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8-PvP Duels Tournament

Olympic Games Kamelot

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8-PvP Duels Tournament: There must be minimum 8 or 16 or 32 participants to begin a Tournament. If there are more than 32, we'll do another Tournament.
-If we cannot reach the right number of participants, there will be a Round Robin Elimination game.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 22 participants. In that case, only 16 participants can qualify, so:
Everyone will face each other 1 time. The 16 players with the best number of wins record will be qualified for the Tournament.
If there is an equality in number of wins between 2 or more players for the 16th and last qualified position, it goes like this:
-If there are 2 players with the same record at the 16th place, someone must be 17th amd it will be the loser of the duel between the 2 concerned players.
-If there are 3 or more players with the same record at the 16th place, the concerned players will enter in an elimination mode.
Someone will be eliminated when he/she loses 2 consecutive battles during the elimination mode.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 5 participants with the same number of wins respectively at the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th rank out of 22 players:
There will be 2 qualifying ranks at sake for 5 players.
-2 of the 5 players will be randomly chosen to battle. The person who loses must fight the next battle against someone who didn't fight yet (randomly chosen).
Once everyone battled at least 1 time, we re-do the process until we found who qualified. Of course, if someone has lost 2 consecutive times, he has been eliminated and cannot continue.
Now that we made the cuts and have our right number of guilds qualified for the Tournament, It goes like this:
There will be Tournament Bracket with the 16 official qualified players.
To advance into the Bracket, a player must win "best 2 out of 3" rounds vs his/her opponent.
Once we have our 4 finalists, the rounds become "best 3 out of 5" to advance to the Finals.
The 2 losers will compete in another "best 3 out of 5" round for the 3rd place.
The 2 winners will be finalists and compete in a "best 4 out of 7" round for the 1st place.

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