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Patch Note 2014-08-11 UPDATED

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Item Fixes


1. Mileage boxes on website.

The pink elixirs inside the mileage boxes have been fixed.



2. Universal Trickster Capes level 80, 160, 240, 360

These capes can now be compounded on website. *crossed fingers*  :D 



3. Spicy Dragon Boss Seals

When players kill Spicy Dragon, now you can get the seal.



4. Ticket Items from boss boxes for MyCamp

The tickets below can now be exchanged for MyCamp items at the website. Go to Manage Account and go to Event.


1.     Tutankhamen’s Throne Exchange Coupon

2.     Pharaoh’s Royal Wallpaper Exchange Coupon

3.     Tenterpaw’s Doll Ticket

4.     Karan Ticket Doll

5.     Mud Bath Ticket

6.     Model Pirate Ship Ticket

7.     Blood’s Coffin Ticket

8.     Young Blood’s Doll Ticket



5. Poppuri Carrot Box Event

The exchange items for this event at Poppuri in Event Garden are kept there for one more month to give time to players to exchange the items. Please take note that the levels of the items are 130, 160, 190; not 60, 130, 190. We apologise for the previous mislabelling.



6. Card Hunter Diary

You may now drill the Card Hunter Diary in any map on the island. This item can be found wherever you can find fiesta ticket as well.



7. Poppuri Artisan Shield Neo

This item is now  included at Compounder Paul’s exchange list at Gate of Poppuri Dungeon.



8. Star Dust

This item is now included as an item for sale by Card Girl.

http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Star_Dust *


* Link provided by Deryl.



9. Teleport option to Gate of Oops Wharf [Path to oops Wharf]

Teleport option to Gate of Oops Wharf is added at Oops Wharf town.



10. Elemental Crystals

Based on players’ request, high level Elemental Crystals are now sold in MyShop. Due to technical limitation of the game files, only the crystal forms can be sold, not the capsule forms.


For compounding, 3 crystals = 1 capsule. Capsule sold in MyShop comes in 3 pieces per set. Thus, for crystals, this translates to a total of 9 crystals per set. However, we are putting in 15 crystals in a set. The 6 extra crystals are a bonus. The price for 15 crystals is 4400 ms pts (same as elemental capsule set 215 & 230).


The available crystals are:

·         Air Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Darkness Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Earth Capsule Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Electric Capsule Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Fire Capsule Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Light Capsule Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335

·         Water Capsule Capsule 245, 260, 275, 290, 305, 320, 335



11. Legendary Uniques

Players may now buy and sell legendary uniques using MyShop points in Auction House.



12. Cherry Blossom maps

By popular request from players, we are bringing these beautiful maps for you to the game where you can do nothing but just chill out with your friends and beloved partners. You may go to these maps by teleporting using Heidi at Megalopolis Square.



13. Newbie & Free User status on website

The Newbie status on website is now deleted. All accounts will immediately be accorded the Free User status. The other status requirements (Member, Super Member, VIP) remain unchanged.



14. Drop rate for Master Sword Lv.50 at Master Mong.

The drop rate for this item has been increased. Good luck to those who are hunting for it.  :) 

You can view the sword here http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Master_Sword **


** Link provided by Patrick Schmidt.



15. Gacha Town 3 & 4: Blooming Cora & Tapasco

Two new towns for Gacha are opened as follows:


·         Town 3 Blooming Cora: Loan Officer Lisa & Shy Joey set



Important Note: This eTO file is really old, so GM is using tTO file for this which is newer, but the belt item is different from the one in eTO. Also, slots may be different as well.


