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  • Best 2D Graphic & Cute Characters
    Cute, vivid graphics and characters suited for both kids and kids-at-heart.
  • Advantage of Package Game
    Experience the best of package games by playing through detailed quest modes and different campaigns.
  • Strength of MMORPG
    Experience the best of MMO game through unique chatting system and various party play modes.
  • New & Innovative System
    All new and never seen before features like Drill System, Card Battle System, Card Identification, Guardians, Harkon Defense, My Camp System, and Monster Quest System.

Game Features

  •  Graphics & Cute Characters
    4 types of characters, each with male and female counterparts. The characters combine RPG aspect as well as avatar concept, harnessing and growing the characters strength through Occupation Transportation System.
  • Drill System
    A feature never seen before, you acquire new items by drilling holes in the ground. Different types of drills are available for different types of environment.
  • Card Battle System
    Versus mode that pits user against one another. A game within a game.
  • Card Identification
    A memory game where you match items to obtain them, through this you will get some of the items needed to get your guardian.
  • Guardians
    Through a quest you will be able to obtain a guardian, a being who you can customize the stats and skills of and who will help you fight when summoned.
  • Harkon Defense
    With your guardian and other people defend against waves of enemies as they try to destroy the harkon statues.
  • Party System
    Form your own party with your friends to complete a number of unique quests.
  • Variety of Equipments & Items
    Usable Items – Diversified Potions, Teleport, hair dyes in a variety of shades
    Equipment Items – Functional (for Offense/Defense) and Fashion Items
    Drill Items – Different drills for different environments
    Pet Items – Each character can bring along their own pet
    Other Items – Items for decorating My Camp or items that give your character special powers.

Server Features

  • Base Experience Rate: 3X
  • TM Experience Rate: 6x
  • Drop Rate: 3x
  • Version: Season 2
  • Classes: First Job – Third Job

System Requirements

To ensure the best game play, be sure to check the system requirements.

  • CPU : Pentium IV (2.5 ghz and higher)
  • Memory : 2.00 GB
  • Platform Windows : XP/Vista/7/8
  • Graphics Card : Geforce 2MX or higher (Atleast 512mb Dedicated Graphics Memory)
  • Direct X Version : DirectX 8.1 or higher

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