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Patch Note 2021-09-11

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1.1 Pirate King Karan’s hunt level limit

Suggested by Grimoire.

We have decided to keep the maximum level limit for hunting Pirate King Karan at Level 280.

This is so that only lower level chars can hunt this boss.

If higher level chars want to hunt lower level bosses, they can do so using boss brooms.

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2.1 Special Box:



Vivid [Requested by XchaosX]

[JP]Vivid red box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310



[JP]Vivid blue box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310



[JP]Vivid Green Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310



[JP]Vivid yellow box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310





Happy Bag 2013 [Requested by XchaosX]

[JP]Happy bag 2013 (P/M/S/C) 80 / 120 / 180 / 290


Note to players: This is the box where you can get Gros Schuler Talisman (sprint item)





[JP]Rare Coplin box 100



[JP]Rare Coplin box 200



 [JP]Rare Coplin box 250 [Requested by PinkMango]




The pets in [JP]Coplin Box 100 & 200 are normal pets (no voice, no auto-loot).

The pet in [JP]Coplin Box 250 is both voice + auto-loot.




Fox Spirit [Requested by PinkMango]

Fox Spirits Gift Box 90



Fox Spirits Gift Box 190






Valentine Vivian [Requested by morenadoll]

Valentine Vivian Box 40 / 80 / 160





[JP]Angel Paula Boxes

[JP]Angel Paula Box 70 / 120 / 180 / 230





[JP]Hojo Satoko Boxes

[JP]Hojo Satoko box 60 / 190 / 250





[JP]Ryuuguu Rena / Dragon Palace

[JP]Ryuuguu Rena Box 60 / 190 / 250





Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow Box 140



Dark Shadow Box





Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Mea Box 150



Fallen Angel Mea Box 250






Pangya Special Box 220 / 130





Gun Box 300





Destructor Gun

Destructor Gun Box 300 / 200 / 100






Flashire Box 130



Flashire Box 260





Guardian Robin

Guardian Robin Box 130



Guardian Robin Box 260



Note to players:

Flashire boxes and Guardian Robin boxes DO NOT contain accessories.

However, there are two (2) pets which you may be able to get from each box.




Laic Boxes [Requested by jjiang29]

Laic Gift Box 280 / 180 / 80





Pavane Boxes [Requested by jjiang29, morenadoll]

Pavane Gift Box 280 / 180 / 80





Goomi Ribbon Boxes [Requested by morenadoll]

[TH]Goomi Ribbon Box 300

Goomi Ribbon Pet Box 250 / 120





Super Weapon Boxes [Requested by morenadoll]

Super Weapon Box 180



Super Weapon Box 60 - Lv.60





Wee Cora Boxes [Requested by morenadoll]

Wee Cora Box 50



Wee Cora Box 150





Lucky Jade [Requested by morenadoll]

Lucky Jade Box Lv.90





Juris [Requested by morenadoll]

Juris Box 220



Juris Box 120 





Level 300 Accessories

[JP]Trow schedule Iris 300 box (Buffalo)

[JP]Ye To~yu necklace 300 box (Bunny / sprint item)

[JP]Dragoon amulet box 300 (Dragon)

[JP]Ovu~eria Katyusha 300 box (Sheep)

[JP]Multiplexed ring box 300 (Lion)

[JP]Vu~orupeanerro 300 box (Fox)

[JP]Arc toss ring box 300 (Raccoon)

[JP]Libya earring box 300 (Cat / sprint item)



Note to players:

Bunny accessory is a sprint item.

Cat accessory is also a sprint item.

Please be aware that you cannot equip both at the same time if you bought these two items.