·         Town 4: Tapasco:  Set on Vacation

http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Red_Frame_Sunglasses ***


*** Link provided by ImperiouS




MyShop Boxes


We are celebrating the first anniversary of our server on August 15th, 2014. We are ONE year old! Yayyyyyy!!! To commemorate this occasion, the following boxes are offered in MyShop:


[1] Count Blood


[2] Vicious Tenter Lion


[3] Happy Bag 2013 [Power, Magic, Sense, Charm; Levels 80, 120, 180, 290]


[4] All 2nd job character boxes


(1) Bard Sheep Box (Bard Amelie)

(2) Boxer Bunny Box (Boxer Lina)

(3) Entertainer Cat Box (Entertainer Jen)

(4) Explorer Zorra Box (Explorer Zorra)

(5) Card Master Raccoon Box (Card Master Roan)

(6) Inventor Lion Box (Inventor Singha)

(7) Magician Dragon Box (Magician Azhi)

(8) Warrior Buffalo Box (Warrior Bika)


[5] JP box: Ensaki ****





Ensaki box 60(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Ensaki_box_60

Ensaki box 190(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Ensaki_box_190

Ensaki box 250(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Ensaki_box_250


**** Links provided by ImperiouS



[6] JP box: Sill Wes *****





Sill Wes box 60(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Sill_Wes_box_60

Sill Wes box 190(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Sill_Wes_box_190

Sill Wes box 250(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Sill_Wes_box_250


***** Links provided by ImperiouS



[7] JP box: Ester ******





Ester box 130(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Ester_box_130

Ester box 230(HOT) http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Ester_box_230


****** Links provided by ImperiouS






There will be a 20% bonus for players who donate on the following dates: August 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2014 (website dates).




Event 1: Sarah Special Boxes Event for 1st Anniversary Celebration

August 15th is the 1st anniversary of our humble rTO server. To celebrate this momentous milestone, an event has been specially set up where players can drill for Sarah Special Boxes throughout the island. These boxes also drop from monsters. Inside the box, you may get any of the following item:


  • Anniversary Red Cake
  • Anniversary Blue Cake
  • 100-galder coupon
  • 500-galder coupon
  • 5x Portable Port AD
  • 5x Memory Port
  • Sarah Special Ticket
  • 1st Anniversary Card (very rare)


Edited on 2014-08-16:


1. The 5x Portable Port AD & 5x Memory Port are added into the box and Pink Pot B & Blue Pot B are deleted.


2. The drop rate & drill rate are increased 2x.


3. The Sarah boxes dropped by monsters are now pickable [new English word from me if there's none such word before :D]


~ aran





Gather Sarah Special Tickets and you can exchange them as follows:


80 Sarah Special Tickets = Tricky Princess Pet Level 60

200 Sarah Special Tickets = 1st Anniversary Card


You can exchange the tickets with the NPC Madame Sarah  GM_Wan located at Event Garden.



Event 2: Dice Event Version 2.0

Hunt monsters or drill in order to get dice boxes. Open the boxes to get the dice sides. Talk to NPC Thomas at Megalo Square to piece the sides and make a complete dice. Throw your dice on the dice board.


You can go to the dice board either by clicking Event Info at NPC Thomas or click on the following link: http://www.playtrickster.com/index.php?c=event&m=treasurehunt


For this version, unlike the previous dice event, you have an unlimited number of dice throws. And to help you with your game, we have the coolest prizes for you.


  • Nate’s Bottle = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • GM Certificate = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • Lock Candy = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • White-Green Elixir = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • Shara’s Bottle = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • Gold Tempering Gem = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • Ultra Pink Potion = 50x, 100x
  • Ultra Blue Potion = 50x, 100x
  • Gacha Coins = 1x, 2x, 3x
  • Friend Finder = 3x, 6x, 8x



Event 3: Blue and Pink Penguin

These darned penguins continue to haunt you from time to time. You may come across them accidentally in your adventure throughout Caballa Island. Kill them before they faint you or disappear from sight!







1. The duration of this patch is for one (1) month.

2. If there’s any bug, especially relating to events, please make a report in this thread. The GM & Coder will attend to them as soon as possible.

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Winners & Participants of the Cover Event:


We are very pleased to announce the winners and the runner-ups for the recently concluded Cover Event. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions. Some of the works submitted are truly amazing. We have such a talented group of players in our community. Congratulations to all the winners, runner-ups as well as participants who take the time to be involved in this event.



