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PlayTrickster 2019 Events: Writing

PlayTrickster 2019 Events Writing

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PlayTrickster 2019 Events: Writing

Start Date: March 15th 2019

End Date: June 15th 2019

This month we are opening 3 events simultaneously. You have the opportunity to participate in each event or just one. It's up to you!

Event Goals: The PlayTrickster community will have the opportunity to share their creativity by writing stories. This is exactly like our storytelling event.

Previous Writing Event:



1. This Event is opened to all players in our server. Moderators can also enter this event. GM, Coder, Mizzo, and Admin are disqualified from entering this event.

2. Players are to submit their entries to this forum thread. Submissions to any other place are not accepted.

3. One forum account can submit multiple entries under the same post with a single IGN. For this event you can only have one entry, but you may post as many stories as you may like.

Entry Example:

IGN: [Mod]Mizzo (Mandatory)

Entry Title: (Insert Story Title)

4.  In this event we will give a list of what a player can write about:

  • Trickster: Can be a fond memory. How you found trickster. Can be about your friends in game. What you like about trickster. Your favorite character. What your favorite thing is to do.

  • Where you are from: You can describe where you are from. A happy or sad story from real life. You can tell us about you.

  • Share a holiday story or tradition.

  • A fun happy memory.

  • About your pet.

  • A fantasy or fanfic is welcome. It doesn't have to be real.

  • A scary story.

5. Your entry must be in English. If you are not English you may use Google translate.

6. Do not use existing writings. You may use examples as guidelines but you may not plagiarize. If you can find it we can find it. Any cheating shouldn't be necessary. Only staff gets to call what is cheating. If you suspect someone is cheating, privately message a staff member.

7. Keep any writing rated PG. Please do not use foul language or any sexual, obscene, or offensive content.


8. Please show a level of care: We ask for the Minimum of 5 sentences any lower will be disqualified. If we suspect a member of not placing forth effort their entry will be disqualified. You may write as long as you want.

9. If you want to tell someone you like their story you may do so but please keep their quote in a spoiler.

10. If any drama arises from this event we have the right to cancel or postpone the event. Please stay respectful.

11. We may reject any entry that is deemed inappropriate. Entries that are just links or entries whose images cannot be seen will also be rejected.

12. Please be on the lookout for Mizzo’s like. If you receive a like from Mizzo it means you qualify. If you do not receive a like there should be a comment asking for a change in your entry.

We ask the community to stay kind to all participants. Not everyone is an english speaker.

If you have mistakes that's okay we do not mind!

Rewards: Rewards for all the events in progress will be similar. You may win in multiple events.

Community Choice Awards: These winners are based on the community's top 5 most liked.

1. 25,000 Myshop Points

2. 20,000 Myshop Points

3. 15,000 Myshop Points

4. 10,000 Myshop Points

5. 5,000 Myshop Points


Gm Choice Awards: Selected by the Gm

1. 25,000 Myshop Points

2. 20,000 Myshop Points

3. 15,000 Myshop Points

4. 10,000 Myshop Points

5. 5,000 Myshop Points

Grand Prize Winner

For each Event we will select 1 Grand Prize winner. A player cannot be the winner of multiple Grand Prizes.

This winner will receive a special prize. Pet slot expansion.

One pet of their choice in there possession(inventory) can be elevated by 1 compound slot by our Gm During the next Maintenance. The winner must have the pet of choice in there inventory. With a 4th slot limit.

1 slot ->2 slot, 2 -> 3, 3 -> 4

Note: There can be no grand prize even if there isn't a level of effort. If none of the entry in any category is deemed worthy, we deserve to declare there is NO Grand Prize winner for that category.

Consolation Prize:

2019 Mystery Item Box- X2

What will be in the Box? It's a secret to everyone~

This Box’s contents will be a complete mystery. Participate and find out its contents!

This box will be Mailed to your Character in game. The more events you participate in the more boxes you obtain!

Due to the extensive amount of time we are giving the community we understand some who participate may be on leave when the rewards are released. We will give 30 days for the rewards to be claimed from the time the rewards are released. When the 30 days are up the rewards will be terminated.

Have fun Tricksters!

-PlayTrickster Staff

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The Flow of Time


A voiceless existence, born with a single purpose – to play the game of 'time'. It flows down the road of endless, unbeknownst to everything, yet acknowledged by all. Its infant desire to play echoes in the nothingness, but it was born too early, and its playground had yet to be born.


