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This is the game download for the Trickster Online game hosted by PlayTrickster Online, an English private server.





GAME DOWNLOAD: https://playtrickster.com/uploads/Playtrickster_05282019.rar (Full Client Update 2019-05-28)




How to install this on your computer:


1. When you download, you should get the file called Playtrickster_05282019.rar

2. Copy that file to your drive, C: or whatever drive you use on your computer

3. Then right-click on this file

4. Choose extract to folder

5. Open that folder, click on Splash.exe to launch

6. Click on Check File to update your game to the latest game patch




1. On older computers, you may encounter problem when launching the game, such as seeing a box of gibberish popping up. If so, make sure you click “Run as Administrator” for the game.


2. Please make sure you set your resolution to 1024x768 or lower.

If you set it to higher, you may not be able to launch your game, and may experience Exceptional Error.





Official links to other PlayTrickster Online pages:


Official Website: https://playtrickster.com/ (Where you create your game account and access useful game functions on website)


Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...icksterforever/ (Where we post updates on maintenance, etc)


Official Forum Board: https://board.playtrickster.com/ (Where we post monthly patch note and where you can also post about the game)


Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Wcvzj9Q (Where you can post & interact with other players)




Monthly Game Maintenance:


For players who are having problem on Launching via Patcher download after each maintenance, please use the manual patch below:


LinkManual_Patch_10152021.zip (Updated 2021.10.15) 


Note: The file may be detected as a virus by your computer because it was packed using a software that may not be known by your anti-virus. Please exclude your Trickster Folder from your anti-virus. Malwarebytes and Windows Defender do not detect this game as virus, so you may just want to use these anti-virus programmes on your computer. 




Other Useful Downloads:


Are you lost? Have no idea how to install the game? Visit this link: Download & Installation Guide (You can Download the Game with a Torrent here)


Other launching/logging in issue? Please refer to this link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/47-game-download/#entry99507


Leatrix Latency Fixer (If you’re lagging or having delays, please Install this): Download

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Playtrickster Wikia: http://rto.wikia.com...Trickster_Wikia


Game Information: http://board.playtri...me-information/

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Original link: https://board.playtr...-26/#entry76047



For those who are having problems logging in, please follow this mini-guide. 
Problem 1. My Splash.exe is all white! I cannot update or do anything of the sort, and get the error "Cannot connect to update server!"

-- This is caused by the lack of Microsoft C++ on your computer.

1. Download this link THROUGH YOUR BROWSER: 
2. If you do not already have Winrar or 7zip or anything to extract a .zip file, please download so now. 
3. When the download for the mega file is complete, open it. 
You should see a list of files, that looks like this:http://puu.sh/p8xIK/e854c79e73.png
4. Now, you want to highlight all of these files, and drag them directly into your PlayTrickster Folder. This should then prompt unzipping, and then it will ask you to replace files. Select yes to all. You want to replace all the files.
5. Run vc_redist_2015x86.exe as administrator now. Install this, and when it is complete, restart your computer. This should fix it!  :) 
Problem 2. When I click Game Start, nothing happens! My client closes! OR, when I try to log in, the game freezes!

-- This is compatibility issues.

1. Go to your PlayTrickster folder, and right click Splash.exe, go into Compatibility, and check that it looks EXACTLY like this one:http://puu.sh/p8xOu/889ceacd5f.png. If it does not, please fix it. 
2. Now, run Splash.exe as administrator, and do "Check Files". 
3. The client should then update or download some files, then Game Start should be lit up at this point. 
4. Now, hit Game Start, and try to log in.

(NOTE: If you are on Windows 10, do NOT use Compability mode)
Problem 3. I can get by Splash.exe, but when the game loads, I get a white screen and "Exceptional Error"!

-- This is an issue with the screen resolution currently selected for Trickster.

1. Run Splash.exe as administrator, as normally.
2. Click "Check Files". 
3. Once you can again, click on Options.
4. Change your resolution from whatever it currently is to either 800x600 or 1024x768. 

Cheers! Good luck.  :) 


~ [Mod]Zen

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