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Kyzuumi's Champion Guide (All Credits to the Owner)

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This guide was published by Kyzuumi aka Queen from www.ggftw.com


I take no credit whatsoever for the content of this guide!









Welcome to Kyzuumi's guide to the pure bunny, a Champion.  Following will be a look a stats, skill builds, skills, training places, and job advacement for your brand-new bunny! :3  This guide focuses on using elemental melee to train.


Use Ctrl + F and the Table of Contents to navigate the guide with more ease.

A - Basics

A1 - What is a bunny?

B - Stats and the Build Graph

B1 - Stats
B2 - Build Graph

C - Skills

C1 - Skill Build
C2 - Skill Mastery Items

D - Training

D1 - Training Locations

E - Job Changing

E1 - Second Job
E2 - Third Job

F - Equipment

F1 - Equipment Basics

G - Bossing and You

G1 - Tutankhamen
G2 - Tombeth
G3 - Captain Skull
G4 - Pirate King Karan
G5 - Count Blood
G6 - Tenter Lion

H - Frequently Asked Questions

H1 - Why do we only learn buffs until almost third job?
H2 - Why do you learn Tetra over Uppercut and Counter first?
H3 - Why are skills mastered so late?
H4 - How long should I add certain bonus point allocations?

I - Final Notes

I1 - Copyrights
I2 - Version History

[A1]  A bunny is one of the four Trickster Online subclasses: power-type.  Power types are known for their strong melee abilities and high accuracy.  Bunnies, specifically, specialize in high-power single target attacks akin to that of a boxer (ie. Uppercut).   Being specializing in single-target attacking, bunnies aren't very adept at mobbing, but exceed at bossing and PvP.

Before you read on and decide "Man, I need to go make a bunny right now!", I feel it necessary to give the feel of the playing-style of a pure bunny.  Putting time and effort into a character is a devotion of your time, and you want to make sure you want a bunny, right?  Champions have very, very strong single-target attacks.  They also get two AP and AC buffs (stat meanings discussed later), which makes them very formidable, creating a lot of power..  Champions may seem like the ultimate foe, but they do have their downsides.  Champions cannot handle huge mobs, especially when magic is thrown into the mix.  On the plus side, you have the power to grab a good chance at getting out - just not as good of a chance as say, a Duelist, Gladiator, or Mercenary, the other power type classes.  

Being a 1-on-1 extraordinaire, this guide mainly focuses on the bossing bunny.


[B1] In Trickster Online, what you choose for your build graph is very important.  When someone asks you what your build is, they refer to the following four stat types, in this order - Power, Magic, Sense, Charm.  A quick run down of these for stat types:



[B2] When you first open up your bunnies creation, this is the build you're presented with, 4114 (4 Power, 1 Magic, 1 Sense, 4 Charm).   However, this isn't the only build for your bunny, in fact, there are at least two other builds as good or better.  Myshop accessibility will also be discussed for each build.


  • Power.  You're locked into a default 4, being a power type.  The substats are AP (Attack Power), AC (Accuracy), and DX (Dexterity, melee attack speed)
  • Magic.  You don't need any of these stats, save MA for Flaming Fist.  Don't add any bonus points here or create a build with anything but a "1" in it.
  • Sense.  Sense has two important stats, WT (weight) and LK (luck).  Weight determines how much you can carry, very important in training, and luck, which affects your block rate and how often you're blocked by a monster
  • Charm.  Your defensive stats, HP (health points), DP (defense), and HV (hit evasion).  HP is the most important in regards to survivability.


4114 Your standard bunny build, this is what most people choose.  It has good HP and HV, but no WT, which is something very important.  Expect to invest in a Premium Pocket Pouch or a Purple Earring accessory to compensate for the weight, which means the loss of an accessory slot.  If you have the myshop to compensate for that lost accessory, by all means go for it.  [Recommended: Pure AP OR 3AP/1WT]

4123 A much more balanced build with decent HP, HV, WT, and LK.  My actual preference build, it's very easy to work with.  While at times you may feel your HP is lacking, it will eventually even out and you'll be glad for that extra WT in the long run.  A good build, in my opinion, for hybrid myshoppers - people who only have a little myshop, like me.  [Recommended: Pure AP]

