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Why is PlayTrickster so far behind? Answer: No, we are not.

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Hey! I wanted to talk about how poor has PlayTrickster become in terms of customization and new stuff, compared to the other private servers around.

While PlayTrickster releases only 2 or 3 new custom fuses per month (made by the players by the way), other private servers are doing this:


6b6954ebabcea446790ce579eed2683a.gif   1st job wearing capes; custom aura; custom hat.

c26dfd495d4c421ec5e05b3cda9c9dc5.gif  custom 4G gun

98fa1b07d32b54205e23bebd06141faf.png Custom hats; silverlight cape on 1st job sheep; pink star wand

400fd7107be937796a5b2d1b71acff99.gif  This queen speaks by herself

36fea411214ef1e52e7bd73fdbfdbe5a.gif Animated bunny ears and star wand; star aura









So, PlayTrickster moderators and admin. Will you ever try to revive the server by releasing brand new impactful content? 



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Hello Trickster: Roxy.
Honestly I do not followed your thought here. We have made the same stuffs as you posted. It is not literaly the same like the same item or the same gun but similar based on the same process.
You are probably not a frequent player of our server (this is not an acussation) 'cause if you follow our patch notes you gonna see the changes we are making every maintenance.
For example:
  • The "queen" who sparkles by herself: she's wearing a head. It is a custom head. We have a lot of custom heads here too.


  • We also have added custom aura to Koiosu, kronos and Goddes set.


  • Here you can find our custom items: 
Note: due to the unfortunately ocasion, since tinypic is no longer working, that link is not showing us the pics. We are going to upload the pics soon.
  • Here you can find our custom pets for lv 300:



  • Here you can find all our custom items / boxes we have in this game (JP, Thai, etc).



  • We are also working in 4G custom items for different levels.  (I am specially proud of it since I am the one working on it).



  • We are also changing skills as you can see in patch notes:

In this one we changed Searing of light, for example:




And we also added a new AC buff to sense class:








We are constantly in progress, working on new items but it takes time. None of us, mods or Adm get paid for our work here. We also have things to do in real life like college or work. It was said before to all the community, we need help to develop new items. We are always taking suggestions from players like new items, skill change, custom stuffs, what would we bring in next patch and etc. 


Hope you see that we ARE working in this game. Thx for your attention.  :)


Sarada / lHero lKlaus / Ayuli / Hiroto Katheryne Vince / WhiteAngel Sinon




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Our server has new Chaos Tower, new Chaos Tower boss (ED) located at floor above 72, new Spicy dragon boss trials, Tartarus maps, Tartarus bosses & their legendary items (Koiosu & True Kronos).


These are what counts as game improvement, not just adding new items to wear (although we do that, too).

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If it's about changing the skills It already happened but was canceled half way since not all players are in favor of touching the skills as they are now.

Although rTO has the "Paula Files" so lets just hope (I'm still hoping okay!?) that it will happen one day.

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Some parts behind, some not. Having "Paula files" for the last how many years now and not really producing anything with them is pretty behind if you ask me. :^) 

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You've been looking groovy in a sixties movie,

Maybe tell the press you died



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I close this thread before more snipers from other private servers show up here.