Level 300 JP Capes

[JP]Kuni over 300 Kursk Light box (Bunny Cape)

[JP]Strategy lye light box 300 (Buffalo Cape)

[JP]Arne Oia Cape 300 box (Sheep Cape)

[JP]Ma Ravi Rias Frontera 300 box (Dragon Cape)

[JP]Civitel Liza click on Light Box 300 (Fox Cape)

[JP]Ben Zion network in light box 300 (Lion Cape)

[JP]Armony A Cape 300 box (Cat Cape)

[JP]Ma Pace clock light box 300 (Raccoon Cape)





Customised Blood Set

Customised Blood Sword [4] - Lv.140

Customised Vampire Mark [4] - Lv.140

Customised Blood Shield [4] - Lv.140

Customised Blood Earring [4] - Lv.140




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2.2 Cape/Inner:



Wings with matching hats:

Princess Aurora Wings [3] - Lv.60 [Requested by morenadoll]

Blue Musketeer Gun Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by Elkie]

Sailor Star Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by Elkie]

Big Ribbon Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by morenadoll]

Spirit Fox Umbrella Wings [3] - Lv.200

Buster Sword Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by GraddyKing]

White Dragon Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Royal Family Axe Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Hanetsuki Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by morenadoll]

Red Royal Cloak Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by morenadoll]

Red Chocolate Backpack Wings [3] - Lv.200

Xmas Kimono Wings [3] - Lv.250

Maneki Neko Wings [3] - Lv.250

Mini Devil Wings [3] - Lv.250 [Requested by PinkMango/Seven2u]

Angel Robe Wings [3] - Lv.250 [Requested by morenadoll]




Wings without matching hats:

Saku Bear Backpack Black [3] - Lv.100

Saku Bear Backpack White [3] - Lv.100

Saku Bear Backpack Brown [3] - Lv.100

Black Santa Wings [3] - Lv.200

Red Santa Wings [3] - Lv.200

Ice Crystal Wings [3] - Lv.200

Pink Wings [3] - Lv.200

Silver Wings [3] - Lv.200

White Naga Wings [3] - Lv.200

Copper Naga Wings [3] - Lv.200

Blue Ice Naga Wings [3] - Lv.200

Neon Naga Wings [3] - Lv.200

Black Naga Wings [3] - Lv.200

ChaosBringer Wings [3] - Lv.200

Angel’s Sword Wings [3] - Lv.200

Chubby Chick Backpack [3] - Lv.200

Galaxia Fortuna Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by morenadoll]

Charlies Angel Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by morenadoll, catchme]

Baby Arch Angel Wings [3] - Lv.200 [Requested by PinkMango/Seven2u]

Pixie Wings [3] - Lv.250

Kitten Basket Wings [3] - Lv.250

Magma Lava Wings [3] - Lv.250 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Ancient Gargoyle Wings [3] - Lv.250



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2.3 Hat:




Hats with matching wings:

Princess Aurora Horns - Lv.0 [Requested by morenadoll]

Blue Musketeer Hat - Lv.0

Sailor Star Hat - Lv.0 [Requested by Elkie]

Big Ribbon Hairpin - Lv.0 [Requested by morenadoll]

Spirit Fox Ears - Lv.0

Little Lion Hat - Lv.0

White Dragon Horns - Lv.0

Royal Family Crown - Lv.0 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Tsubuichi Wig - Lv.0 [Requested by morenadoll]

Red Chocolate Ribbon - Lv.0 [Requested by morenadoll]

Red Royal Crown - Lv.0

Maneki Neko Hairband - Lv.0

Mini Devil Hat - Lv.0

Xmas Fox Ears - Lv.0 [Requested by babylotion]