The winning covers (winners & runner-ups) will be used in our server’s official Facebook and rTO Facebook group. We will take turns using them. We will also use the submissions by the other participants in due time.



Our selected winners & runner-ups are chosen based on the following reasons:

1. They have all 8 characters in the picture (or most of the chars)

2. They use the game map as background

3. They show liveliness in the chars (the chars are engaged in doing something/having fun)

4. They are gorgeous (originality is an added bonus!)

5. They have a fox in it (remember the hint Aran gave in the forum: I am a fox)



The prizes are:



·         50,000 MyShop points

·         5 GM Special Tickets

·         1 Hyena Hairband



·         25,000 MyShop points

·         3 GM Special Tickets

·         1 Hyena Hairband


Participants (consolation prizes)

·         5,000 MyShop points

·         1 GM Special Tickets

·         1 Hyena Hairband



These prizes will be awarded by the GM directly into each char’s MyShop inventory. Due to the large number of players involved, this may take time. Please be patient.



There are entries that our mod, Kandel, called the “troll entries.” These are entries that are made without showing real interest in the spirit of the event, perhaps simply just to submit something. They may include inappropriate screenshots or mentioning names of characters from other games/shows. The troll cover entries will not receive consolation prizes.


[drum rolls…]




Winner No.1: Elora


We love the orderliness of the chars, marching together like cute kids on the first day of school; but look at what that bad boy buff did to the sweet boy lion!!!  :o 



Winner No.2: Mionette


We love this one because of two things: the fox kicking the Don, and the GM is in the picture  :wub: 

Oh, but what is bunny doing to the lion? He’s doing a “cry me a river” there [Justin Timberlake’s song playing in the background~]



Runner-up No.1: Kiba


This would have been one of the winners if it had contained all 8 characters. We love the liveliness in their faces and their eyes are just gorgeous.  ^_^ 



Runner-up No.2: Mannequin


This is beautifully drawn and coloured. They look kind of sad though. But hey, look at the (hawt) fox :D



Participants who get the consolation prizes are:


1. LightberryCupcake

2. TheBoss

3. DJTimer

4. Lys

5. Lemmar

6. Yeosu

7. BreakBadGuy

8. Rorolina

9. Lysandre

10. Slynene


11. Planty

12. xTrinity

13. Minty

14. Cynical

15. Lusche

16. Nocval

17. Chocobo

18. JoanBlade

19. Kiiyoshi

20. Keli


21. CuppedCake

22. EightBall

23. MrsHawkins

24. MrTumbs

25. ExcuseMySwag

26. 69Legacys

27. Eleison

28. Xnote

29. Arcane

30. Talk


31. ImperiouS

32. ImNotATree

33. Kassia

34. Lifesprinkler

35. Kuchen

36. Minttu

37. Spectrum

38. Kassla

39. Miru

40. Destroy


41. Gatita

42. Lincer

43. Ladislao

44. Dextris

45. Ione

46. Stiing

47. Rosaline

48. Juspeczyk

49. Bellatrix

50. xMareep


51. IMina

52. Torik

53. Criselaine

54. Bunsbuns

55. Lucy07

56. Neptun

57. Ariel

58. Tipy

59. RedSonja

60. Trouble


61. Ebbb

62. Shinonome

63. Santacomes

64. Eloise

65. fantasylion

66. Falcone

67. TasteaRose

68. dandan

69. LovelessKun

70. JJomang


71. Shimata

72. PoisonousDeath

73. Rinaa

74. BurningTail

75. Rular

76. Gryphus

77. Cloro

78. XxZuiliu

79. Hecatoncheir

80. Popax


81. Savy

82. Hauru

83. Highlander

84. Popuratziez

85. Chise

86. Melting

87. MrJackFrost

88. h1zuka

89. Tigritou

90. HappyLemon


91. MysticChance

92. Ellena

93. Marie

94. Viere

95. Eudosia

96. Sekyoku

97. Panties

98. Dynamo

99. LinaInverse

100. Corey


101. Adelie

102. Tommeh

103. Kampello

104. CatMan

105. Kitame

106. Psychosiss

107. Ichiraku

108. Renard

109. UnblivoBooH

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[reserved for any additional info I may have later]



1. GM has added a GM buff 50% on all stats starting now and will last until August 19th, 2014.


2. Spicy Dragon drop rate has been increased. Good luck to all Spicy Dragon hunters.


3. Consolation prizes for cover event participants will be sent within 1 week. Please be patient if you haven't received yours yet. The prizes for winners & runner-ups have been posted to their MyShop inventory. Please check & CONGRATULATIONS!!


