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I had seen this game before when I was much younger, but I never really got into it. now I'm a lot older, and I like the more relaxed gameplay and slower progression that Trickster can provide. Any help would be appreciated about this game as I have no idea about this game in the slightest, I will spend some time looking up guides, but this is a very old game. and I understand if certain guides are lost to the internet forever, so that's why am asking for advice on ANYTHING you would like to share with me about this game. I care little about the actual number of players online, or if not many people play. I personally love this game, and the aesthetic of it all and i will enjoy myself immensely, I just wish to know about systems, or anything regarding skills. classes, or grinding, farming. 

Thank you in advance.

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Hello and welcome to RTO.


- Skills and classes are pretty much the same as it was before in original version of trickster online. Here the difference would be that we changed a little bit the cooldown of a few skills.

- You can do anything you want using any class, but yeah unfortunately they are not balanced classes. I'd recommend you to start using a Power Character. Bunny or buffalo are the strongest characters in any trickster and it gets strong with less status than any other character.

- About grinding the best  spot is kerberos (count blood trial 1) up to lv 230, beetles up to lv 230-250 and chaos tower up to lv 400.

- About galder farming we have different ways like drilling at tap mine and selling the ores, collecting and selling Quest items and boss hunting and selling the uniques you get from those. There are other ways to but they are slower.

- We have added a few different functions and system here in RTO using the website. You may like to check it eventually.


The guide for everything that a new player should know in rto is here:  ->  http://board.playtri...ted-2020-07-12/


Enjoy the game and let us know if you have any other doubt.

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