4132  A more extreme build, this sacrifices more HP for the extra weight and luck.  This is a build for heavy myshoppers - this amount of HP will not be easy to make back in equipment unless you've got some decent myshop gear.  However, it's a very viable build and if you feel you can do it, it's a great build and I've seen several bunnies with it.  [Recommended: Pure AP]

The 4114 3AP/1WT Build  [Highly Reccomended]  
This is the new "popular build", and I've tried it out myself and I love it.  Having that 4 in charm is awesome - that extra HP and HV helps out a lot.    But there's always the question of what about your weight?  A 4114 has a very restricted weight, honestly, you need at least a two in weight or weight equipment to play the game without getting frustrated by your restrictions.  A 4114 3 AP/1WT is LIKE a 3124 for AP and WT only.  Your AP will be the same if you could put a 3 in power and went pure AP, and your weight of a 4114 3AP/1WT will be like you have a 2 in sense, but just for weight.
And with your AP buffs, that little bit of AP loss will be very negligible.  



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[C1] This being a guide for elemental melee-ers, you won't be using attack skills to train, instead you'll be using buffs (information on equipment for elemental melee in the equipment section).  You will get attack skills in time for 3rd job change and by the time you're level 180, in time for hunting Count Blood.  I will not be giving any description of the skills, they are easily accessed when you buy the skill and read it's description.  This is the build I followed for my bunny, and it carried me out to level 200 +

This is a champion build, for people who want to boss and PvP.  If you just want a champion to have a champion, you can skip most of the 3rd job attack skills and focus on the buffs



TM Level 10, Bull's Eye Level 5
TM Level 20, Burning Rave Level 10
TM Level 25, Pumping Heart 1
TM Level 30, Pumping Heart Level 10.  Be sure not to level it beyond your maximum MP (0)
TM Level 31-35, Bull's Eye Level 10

[Second Job]

TM Level 55, Level 10 Hyper Beat, Learn Dash
TM Level 85, Level 10 Quad Punch
TM Level 110, Level 10 Guard
TM Level 120, Tetra Punch M, Pumping Heart M, Bull's Eye M, and Guard M

[Third Job]

TM Level 130, Adrenaline M, Upper Smash 10
TM Level 141, Upper Cut Level 10
TM Level 153, Counter Punch Level 10
TM Level 166, Flash Cut Level 10
TM Level 175, Upper Cut M, Counter Punch M, and Flash Cut M
TM Level 187, Eagle Eye Level 10
TM Level 190, Eagle Eye M
TM Level 192, Burning Rave M
TM Level 205, Flaming Fist Level 10
TM Level 209, Flaming Fist M (0)
TM Level 210-???,  

This is all you really need.  FF is more for PvP purposes or magic weak monsters, but it's our trademark move so I included it in the build.  Super Flash Cut is also more for pvp so I omitted it from the build.

For anyone who's curious, here's a few screenshots of your main attacking skills.




  • Tetra Punch, 4x Slithis Cards - Swamp Dungeon 1
  • Pumping Heart, 2x Mummy Cards - Basic Mummy, Pyramid Dungeon 4 and 5
  • Bull's Eye, 2x Hula Octupus Cards - Hula Octopus, Beach Field 4 and 6
  • Guard, 3x Dancer Michel Cards, Rose Field 1
  • Adrenaline, 5x Cobra Flower Cards - Swamp Dungeon 2 and 3
  • Upper Cut, 2x Quiem Cards - Quiem, Wharf Field 1 and 3
  • Counter Punch, 7x Silver Colored Mantles - Captain Arman, Rose Field 2 (Rare Drop)
  • Flash Cut, 5x Slithis Cards - Swamp Dungeon 1
  • Eagle Eye, 7x Red Eye Shadow - Captain Charman, Rose Field 2 (Rare Drop)
  • Burning Rave, 2x Nephthys Cards - Nephthys, Pyramid Dungeon 2 (Rare Drop)
  • Flaming Fist, 5x Madam Chiffon Cards - Rose Field 3





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As my training guide is semi-incomplete due to the Revolution patch, please refer to [badna0's Training Spot Guide] as a supplement :)