Angel Ear Hat - Lv.0



Matching Wings + Hat Set

Princess Aurora Wings Lv.60 + Princess Aurora Horns

Blue Musketeer Gun Wings Lv.200 + Blue Musketeer Hat

Sailor Star Wings Lv.200 + Sailor Star Hat

Big Ribbon Wings Lv.200 + Big Ribbon Hairpin

Spirit Fox Umbrella Wings Lv.200 + Spirit Fox Ears

Buster Sword Wings Lv.200 + Little Lion Hat

White Dragon Wings Lv.200 + White Dragon Horns

Royal Family Axe Wings Lv.200 + Royal Family Crown

Hanetsuki Wings Lv.200 + Tsubuichi Wig

Red Chocolate Backpack Wings Lv.200 + Red Chocolate Ribbon

Red Royal Cloak Wings Lv.200 + Red Royal Crown

Maneki Neko Wings Lv.250 + Maneki Neko Hairband

Mini Devil Wings Lv.250 + Mini Devil Hat

Xmas Kimono Wings Lv.250 + Xmas Fox Ears

Angel Robe Wings Lv.250 + Angel Ear Hat




Hats with no matching wings:

[JP]Megaro cardboard - Lv.1 [Requested by morenadoll, GraddyKing]

Solar God Helm - Lv.0 [Requested by XchaosX]

Bone Helm - Lv.0

Majestic Goat - Lv.0

Big Rabbit Head - Lv.0

Black Cat Hat - Lv.0

Black Cat Hat V2 - Lv.0

Paper Hat - Lv.0

Cookie Flowers Hat - Lv.0

Masked Rider Hat - Lv.0

Joker Hat - Lv.0

Mempo Hat - Lv.0

Empress Hat - Lv.0

Valkyrie God Hat - Lv.0

Fuji Mountain Hat - Lv.0

Pumpkin Witch Hat - Lv.0

Develing Hat - Lv.0 [Requested by babylotion]

Violet Witch Hat - Lv.0 [Requested by babylotion]

Little Goat Doll Hat - Lv.0

The White Rabbit Hat - Lv.0

Cute Cat Doll Hat - Lv.0

Umaru Chan Doll Hat - Lv.0

Yakiimo Hat - Lv.0

Royal Cat Crown Hat - Lv.1 [Requested by krugue]

Foxcoon Hat - Lv.1




Hat skins by Mizzo

Fuschia Headdress - Lv.0

Violet Floral Band - Lv.0

Bubblegum Headband - Lv.0

Violet Ribbon - Lv.0

Daisy Headpin - Lv.0

Blue Hibiscus Headpin - Lv.0

Orange Floral Headpin - Lv.0

Little Pink Flower Headpin - Lv.0

Coral Beach Ceremonial Headband - Lv.0

Coral Beach Floral Head Band - Lv.0

Purple Headgear - Lv.0

White Diadem - Lv.0

Blue Diadem - Lv.0

Purple Diadem - Lv.0

Pink Diadem - Lv.0

Gold Diadem - Lv.0

Black Diadem - Lv.0




Supporter’s Hats

Supporter`s Guild Hat - Lv.1 [Requested by Grimoire, Kaiba]

Green Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Purple Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Red Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Blue Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Gold Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Pink Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1

Grey Supporter’s Guild Hat - Lv.1




GM Mobius’ Helmet

GM Mobius` Helmet [2] - Lv.120





Arno Hats [Requested by Sunnibunny]

[JP]Arno bath towel head [3] - Lv.240

[JP]Arno bath towel head 60 [3] - Lv.60




Arin’s Beret [Requested by Rikimaru]

Arin Beret [3] - Lv.120 = 5400 pts

Arin Beret Version 2 - Lv.1 = 10000 pts



The price difference between the two items is because the original beret came pre-made by the game while we had to create the second one because of players’ requests specifically for the purpose of having a version that does not cover ears.

If you wanted a version that COVERS ears, please buy the first one (with stats, level 120).

If you wanted a version that DOES NOT COVER ears, please buy the second one (skin item).

