try to go to all the Towns that have banks in them and see if your warehouse opens in certain Towns. If you are able to open your warehouse, then remove the items accordingly. This has worked for some people. Good luck!


~ Paige 2015-04-20

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Makes sense, cool idea. However, it also sounds pretty time-consuming to make all those AH transfers (imagine all the re-logs), especially if you are a free-user and also because you can't buy items with one character from another character on the same account via AH without another account being involved (which means double the transactions). /shudders

It seems like a better alternative than not being able to access your storage at all though, if you have loads of items.  :)

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or just be like me and main 8 chars. but even with all my chars, it seems i just have too many items @[email protected]

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Or just don't hoard useless stuff

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Let's see if I get it.

There's a in-game bug, if you have 150 items on your char bag, and 150 items on warehouse, you wouldnt put one more item at warehouse, cuz u'll get this "dc bug"??

Or just you cannot have 300 items at all at warehouse?? I mean, 299 items at warehouse and 20 on you..



damn, I cant explain really well, but you guys get the point >_>)'

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She said ignore warehouse. Don't get more than 290 items on char.

If you wanna count warehouse, that's 80 more slots but you can't ignore the WT cause you ahve to put them in there in-game.

(FWI, warehouse has a WT limit that grows as you lvl)


Edit: Tha bug she mentions is this.



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SO.. not even if I get more slots or buy WT Equips, this bug would happend again and again just cuz I cant pass the Max SLOTS (spaces) ??

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