  • 1-15.  Coral Beach Quests/Episode 0
  • 15-31.  Follow the quest chain and complete the Desert Beach Quests
  • 31-40ish.  Complete the Poppuri Dungeon quests
  • 40ish-50.  Episode 1 Quests, begin Caballa Relics quests (some) at 45.  Level 40 Gift Boxes are worth roughly 10m+ as of Nov 30, 2011.
  • 50-60.  Complete the Caballa Relics quests
  • 60-70.  Complete the Oops Wharf quests
  • 70-80.  Crow PQ at Oops Wharf and Mermaid quests
  • 80-90.  Episode 2 Quests
  • 90-100.  Ghost Blue quests  Note: Quests begin to taper off here, you will begin to find it harder to level
  • 100-110.  Keep doing Ghost Blue quests, Ghost Blue PQ.  You can also grind at Bugbears
  • 110-120.  Begin some of Rose Garden at level 115
  • 120-130.  Continue Rose Garden Quests
  • 130-140.  Vampire Castle Quests and Episode 3
  • 140-160.  Black Swamp Quests.  Episode 4 is available at level 150
  • 160-170.  Snow Hill quests and Episode 5, from here on out you can grind at bats when you run out of quests or PQ whenever you want.
  • 170-180.  Snow Hill quests, Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 180-190.  Swamp Mine PQ, Snow Hill Dungeon PQ, Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 190-200.  Phantom Dungeon MQs
  • 200-210.  Techichi Volcano quests
  • 210-220.  Techichi Volcano quests
  • 220-230.  Grind wherever your gear lets you
  • 230-250.  Tapasco quests
  • 250-400.  Basically wherever and whatever you need to do to level.

For more info on what quests you get when, I find Category:Quests by Level - /gg FTW! Trickster Wiki to be very helpful.  :py60:




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[E1] The requirements for 2nd job is base level 50 and TM level 40.  Just level normally and you will achieve this easily. Buy a 100k galder check from Andrew, now in Caball Relics.  Afterwords, go to Boxer Jeanne either in Caballa Relics Town or Room of Job Administrator 1 in Megalopolis.  You will need to kill a monster called Kaboom in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4, accessed by Relics Field 4.  It's best to ask a higher level player to help you out - you can even PM me to help :3



[E2] The reason why you've started this game, to advance to your 3rd job, which is a champion, or "pure".  You need to be 130/120 at least to advance to your 3rd job.  The wiki entry for 3rd job advancement is here, but I'll try and simplify it for you.  I will not go through the whole process, just the items and the trials.

  • You need 1x Ticket of the Valiant, dropped by Cluricans (you may need help for these!) in Caballa Relics Mine, also dropped by Tenter Lion
  • You need 3x 1 million galder checks from Andrew in Megalopolis bank
  • You need 1x Red Ruby, dropped by Monkya in Black Swamp, also drill 1x Sacred Water while you're here
  • You need 3x brass, 3x magnetite, 3x magic powder, and 3x glass piece dropped by Brass Knight, Iron Knight, Bone Magician, and Bone Warrior, respectively
  • You need 1x Harkon.  These sell for around 8 million, or can be obtained by - Blacksmith Marx, Precious Jewel (Snow Mine Quest),  or obtained from drilling the following fields (according to the ggFTW Wiki): Tapasco Field 1 - Net of Lava, Tapasco Field 2 - Rhythm of Hammer, Tapasco Field 3 - Valley of Flame, Tapasco Field 4 - Stairway to Fire, Tapasco Field 5 - Spicy Dragon Lair, Snow Field 3 - Stairway of Snowflake, Snow Field 4 - Happy New Year, Ice Dungeon 3 - Heart of Crystal, Vamp Dungeon 4 - Center of the Dark. Vamp Dungeon 5 - Resurrection of the Dark


As a bunny, you have two great things for you- an awesome defensive move, and a high power attack - Guard and Tetra Punch.  The only reason you learned Tetra was in anticipation of 3rd job.  Just guard and lure the monsters out one at a time, Tetra (you should be close to OHKO-ing or OHKO-ing), and the guard should last you either the whole time or most of the time.  If you have one monster left and are a safe distance away, just sleep in the corner rather than spam pots.  You should be okay until around Tribulation 11, Addax, which was the first to be a not-OHKO for me.  Stoor worms, if I recall correctly, also had pretty good resist, but you should be okay.