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2.4 Pet:



Level 300 2nd Job [JP] Char Pets

[JP]Aruhian Adein-300 box - Lv.1 (Cat)

[JP]Aruhian Regulus-300 box - Lv.1 (Lion)

[JP]Aruhian Rapiusu-300 box - Lv.1 (Bunny)

[JP]Aruhian-Fortina 300 box - Lv.1 (Fox)

[JP]Aruhian Taurus-300 box - Lv.1 (Buffalo)

[JP]Aruhian Dracul-300 box - Lv.1 (Dragon)

[JP]Aruhian Aries-300 box - Lv.1 (Sheep)

[JP]Aruhian Inoto-300 box - Lv.1 (Raccoon)





Earrings for Char Pets:

Piercing Box A - Lv.1


Note to players:

You may get earrings inside the Aruhian box but if you want to try to get the earring that you want, you can buy Piercing Box A although the earrings you get from this box is also random.




Boss Pets with stats

[JP]Count Blood 300 Box - Lv.1

[JP]Pirate King Karan 300 Box - Lv.1

[JP]Queen Odinea 300 Box - Lv.1

Tenter Lion Box 300 V.1 - Lv.1

Tenter Lion Box 300 V.2 - Lv.1

Tutankhamens Box V1 - Lv.300

Tutankhamens Box V2 - Lv.300

Captain Skull Box 300 - Lv.1

[RTO]Titan Kronos Box 300 - Lv.1 [Requested by XchaosX]

[RTO]Detective Ed Box 300 - Lv.1



Master Monkey - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]





Boss Pets without stats & other pet skins

Soki Pet - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Guardian Tombeth - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Predator Pet - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Nereides Pet - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]

Dragon Knight - Lv.1 [Requested by singhecks]

Black Cat [Requested by morenadoll]

Mad Ray Pet - Lv.1 [Requested by Rikimaru]

Allionette Pet - Lv.1

Janus - Lv.1

Daze - Lv.1

Wolverine - Lv.1

Meow - Lv.1

Mermaid Tanya - Lv.1

Rex Raptor - Lv.1 [Requested by GraddyKing]




Other Pets with stats

Lethos [1] - Lv.180 [Requested by morenadoll]

Dr. Garfield [2] - Lv.90 [Requested by Ghaspar]




Monthly Pets

[RTO]August Camellia - Lv.30

[RTO]September Tiger Lily - Lv.30






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2.5 Weapon:

Heart Wand Form - Lv.1 [Requested by morenadoll]

Kingdom Key - Lv.0

Kingdom Key D - Lv.0




2.6 Shield:



Shield Skins by Mizzo:

Dragon Crest Shield - Lv.0

Mystic Snowflake Shield - Lv.0

Tangerine Shield - Lv.0 = 5000 pts

Musical Shield - Lv.0

Raspberry Shield - Lv.0

Indigo Dragonhead Shield - Lv.0

Blue Star Shield - Lv.0

Eustas Lionhead Shield - Lv.0

Mystic Flower Shield - Lv.0

Lord Hunter Shield - Lv.0

Magical Pepper Shield - Lv.0




2.7 Head Accessory:

Harvest Ring [3] - Lv.170 [Requested by singhecks]

Tanya’s Halo - Lv.1






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3.1 June Event: The Scent of Love and Nostalgia

This event has ended.




3.2 July Event: Huntung Chaoss Feathers

This event has ended.








3.3 July Event: 50% discount for JP stones in MyShop

This event is continued to celebrate our 8th Anniversary.




3.4 Anniversary Event: 20% MS Bonus to celebrate RTO 8th Anniversary

There is a 20% bonus for MyShop points when you donate during this time.

This bonus will end next month.




3.5 Anniversary Event: EXP / TM Boost

To celebrate our 8th anniversary, EXP / TM boost will be held until next month.


The EXP / TM boost is as follows:

EXP: 300 (normal rate) -- > 800

TM: 600 (normal rate) -- > 800


Note to players:

Have fun levelling up.

Please don’t bot!

Botters will be banned.








3.6 Anniversary Event: 50% Discount on Expander Items

Expander items are discounted at half prices.

This discount will end next month.

[JP]Super special Akuaregia of Nate = 2000 Point -- > 1000 Point

 [JP]Patron marks of Hephaestus = 2000 Point -- > 1000 Point

[JP]Azoto of luck = 1000 Point -- > 500 Point

[JP]Azoto of God = 1500 Point -- > 750 Point







3.7 Anniversary Event: Janus Monster

Janus monster is back at X-Mas Square.

