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PVP Harassment's and Foul Language

- - - - - Warning.

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Attention Tricksters: General Warning

Extensive PVP harassment, normal harassment, and use of foul language.

Will result in banning.


Over the course of... the last several months many players have returned to our server. Due to the surge of our player base field areas such as PVP has become active again. In retrospect this is a good thing, however many of the players in this field have been reported for taking things too far.


We have received reports of the follows:

  • Use of foul language in English at a player.
  • Use of Foul language in other languages at a player.
  • Use of other languages to pick fun of individuals.
  • Group harassment: Several players of the same grouping up on one player outside of pvp.
  • Social Media Harassment. Searching for a players information on other platforms.
  • Reporting players for cheating to the staff because you are losing.
  • Calling players inappropriate names.
  • Any form of group racism.
  • Inappropriate guild name and title use, i.e., using words (in English or other languages) that are offensive or obscene


We ask players to cease actions in regarding to these forms of harassment. After this time new reports on these scales depending on the situation will result in a Banning.


Note: Trash talk in pvp has been a thing since the beginning of gaming but please refrain crossing the lines when doing so. Do not report to staff for minor petty things. If you cannot take the atmosphere in pvp, do not engage.


Please try and get along.


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Well said mizzo, hope everyone can get along and just pvp for fun! and hey just like you said if people cant take the atmosphere they really should not engage. 


Reporting players for cheating to the staff because you are losing. 

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"If you cannot take the atmosphere in pvp, do not engage" 



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