Moving on to the next hurdle, Madame Chiffon.  Known for their super-trio beserk, try your best to lure them one at a time.  One Chiffon could almost break your guard, just kill them one at a time, dash away, rest, recast guard, and you should make it through.  Just Tetra the hell outta them.

You should be okay until Levis, just practice the guard/lure/tetra combo and you should be out of the trials in 10 minutes.

Congratulations, you are now a future bossing machine~




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Training can be very easy with the right equipment.  Monsters in Trickster Online aren’t the strongest and due to the features of the game (such as elemental stacking), it can be very easy to gather the strength to OHKO monsters, making training quick an easy.  


I’ll overview what you’re looking for in each type of equipment.  This is for PvM only.  For bossing I can only recommend you balance as high amount of HP as you can with decent AP/AC/HV.

Helmet  For PvM, you’ll want an AP compounded helmet until you feel you no longer need the bonus and move onto an AC compounded helmet.  You can go either or, I'd personally stick to AP unless I was using a Boss Set.

Sword  Always try and go for a boss unique, compounded with elemental attribute.  For bossing, if you feel you can afford to do so, try an AC or HV compounded weapon, but whatever you use to train should be sufficient.  I just use a refined Blood Sword with attribute and I don't feel I need something else with more AC.

Shield  If you’re lower level or have trouble racking up enough AP to OHKO for your level, try using the Golden Lion Shield, the only elemental attribute compoundable shield.  It is, however, a boss unique, so expect to spend some money on it if you haven’t the luck to get one yourself.  If you can OHKO with just your sword, use an HP compounded shield.

Accessories  Always go for an AP accessory and an HP accessory.  You should go for AC if you’re really overkilling in PvM – you should only need an AC accessory for PvP or GvG.  If you find you kill things before they even put a dent in your HP though, go for double AP, because seeing that high AP is yummy.

Innerwear  Golden Mole Vest.  GMV.  Get one.  That’s all I can say.  Compound it for HP, and if you’re lucky and persistent, you may get a 2nd Anni Vest, but you’ll probably need the extra HP over more AP, considering you do have two AP buffs and if you pick 4123 as your build, you’ll be low in the HP department.

Pet  Honestly, the pets in game are very weak and give little stat boost.  I’ve always had free myshop event pets (Yao Mong, Maneki Neko, etc), so I’ve never had to deal with pets.  I can only suggest you invest in a myshop one or an old event pet such as Amigo #3 or Sissy Viole (the tradeable one for level 90, don't recall the exact name)

Cape  All the myshop capes are timed.  You’ll either need to get your hands on a gacha, 4G, or lolbox cape for it to be worth anything, stat wise as well.

Mask  The only in-game mask is the blood-red eyepatch.  It’s worth about ~90 mil.  Unless you’re heavily myshopped, you’ll be lucky to even get through the Karan trials.  Plan on putting money down if you want this.  Compound for AC.  As for the myshop ones, I suggest go for the charm ones for the extra HP bonus at a small AP loss.  Who needs and extra 100 base AP when you have two AP buffs?

Head Accessory  These float over your head.  They’re just an extra slot for an equipment, if you ask me.  Like having a third accessory.  A myshop exclusive, if you want this piece you’ll need to put down some money.  Again, I suggest the power or charm one, based on what you feel you need – the teeny tiny extra AP/AC, or more HP/HV?



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Tutankhamen [G1]

Tombeth [G2]

Captain Skull [G3]

Pirate King Karan [G4]

Count Blood [G5]

Tenter Lion [G6]




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  • [H1] Why do we only learn buffs until almost third job?
    • So I get this question a lot.  "Why just learn buffs, when you can also learn uppercut pretty early on?"   Well, I saw no real use for this.  And honestly, for the purpose of this guide (see Warning ^), you'll be mostly using melee attacks.  Why, then you may ask: "Oh, but Kyzuumi!  I want to boss, I want to kill Tutankhamen and Tombeth!"
      And like a wise teacher, I would respond: "Well, you get quad punch at TM 85, and Tut is quite easy to melee to death...".  Still confused?  Think uppercut > quad/tetra?  That leads us to question number two...