There are three (3) of them in the map.

When Janus is killed, he drops all of the items at once and anyone can pick them up.

Janus drops the following items:

[JP]Rare chaos box 1x

Daily Coupon 25x

[JP]HP Candy 20x

[JP]MP Candy 20x

GM gift certificate 5x

Resurrect Scroll 3x




Note: To go to X-Mas Square, buy Chrismas Key at Card Girl in Mega Shop. Double-click on the key to transfer to X-Mas Square. Janus will respawn immediately when killed. He is very very very difficult to kill by ordinary mortals. He also spawn mobs who are also very aggressive. Make sure you have very high defence and/or know how to kill Janus fast before he can spawn his mobs.




We have discontinued Janus event because we have just found out that the number of drops are wrong and it seems that players who could kill it were using exploits and then didn't bother telling us that the number of drops were wrong. Therefore, we have decided to no longer have this event now or in the future. 



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3.8 Anniversary Event: RTO 8th Anniversary Event ~ Dice Star / Bonus Egg



Event item: Dice Star Gift Box


This box contains the following items:

Ace Die

Deuce Die

Trey Die

Cater Die

Cinque Die

Sice Die






Conditions of event:




This box can be drilled anywhere in the game.

This box is also dropped by all monsters in game.




Open the box to get the dies.

Go to Anniversary Shop and exchange your dies for Bonus Eggs.

The Anniversary Shop is located at Blooming Cora Town.







You can access Anniversary shop by clicking on the Abraxas Mirror.






Then click on the NPCs inside the Anniversary Shop to exchange your Bonus Eggs for any of the reward items.


Note to players:

You can also spend your Bonus Eggs at Leonardo’s Egg Shop in Mega Shop to get items you may want there, such as 4G Cards, GM Special Ticket, and other Egg Shop items.

You can then exchange your 4G Cards and GM Special Ticket with Rosemary who is also in Mega Shop.




Inside the Anniversary Shop, you will find five (5) NPCs.

They are:


Master Louis

Magician Sephira

Genius Cochma

Glamour Tiphreth





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Reward Exchanges:




The reward items for this event include anniversary items from previous years. This is a good time for newer players to get those items which were previously available only to the older players. Good luck to everyone ~














Bonus Egg

Bonus Egg 1x = Ace Die 2x + Deuce Die 2x + Trey Die 2x + Cater Die 2x + Cinque Die 2x



[JP] / [KR] 8th Anniversary Items

[JP]8 anniversary balloon [2] - Lv.60 = Dice Star Gift Box 18x

[JP]8 anniversary balloon Lx [3] - Lv.180 = Dice Star Gift Box 18x

[KR]08 years kkokkal hat Skin = Dice Star Gift Box 8x

[KR]How Miss Bala rods Skin = Dice Star Gift Box 8x

[KR]How Miss Bala Holiday Skin = Dice Star Gift Box 8x

[KR]How Miss Bala shield skin = Dice Star Gift Box 8x

[KR]Happy 08 firecrackers Head 80 = Dice Star Gift Box 8x



Yes, we know the names are weird, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it and laugh….







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Reward Exchanges:








Master Louis



Torobbie Set

Torobbie Hat - Lv.0 = Bonus Egg 18x + Ace Die 18x

Torobbie Shield - Lv.0 = Bonus Egg 18x + Deuce Die 18x

Torobbie Stick - Lv.0 = Bonus Egg 18x + Trey Die 18x

Torobbie Gun - Lv.0 = Bonus Egg 18x + Cater Die 18x

Bubble Bunny - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 58x + Cinque Die 18x + Sice Die 18x












Individually, these items are statless, but as a set, they give the set bonus stats as shown above.

Since these items are level 0, that means they make hax sets for your new chars.

