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Players, please do not be stupid and get scammed.


1. If someone says, I'll sell you this item for MS points, but you give me MS points first via AH, and I'll give you this item through in game trade later ~ it's likely they are going to scam you and not give you the item later.


2. If someone bargains with you and try to get you to trade 2 items of yours with 1 item of theirs (for example, MS pts + galders for 1 equipment), this involves more than one transaction ~ there's a possibility they will not complete the transaction with you. You may lose your galders. You may lose your MS pts. You may end up not getting the item. You got scammed.


To people who are trying to scam players, if you were reported to me with credible evidence, I am going to have you banned.


Don't ever feel safe that you don't get banned immediately on the day you do your scamming, because I will get you banned on any day I eventually get hold of your account, especially if you think you are so smart and try to delete your char that you use for scamming.


If you want to argue your case after you are banned, come talk to me. And be prepared to give back whatever item you have scammed, whatever MS points you have taken, whatever galders you have scammed, or whatever equip you have taken.


This is not an invitation for players to start reporting that someone scam you. When you make a report, please state all relevant information: your IGN that got scammed, the IGN of the player that scam you, screenshots of your AH trade log where the scamming take place (this is why you must always use AH trade because it gives clear record of your transactions), screenshots of chats you engaged in with the scammer.


Please do not make a false report of someone scamming you. People who make false report will be banned under the ban offence of false reporting.


Please be aware, people.



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