  • [H2] Why do you learn Tetra over Uppercut and Counter first?
    • There's several reasons why.  Basically, my build until 3rd job focuses on preparation for the third job trials and provides a good base for your third job (actually, I think my build is pretty nifty, not to toot my own horn).
      But let's get down to numbers.  Tetra punch has a lower cooldown than uppercut ANDANDAND it's more powerful.  There's no point to sacrifice your buffs and such to learn both tetra punch and uppercut for the trials, zero zip nil.  The trials are easy as a boxer - you will OHKO about everything, and I was stacking HP.  So PLEASE, learn tetra punch.  Don't ask me about uppercut.  Tetra is well worth the wait.  Believe me.

  • [H3] Why are skills mastered so late?
    • I'm a staunch believer that you should have a core skill base before you start mastering.  I've never mastered a skill until right before third job trials before.  What this does is it allows you to have all the tools you need for leveling - I mean come on, you don't really have to be hax to level up 130/120, especially now that most people *gasp* quest (or get powerleveled, *coughs*).  So basically, to wrap it up, you don't really need to master skills until you got a good core down.

      Just throwing it out there, if you mastered everything as soon as you got it, you wouldn't be able to learn a lot of the skills until much, much later in TM.  Think about it, every 4-5 skills you master means you can't level even one high-level skill to 10 even.  PLEASE, trust me on the masteries.
  • [H4] So how long should I add bonus points a certain way?  3:1 AP WT forever?  Just until Level 100?  What's the deal?
    •   It's a judgment call.  If you can afford to fund a myshop weight pouch, might as well just pump AP.  Or if you're a weight junkie, you might go 1 WT and get a pouch anyway.  It's what you think can gear, it's what you think you can fund.  No one can answer this.  I don't know how much money you have.  I don't know what gear you already have.  You have to decide this for yourself.




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For players who have access to elemental attribute weapons, here are some neat skills to help in battles against bosses:

Guard Break: This skill requires lv 10 Shock Wave, but lets the player hit the boss with normal melee at 100% accuracy. It last 20 seconds.

Luck Breaker: This is a great debuff against bosses that use magic attacks. It's an excellent, 38 second long debuff alongside with Guard Break.

In my experience, 1st priority should be Guard Break and 2nd priority should be Luck Breaker. Guard Break allows much more damage output than Luck Breaker, while Luck Breaker adds more critical chances and reduces boss' critical chance on the player.

Higher level bosses and monsters (talking about lv 300-700) WILL block your normal melee attacks a lot. The regular monsters will still go down in 1-2 hits, but the bosses will last much longer. Bosses will heal themselves at certain HP bar, and that will become extremely annoying when fighting against bosses with high defensive stats that can heal and block your normal attacks!

If the player wish to go bossing and PvE route, they can start learning and mastering Guard Break and Luck Breaker after getting lv 10 Counter Punch at lv 153 TM. Guard Break will be a priority over Luck Breaker for bossing purposes. Lv 10 Shock Wave is a prerequisite for learning Guard Break.

P.S. Guard Break is awesome in bossing and PvP, as well as Luck Breaker. Edit: My bunny soloed a lv 700+ boss with combination of these two debuffs when she was lv 183 with lv 196 TM. It is very possible to attempt a solo at much lower level as early as lv 130 or 153 TM level. Other classes can rarely achieve this kind of solo feat at such early level! (Most other classes had to be beyond lv 200-300 to successfully solo such end game bosses!)

P.P.S. Flash Cut and Mega Flash Cut aren't that accurate and good in PvE and bossing situations. They can be skipped to learn Guard Break and Luck Breaker instead!



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So Basicly... You're saying Shockwave and Guard Breaker is useless? just courious xD never really been able to lvl a power type very high, but just want to know if it really isn't worth it at all... :3



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*faints* I was actually going to post this , but totally had a brain fart a few days ago.   <--- Used this guide for my champ ;D --->