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Returning Players Important Information.

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Returning Players Important Information.
A Note From the Staff:
As of late we have been having an influx of returning players due to the current world affairs.
Along with the influx there have been past players coming to staff asking to recover there accounts.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You need your accounts email to recover your account.
If you do not have access to your email or lost it. It is then up to the player to recover the email.
*Do not come to the staff if you do not have email access.
Players have been coming to the staff with the follows:
"I don't remember my email. I think my characters name was (Insert-name) can you help me?"
We do not help in these situations due to protocol.
If we helped in these scenarios what would stop someone from impersonating another to take an account.
Once you have made an account the email is your Acting Guard against account theft. 
The email cannot be changed or accessed by staff. 
If you cannot access the email to recover the account it is safer to create a new account.
We hope that players can be understanding in this matter.
Here is a past link to a post by aran over the same issue: http://board.playtri...-email-matters/

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