This would help players a lot when just starting out playing before your chars can get higher levels and are then able to equip higher level equipment.



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Magician Sephira




Ed Set

Big Ed Head - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 18x + Cinque Die 18x

Ed’s Great Sword of the Reaper - Lv.0 = Bonus Egg 18x + Sice Die 18x



Set 1 = Big Ed Head + Ed’s Great Sword of the Reaper



Note: Both items are statless (skins), but if worn together, they give set bonus.

All players can wear this set because the items are lv.0 and lv.1.



Set Title = RTO 6th Anniversary


Set Bonus:

AP 60

AC 6

DX -1

MP 600

MA 6

MD 600

WT 3000

DA 6

LK 6

HP 600

DP 600

HV 6



Set 2 = Big Ed Head + Ed’s Great Sword of the Reaper + Detective Ed



Note: Since the pet is level 300, only players level 300+ can wear this set.

Players must buy the pet themselves.

We have already published the pet before, so some players already have the pet.


Set Title = Detective Ed’s RTO 6th Anniversary


Set Bonus:

AP 815

AC 30

DX -3

MP 1600

MA 30

MD 1600

WT 6000

DA 30

LK 30

HP 1600

DP 1600

HV 30




Rare Skill Card

Ghost Busted (card) = Bonus Egg 18x + Ace Die 18x + Deuce Die 18x + Trey Die 18x + Cater Die 18x






Boss Brooms

Desert Witchs Broom = Ace Die 8x

Underground Witchs Broom = Deuce Die 8x

Sea Witchs Broom = Trey Die 8x

Cave Witchs Broom = Cater Die 8x

Coffin Witchs Broom = Cinque Die 8x

Swamp Witchs Broom = Sice Die 8x

Ice Witchs Broom = Ace Die 4x + Deuce Die 4x

Artist Witchs Broom = Trey Die 4x + Cater Die 4x

Volcano Witchs Broom = Cinque Die 4x + Sice Die 4x





Boss broom exchange are suggested by D7jon.




Daily Coupons

Daily Coupon = Ace Die 1x

Daily Coupon = Deuce Die 1x

Daily Coupon = Trey Die 1x

Daily Coupon = Cater Die 1x

Daily Coupon = Cinque Die 1x

Daily Coupon = Sice Die 1x



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Genius Cochma



5th Anniversary Set

5th Anniversary Sword [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Ace Die 28x

[RTO]5th Anniversary Gun [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Deuce Die 28x

5th Anniversary Circlet [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Trey Die 28x

5th Anniversary Shield [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Cater Die 28x

5th Anniversary Jacket [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Cinque Die 28x

[RTO]5th Anniv. Head Acc [3] - Lv.50 = Bonus Egg 28x + Sice Die 28x





Set 1 = 5th Anniversary Playtrickster Warrior

5th Anniversary Sword + 5th Anniversary Circlet + 5th Anniversary Shield + 5th Anniversary Jacket + [RTO]5th Anniv. Head Acc



Set 2 = 5th Anniversary Playtrickster Gunner

[RTO]5th Anniversary Gun + 5th Anniversary Circlet + 5th Anniversary Jacket + [RTO]5th Anniv. Head Acc



Set Bonus for each set:

AP 112

AC 10

DX -1

MA 10

MD 150

MP 150

WT 1500

DA 10

LK 10

HP 1500

HV 10

DP 150


This set bonus makes the 5th anniversary items very good for low level chars.

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Glamour Tiphreth




4th Anniversary Items

[RTO]4th Anniversary Head Accessory [3] - Lv.130 = Bonus Egg 138x + Ace Die 138x

[RTO]4th Happy Birthday Head Accessory [3] - Lv.130 = Bonus Egg 138x + Deuce Die 138x






1st Anniversary Card

1st Anniversary (card) = Bonus Egg 18x + Ace Die 18x + Deuce Die 18x + Trey Die 18x + Cater Die 18x






1st Anniversary Forms/Skins

1st Anniversary Axe Form - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 8x

1st Anniversary Gun Form - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 8x

1st Anniversary Hat Form - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 8x

1st Anniversary Shield Form - Lv.1 = Bonus Egg 8x








The head accessories are highly useful items because they have very good stats and can be comped for WT.

