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Olympic Games Kamelot

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10-Triathlon: There can be any number of participants.
Triathlon is a series of actions to complete in the right order.
Every Triathlon rounds will count 4 players looking to qualify for the Triathlon Tournament.
Every round winners will get a ticket for the Triathlon Tournament.
There will be an Olympic Assistant for every participant. 1 for 1. The Olympic Assistant will be mandated to watch over the participant to make sure he follows the rules.
The series of actions for this first PlayTrickster's Olympic Triathlon will be:
1-A run from a place to another. No teleportation, you gotta walk/run. (Will be mentionned the day of the Event)
2-Killing a specific monster. (Will be mentionned the day of the Event)
3-Drill for a specific item. (Will be mentionned the day of the Event)
4-Kill a monster until the requested item drops, pick up the item. Yes, it will be an item dropped by a monster. (Will be mentionned the day of the Event)
5-Run back to the start for the win!!!
Once all the 5 actions are executed in order, a participant completed his/her round.
10.1-Triathlon Tournament: There must be 4 or 8 or 16 qualified players to begin. We will do 2 Tournaments if we have more than 32 participants.
-If we cannot reach the right number of qualified players, there will be a Round Robin Elimination game.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 12 players participating. In that case, only 8 players can qualify, so:
The 12 players will receive the same task to do at the same time and they will all start when the signal will be given.
The first 8 players to complete their Triathlon will advance to the Tournament.
Now that we know who advanced in the Tournament, it goes like this:
Every round will count 2 qualified players challenging each other. The first one to complete his Triathlon advances in the Tournament. The loser is eliminated.
When there are 4 qualified players left in the Tournament, we are at the Semi-Finals. The 2 losers of the Semi-Finals will battle for the 3rd place and the 2 winners will advance to the Finals.

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