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1-Relay Race Tournament

Olympic Games Kamelot

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1-Relay Race Tournament: This Game will be played inside Kamelot.
There must be 4, 8 or 16 guilds qualified to begin the Tournament.
There will be 4 players for each team in this contest. Players will have to race on a red carpet from the start to the end of it.
Always keep at least 1 foot on the red carpet or you have to restart it.
Once arrived at the end of the carpet, the player running will give the relay to his partner waiting for him.
That partner, being the 2nd runner, will start to run on that same red carpet but in the inverse.
Once arrived at the end, a 3rd runner will wait for the relay to start the run at his turn.
This 3rd runner will run on the red carpet to reach the 4th and last runner of the team for giving the relay.
This 4th runner will then race back to the other end of the red carpet to finish the relay race contest.
If we do not have the right number of guilds participating, we will do a Round Robin Elimination game.
For the example of the procedure, let's suppose there are 10 guilds in contest. In that case, only 8 can qualify.
Every guild will compete 1 time vs every other guilds. (9 battles per guild)
The 2 guilds with the less wins are eliminated.
-If there are 2 teams with the same record at the 8th place, one must be 9th amd it will be the loser of the duel between the 2 concerned teams.
-If there are 3 teams with the same record at the 8th place, the concerned teams will enter in an elimination mode. A team will be eliminated when it loses 2 consecutive battles during the elimination mode.
Once we found our qualified guilds, they enter into a Tournament Bracket.
To advance in the Bracket, you need to win 1 time vs your opponent guild.
The winning guild qualifies for the next round in the tournament vs a winning guild who also qualified. The loser is eliminated.
After the Semi-Finals are played, the 2 losers will battle for the 3rd place and the 2 winners will go to the Finals.

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