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What is this message that I got?

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I am unclear what the full message was as I forgot to screenshot it and I unfortunately logged out as I was about look it up in the forums.

It goes something like this but I wasn't able to fully remember what the message said:


"five occasions or more of pesteRING..."

I got it on my dark priest while I was figuring out what the new event was about.



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I imagine you were using the chat when it happened right? It means that you're sending messages too fast like if you were spamming the chat. So the game tries to "avoid" it. If you get this message 5 times the game blocks you for using chat for 50 seconds as a penalty.  :D 



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Oh that is Princess Miranda Watty's engagement ring . 

Legend has it , Princess Miranda Watty knew classified information about the Megalo Group ( which CEO was Doun Cavalier ), as well as personal shady secrets about Doun Cavalier himself , involving his son Doun Giuvango Cavalier and a homosexual relationship with Hapisto Stalone.

Thus , Mr Cavalier CEO , before passing out , proposed to Princess Miranda Watty giving her an engagement ring designed to keep her always quiet: the " pesteRING " .

This ring makes the wearer to remain quiet. You canot talk or send messages if you have the pesteRING on. 

That is why the only Princess Miranda Watty NPC in the game , says "Conversation with NPC canceled" when you try to talk with her.


Doun Giuvango Cavalier, when he took the presidential chair of the Megalo Group, decided to make digital versions of the pesteRING, to be given to Tricksterians who are being loud.


Love, Yuna.