[Aran's edit (2014-08-15): GM is away till Sunday, when he comes back, he will send the remainder of consolation prizes to eligible participants].


4. We are trying to change the guild membership number to 128; we shall see if this works.


[Aran's edit (2014-08-15): This still doesn't work. We'll keep working on it.]


5. When GM comes back, he will fix the Sarah box issue & also increase the drop/drill rate for the boxes.



Update on 2014-08-16:


1. Sarah boxes have been fixed.

The boxes dropped by monsters can now be picked up.

Drop & drill rates are now 2x.

Pink & blue pots B are now replaced with 5x portable port AD &  5x memory port.



2. Dice event is fixed.

You can now throw unlimited amount [unlimited = 999 times]

Also, the dices you made earlier but could not throw can now be thrown on dice board. Good luck.



3. Missing bunny halo boxes and fox halo boxes are now included in MyShop.



4. Consolation prizes are now distributed to all eligible participants.



5. Pirate King Doll Ticket is now included for exchange on the website for those who have such tickets. You may exchange it on the website.



6. The Fuzzels exchange items at Poppuri in Event Garden have their mislabels corrected as follows:


·         Fuzzels Sword 30 à Fuzzels Sword 130

·         Fuzzels Staff 30 à Fuzzels Staff 130

·         Fuzzels Gun 30 à Fuzzels Gun 130

·         Blue Butterfly Hairclip 30 à Blue Butterfly Hairclip 130

·         Fuzzels Shield 30 à Fuzzels Shield 130

·         Blue Butterfly Brooch 30 à Blue Butterfly Brooch 130

·         Blue Butterfly Cape 30 à Blue Butterfly Cape 130

·         Fuzzels 30 à Fuzzels 130

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Grats to those winners~

And //flips table// CHARA BOXES... Why am I poor qwq

EX- Game Moderator


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I turned in a dice and it isnt registering



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no link to 310 boxes?




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Figured it out, lol feel dumb.



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OMG, great update!

Yay for server anniversary, weee ~


I can't wait to collect all the new fuses... <3

Rebecca on Vacation... *kukukuku*


P.S: Grats on the winners of the cover event. So many lovely entries ~



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Where do we verify the dice at, cause i dont see a place to do that on the go to event button on manage account



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Yes, 5min online and I got the Bo color I wanted <3



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Lovely update! Just a question though for anyone who knows.


Is the Sill Wes box 60 pet supposed to be 2~3 slots as it says on the site?

I've gotten two of them and they both have no slots.

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Aran, those capes are compable now my friend has checked and made his hax AP cape with it

However, when i tried playing the game after turning it in like 20+ times in, it said

"Not found quest complete..."

When i had already turned 20ish+ in it didn't allow me to play.


Forever & Always <3




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Dice event doesn't seem to be working


I take requests. :3



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anyone getting server authorization failed in myshop i cant seem to get it fixed

cant post my siggy so i have to post it in link form :(





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I can't pick up the Sarah boxes

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like GG lol i thought original artwork will have more value like they said in the event page e.eu
why did i spend 2 days in something that will worth less than something made in 15 min ;-;
(Be as original as possible, original drawings will be more favorable)

in other things....
also that selling uniques with myshop points makes useless the galders now, why ppl will want to sell pts now?

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was my entry listed as troll because i'm a #whitenigga?

how about you go read a book?



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I Cant Sell Fallen Watcher Helmet In AH , Its Not Allowing Me Too .

Posted Image



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GM Wan is aware that the monster hunted Sarah Boxes can't be picked up, he's looking into it.

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