The road leads nowhere. Now the existence, aware of its existence, follows the desire to lead the game. 'What is time?' it questions, aware it exists, yet unaware of its sentience.



Time flows in the dark. Now capable of asking questions, yet unaware of the concept of answer, it is left with nothing but the dark surrounding it, as before the layer of nothingness lays a realm of endless. 


'When does time start?' it asks itself, feeling another existence within its existence. The clock had started ticking, and it was finally ready to play.



A thunderous commandment leads its awareness – 'Time is now ready' thoughts of unknown, both real and illusory descend upon its sentience.


'How does it play?' it asks its father, creator of the realm it haunts.


'The breath will guide you to its players.' thunderous thoughts filled its knowledge.




Lost in nothingness, no change would miss its awareness, such as the breath that departed as soon as it visited; inhaling the essence of life, and exhaling the breath of death. It tried replicating it but to no avail, as it was taught the mark of the players, and time was the host of the game.


'What of the breathless?' it inquired of its father.


'They are but spectators to witness the game of time. You are not to touch them, for their 'time' will come as well. Every game has its rules, and forsaking their existence leads to consequences.' the creator warned, causing time to 'feel'.


A change in nothingness displays before time – it was witnessing the birth of its playground.


It could feel the presence of deject within its sentience. 'What is time?' it inquires of its creator.




 The thought resonated time's entire existence.




Time was in an unknown place. It could feel the existence of everything around it. It could hear the song of life; it could hear the breath of death.


The creator bestowed upon time the knowledge of colour, and green expanded endlessly in front of it. The creator bestowed upon time the knowledge of his decorations, and the neverending green in front of time became a dense forest. The creator bestowed upon time the grace of a body, but time was aware that it was not the grace of life, for its knowledge was aware that only death is eternal, and the playground can't exist without an owner.


Time was now aware of geometry, and a lone, white, and small circular existence was crossing its path; the creator taught it about animals. 


The rabbit was startled upon sensing an approach. It stood on its hind legs and examined its surroundings, not letting its guard down. It was not the presence of a hunter, but the presence of the playground's owner, and the rabbit was nothing more than a guest travelling the owner's land. 


Time felt fascination. It learned its body had 'arms', which it could touch with, and it wanted to feel the rabbit. It felt temptation, and rationality was not a part of time.


The rabbit lied down on its back with its limbs sprawled in an unsightly manner. Its heart was resting motionless, but there was no pain displayed on its sleeping face. The rules had been broken, and there were consequences to follow.


Time learned of pain; it grabbed at the nothingness where a container of emotions should have resided. It grabbed unceasingly and in vain trying to stop the feeling that was enveloping its sentience, a feeling that was tearing it to shreds.


It learned of sorrow, and it was taught how to cry, only for its 'hands' to reach its face, and nothing to come out. It felt the sorrow building up, but was unable to release it.


Its knowledge taught it this was suffering; its creator taught it this was punishment.


'Hence you shall suffer until the time for my creation, whose life you ceased, to play should have come, and to sin should you continue, stuck for evermore in the suffering of those you rob you shall remain' shaking thoughts descended on its sentience.


Time now learned of fear. It was afraid of punishment for it could not let out a breath of sorrow, nor cry a tear of regret, nor could it scream in pain. It was bestowed the means for mortal suffering, but not the means of their riddance. 




A small blue flower was resting underneath a tree. The tree's greed for the essence of life robbed the flower of the necessary nutrients to be nourished to full bloom. The flower was slowly withering and the breath of death was reaching time. His finger gently touched the tree which was bathing in the warm embrace meant equally for every existence, yet forcing the surrounding plants into the game.


A withered, hollow trunk is now resting its massive body on the soil, offering shelter to the passing animals . It is decorating the location where its giant arms formerly reached for the sun in a greedy manner. It has sinned for overstepping its boundaries, and it became a player in the game of time.


Time has learned of empathy, a feeling too different from the others he had felt until now – the wake of pain from witnessing a display of suffering in the flower's withering startled him into thinking the rules of the game had been broken once again.


His understanding allowed him to question himself. 'Did the life around him feel empathy when he was in pain?'



Posted here as well : https://www.wattpad....es-of-the-game�

Stated in the first line of the story on the website, created for this event.

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IGN: Adrazelle

Entry Title: A Helping Hand, a Nurse





This is just a short story of my life. Some might not know but I'm a nurse in a hospital in the Philippines. You might think that I had a huge salary because I'm in a medical field, but no. Nurses in the Philippines are underrated and unappreciated by the government. We had few to no benefits, minimum wage salaries and are overworked due to a lot of nurses preferred to go abroad than to stay and served the country.


