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Excavation Challenge & Tournament

Olympic Games Kamelot

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9-Excavation Challenge: There can be any number of participants.
Every excavation rounds will count 4 players looking to qualify for the Tournament.
A Judge will give the same list of item(s) to drill out to the 4 players.
The list will be given before the start. The players must dig by themselves all the items and come back to the Judge with the accomplished list.
There will be an Olympic Assistant for every participant. 1 for 1. The Assistant will be mandated to watch over the participant to make sure he follows the rules.
The first participant who comes back at the starting position (where is the Judge) with the items obtained legally will win and will earn his/her ticket for the Excavation Tournament.
The Olympic Assistant must confirm your win before it is approved.
9.1-Excavation Tournament: There must be 4 or 8 or 16 qualified players to begin. We will do 2 Tournaments if we have more than 32 participants.
-If we cannot reach the right number of qualified players, there will be a Round Robin Elimination game.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 15 players participating. In that case, only 8 players can qualify, so:
All the 15 players will receive the same list of items to go drill. Based on the same rules established for the Excavation Challenge, the first 8 participants to come back with all the items will advance to the Tournament.
Every Tournament rounds will count 4 qualified players in contest. The number of rounds will be based on the number of qualified players.
Every round winner will advance in the Tournament.
Here are some examples of a situation we can have:
4 qualified players = 1 round (Instant Finals)
8 qualified players = 3 rounds. The winners from the 2 first rounds AND the players who arrived 2nd place in their respective rounds are qualified for the 3rd round (Finals). 
16 qualified players = 5 rounds. The winners of the 4 first rounds will advance to the Finals.

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