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7-PvP Brawl Tournament

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7-PvP Brawl Tournament: The brawl will be in the battlefield of Desert between 2 guild parties of 4, 5 or 6 members (at the discretion of the guilds).
Once all guilds formed their team, it sticks to those chosen members for every brawl until the end of the Tournament.
The brawl can be a 4 vs 4   or   4 vs 5   or   4 vs 6   or   5 vs 5   or   5 vs 6   or   6 vs 6.
The brawl will last 5 minutes only. Not more, not less. The judge will send the signal to enter the battlefield to both guilds in contest.
There will be a character alive inside, he will be the character mandated to count the kills. Let's call him "The Accountant".
Every kill counted will be worth 1 point. And the guild who will kill The Accountant (who will be clearly identified the day of the event) will receive an extra 2 points.
After 5 minutes, The Accountant will say "STOP!". The Accountant will make the count and declare the winner.
The winner is the guild with the most counted points scored.
*-*-*For being among the spectators, you will prematurely enter inside the battlefield and get killed by someone charged to kill the spectators. So they cannot get killed during the brawl (to avoid disturbing the count).
Also, spectators must not talk in public chat. Since they will already be dead and silent, it will not complicate the counting job of The Accountant.*-*-*
The winning guild qualifies for the next round in the tournament vs a winning guild who also qualified. The loser is eliminated.
After the Semi-Finals are played, the 2 losers will battle for the 3rd place and the 2 winners will go to the Finals.