To start, My life has been a Hospital-Home-Sleep life. Sometimes I could only eat once a day due to busy schedule. And if I have time, I play Trickster just to talk to people who I met online, cause sometimes the people we haven't met yet are more real and had sincere friendship than those you meet from day to day basis. On day offs, I preferred to sleep or play games online may it be on PC or mobile. But even though my life is difficult, I still manage to smile in front of my patients. I just brushed it all off when I start my day as a nurse, forget about the negativity and just stay positive. Stay positive and all your patients will get better in no time. I talk to my patients and to their significant others. I learned a lot from them that I did not learned in school. I get attached to them easily and treat them as a family with respect. By understanding and patience, there will be no toxicity in work and in life. They get admitted in the hospital under my care because they need help, they need someone to take care of them while their family members are busy working and earning money to pay for daily expenses and hospital bills. I learned to pray to God not only for myself but for them as well. I have a family, not by blood, but because for my compassion for my work.




Even though I'm a Filipino Nurse with a low salary, exhausting nurse to patient ratio, toxic/terror doctors (some had really scary faces when they're angry huhu), I don't mind. Just by seeing my patients leave the hospital (because they're better) and say "Thank you" and how happy they were because I was their nurse/their family member's nurse, all my hard work taking care of them from admission to discharge are paid off. They still recognize me even if they meet me in public places. This is how you leave a mark in their hearts. This is how you take care of people you cared for.










Thank you for reading. Hope you learned a lot and knew me a little by now hehe.

Please don't forget to like my post. Salamat!

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MY LIFE AS CLEFT LIP & PALATE KID (before and now).

Hello, my name is Nelly and I was born with a cleft lip and palate with an underbite.

If you don't know whats that check online please before reading this story. 

My life was hard growing up, I had 3 surgeries while I was a baby. Two of them was to close the gaps in my mouth and on my lips and the third one was to fix my breathing through my nose.

When I started with elementary school the constant bullying started.
I was being called a fish (because of my mouth),  rhino (because of my nose), a retard and much more cruel names. That bullying at first made me sad, I was deeply affected emotionally, and my mom had trouble with me going to school because of it.

And to make it even worse, my teachers didn't really care about it. They were more concentrated on better pupils with richer parents.

But later when I went to high school I became proud of who I am and I accepted all my scars with braveness, they surely made me a better person than those rude schoolmates!

As I grew older I had 4 more surgeries. The last one happened exactly 1 month and 4 days ago.

It was an upper jaw surgery to help fix my underbite.


It was a life changer for me. Nobody stares at me anymore, children don't make funnny faces at me on the bus anymore and I look absolutely different from the profile. I'm so happy, to be finally able to communicate, smile and laugh without hiding my mouth with my hand, I can take selfies without worrying to be ashamed of my face! 

Even my breathing is so much better now. I am so proud of myself, because I went through alot and kept my head up, didn't surrend myself to nasty people around me.

A special thanks goes to my parents and friends,  they supported me through all my medical journeys and without them I would be very much lost. 

Let this story be a reminder to everyone who is struggling with a similar problem. Don't kneel infront of rude and negative people. You'll make it! Be proud, be strong and be




IGN> ShadowSensei

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How I found Trickster Online


Growing up I've always loved RPGs. This dates back to the NES era, somewhat over 27 years for me, where some of my favorite games were RPGs. They include 'Zelda 2', 'Guardian Legend', and 'Crystalis'. However it's sad to say that I never finished any of them because they were so "Nintendo Hard" and well... I was just a kid back then, I wasn't very good at video games. Moving onto the SNES era, this was where I found 'Secret of Mana' and is and will be one of my favorite games on the SNES. I do love other RPGs too like the Final Fantasy series, and well... just about anything from SquareSoft back then. Playstation One remains to be my all time favorite console and I've played the hell out of many of the RPGs there, and to name a few: 'Vagrant Story', 'Brave Fencer: Musashi', and 'Legend of Mana'.


If you haven't noticed, what do all these games have in common? Well for the most part they all involve action... and yes they're all Action RPGs. 

Heck I actually skipped a console... but it isn't a console, it's on PC. Who can forget Diablo 1 and 2? God... the countless amount of hours I've spend on these...  you don't even know.


