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Excel Saga

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Before I get things started, a word of warning: this anime is VERY random. If you don't like crazy stuff going on every episode and plotlines that go EVERYWHERE, please don't proceed any further. You've been warned.


Recently, I found a Youtube video that was someone's toplist on the top 4 (yes, 4) most random anime. This was number one on that list. It contained clips of said anime, and I found it to be just HILARIOUS. So what is it? Read on!


What is Excel Saga?


Excel Saga is a manga and anime that follows the adventures of Excel Excel (yes, that is the main character's name) and her day-to-day life working for ACROSS, a top-secret organization that wants to free the world of corruption (or so they say). Led by the very much mysterious Il Palazzo, she gets into all sorts of crazy situations. Besides Excel, there's Hyatt, who works for ACROSS alongside Excel...and has a tendency to spontaneously die and revive herself afterwards. A lot. The two live in an apartment together with their dog/backup food supply named Menchi. There's a bunch of other plotlines as well, all equally crazy. The episodes of the anime parody every anime (and sometimes not necessarily anime) genre under the sun, from teen drama to sports.


There's also a two-part OVA named Puni Puni Poemi that takes place in the same universe as Excel Saga. From what I hear, it mainly parodies the magical girl genre.


What about the manga?


I have not read the manga, although I'm sure that it's equally crazy. Give it a go if you want to.


Should I do the subbed or dubbed version of the anime?


I have only seen the dubbed version, but I hear there's not much difference between the two visually. Either one is fine, although you will find some various other differences between the two.


Where can I watch the anime?


Okay, bad news is that it's not on Crunchyroll--this is a late 90's/early 2000's anime we're talking about! I recommend http://www.anime-sub...gory/excel-saga (subbed) or http://www.watchdub....bed/excel-saga/ (dubbed).


How about the manga?


Google/Bing/whatever is your friend. It's probably on MangaReader, possibly MangaFox as well. I don't know if you'll be able to find it complete anywhere, however (the manga ran from 1998-2011).


And for those REALLY curious...YES, Microsoft Excel does make an appearance in the anime! The animators thought of everything. XD

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