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6-Guild vs Guild Tournament #2 Team Match

Olympic Games Kamelot

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6-Guild vs Guild Tournament #2 Team Match: To participate, every guild must send only 4 members, not more and not less.
There must be 4, 8 or 16 guilds qualified to begin the Tournament.
-If we cannot reach that number of guilds, there will be a Round Robin Elimination game.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 5 guilds participating. In that case, only 4 guilds can qualify, so:
Every guild will fight 1 time vs every other guilds. (4 battles for every guilds)
The guild with the less wins is eliminated.
If the last place counts 2 guilds or more with an equal number of wins, the differencial of points scored during the Round Robin Elimination matches will make the difference.
The guild with the lowest Differencial is eliminated.
Now that we made the cuts and have our right number of guilds qualified for the Tournament, It goes like this:
Every GvG match will have 2 guilds in contest who will compete against each other (with the regular GvG rules of a monster match) in a war to get a score of 80 points.
The winning guild qualifies for the next round in the tournament vs a winning guild who also qualified. The loser is eliminated.
After the Semi-Finals are played, the 2 losers will battle for the 3rd place and the 2 winners will go to the Finals.

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