The 1st Anniversary card is a rare item because most players who got this card from RTO’s first anniversary no longer play, so latter players have difficulty getting this card.

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4.1 Important links for RTO players



Guide to RTO: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/14329-guide-to-rto-play-trickster-online-updated-2021-02-12/

Please read this. It will help you to navigate your game in RTO.



WebArchive (Wiki): https://web.archive.org/web/20150905052523/http://wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Main_Page

This contains information about Trickster Online as presented in the original GGFTW site.



Our Trickster Online (OTO) Wiki: https://oto.fandom.com/wiki/Our_Trickster_Online_Wiki?fbclid=IwAR1pRFV5BLg7SmY-aLCkB5PJ5bdFW3W39z7pG1wJVSU7ys3Hc-2UGjG4-rA



Boxes/Items Info posted in forum: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/forum/57-boxes-items/



Game Quests: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/forum/65-quests/



Tricksterplay: http://www.tricksterplay.club//Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Main_Page.html

This contains information about Trickster Online as presented in the original GGFTW site.

This site uploads faster than Web Archive but information in pages that are buried under other pages may not be accessible using this site.







4.2 Play Polar Server

Website: https://playpolar.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/YNjQNRCMfh

Webboard: https://board.playpolar.net

Polar Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PlayPolarTrickster

If you want to experience playing Paula, the Polar Bear character, please go to this server.

Do take note, however, that this server is run differently than RTO. For example, while most items in RTO have stats, a lot of items in Polar are skin items. So if you want to play there, just be aware that Polar is not exactly the same as RTO.






Dear Playtricksters,

Time flies, and here we are, celebrating our RTO server’s 8th anniversary.

We’ve been through a lot together, and we really appreciate your support and your love for the game.

Players come and go but we will be here as long as technology allows, as long as we have the platform to do so, and as long as there are still people wanting to play this game in this server.

Behind the scene, we have gone through rough patches, and in order to continue, we have to make do with certain things and without certain things.

Even though we want to give you the best that we can, sometimes we are thwarted by some scoundrels simply out to make us unable to have nice things.

Thus, we have to cut some things that have been unreasonably and cruelly exploited.

We hope you understand.

We apologise for the delay in having our anniversary game maintenance.

Life happens outside of game that take our time and need our attention.

We hope everyone stay safe, stay healthy, be nice to each other, and always take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy the game, and please do enjoy the event.

Thank you.

~ Playtrickster Team (GM Wan, Mod Mizzo, Mod Hiroto, Mod Impy, Aran)







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"I hope you enjoy your time here in Caballa Island."




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Merchant Lorena is back in game. Please check her out.

If she disappears again in the future, please let us know.

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We are not going to add more Janus in X-Mas Square.

If you want more monsters to kill, go kill Ed in Battle Arena.

He drops cooler stuff.

How to go there: Event Garden -- > Talk to Assistant Poppuri -- > He will transfer you to Battle Arena waiting room -- > Talk to King Poppuri there -- > He will transfer you to Battle Arena.

Ed is fun, I tell you.

Do it! Go hunt him!

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not amaizing anymore since janus update :(

Edited by Seraphiz, 16 September 2021 - 11:32 PM.

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I'm thankful to just be able to play the game still ~ 



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The ressurection scrolls dropped by janus cannot be picked up, i think they are bugged. and is it possible to increase the number of janus from 3 to like 6? there are alot of players there, and its hard to kill when there is only 3 janus, as they usually go bezerk, so you cant move to another. have to wait.



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@ Kaiba, thank you for reporting. I will ask GM to fix the Resurrection Scroll issue.

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