Back in 2001 to 2002, I swear I remember it being those years, my brother mentioned a particular PC RPG that you can play online. That is none other than the (infamous) 'Ragnarok Online'. It was so hyped back then, it remains to be one of the most memorable Online Rpgs I've played. Amazing music, cool gameplay, massively multiplayer, cute graphics, it was just an awesome game. The problem was...   I never had a computer powerful enough to play it but eventually I did get to play it when my brother was heading off to college. My parents bought him a new computer powerful enough to do most things he can do in college... and play ragnarok online (lol xD). But when he headed off the college the only way I could play was to introduce this game to my friends and hopefully play it at their house LUL.  I did manage to play many many hours of this game, leveling up, collecting items, chatting with players, etc... until I ran into problems... MANY problems.


1: the lag. It was terrible to the point of unplayable. My character just stands there doing nothing while it may appear to be attacking an enemy. Once the lag subsided i would see some hilarious accelerated action where enemies would die instantly, characters would run past the screen instantly, and damage numbers would flash the screen 10 times per second, followed by very loud amplified sounds because of the many hits/damages on the screen. Spooks the crap out of me every time this happens. You know what also doesn't help? 56k modem. LOL.


2: Server problems. If you get logged out you would have to wait minutes and sometimes even hours to log back in. 


3. Botters. They have no regard for you, they steal kill and have some pick up hack where they can pick up any item regardless of who killed it. Seriously unfair.


4. Server wipes and mini wipes/Huge maintenance. I guess I was playing a "beta version" of the game. One time the server went down for maintenance for a week and when it came back the devs told us that they deleted all our items from our bank/storage and inventory BUT we got to keep whatever we were WEARING before the server went down. But mechanics changed, there were some items that some classes no longer could equip so basically I had a half naked character. As time went on and my access to the game was even more limited, the server was wiped to make room for the "Official Ragnarok Online Server" where you had to PAY2PLAY. That idea didn't excite me, I never actually paid to play and so I kinda forgot about the game. I did stay in contact with a few friends I made over the course of playing the game. They actually paid to play but to my unfortunate news they ended up botting.


5. Difficulty: For a brief while before it went pay2play, but it was after a mini server wipe, the game got more difficult. The game had new enemies, drop tables, mechanics, maps, enemy location and stats changed, etc. so much that it was harder to level or get anywhere in the game if you also take account into the massive amount of lag in the game too.


So eventually Ragnarok Online kinda faded for me. I was searching for a new game to play but nothing came up as I was still stuck with a crappy computer. About 3 years later my brother got a new computer and gave me his old one. Ragnarok online was probably one of the first things I wanted to try out again after hearing there were "private servers" to play on... but it just wasn't as fun anymore. The same things were present: Lag, server wipes, botters, etc. 


And THEN something happened. I don't remember how but maybe it was from one of the MMORPG sites that lists a bunch of games that are available for us to play, I found 'Trickster Online'. At first I thought... man this is too cutesy for me, looked weird, but eh.. I'll try it out. 


It was everything Ragnarok Online did but like 20 times better. It didn't lag (or maybe it did but none of which was memorable or as bad as RO), better looking characters (the ones in RO looked like they were so sad looking), hilarious animations, and actually GOOD drops. I had to introduce this game to my friend and managed to get him to play with me. Please note that this was back then in around the year 2006-2007 and I was starting college. 


Trickster Online back then was a bit different than the Trickster Online that we are currently playing. I may have posted this on another topic but I guess I'll say it again. The game had items like pets you can buy and upgrade as you level up. Drilling was weird, it was very optional and didn't reward all that much. The drill tables were different but I never got a single rare item from any of the maps in the game. The power class was kinda crappy but the charm class was probably the best (probably...). The only evidence I have is my friend who managed to level up much farther than me and much easier than... a power class. Enemies and their locations were different. I was level 60 fighting salamanders at the volcanoes. Map layouts were much different. Bosses spawned in more than 1 and so you had to share it with players who are also fighting them. Oh it was a different time...


Eventually college work had to take priority and so I played Trickster less and less until... like RO i forgot about it. My friend however continued to play but I don't exactly know how far he got. I remember he got to some snow hill area but that's all.


Fast forward to these past few months, I don't know what got to me but out of the blue I decided to download Trickster Online. Maybe it was because I was re-playing Diablo 2 ladder at that time and ladder had ended so I kinda wanted to play something else. Wow this brings back memories and many things changed from what I had remembered it to be. Newer npcs, MANY MANY MANY new quests to help with leveling (it wasn't just hunting quests like back then), and definitely many new items introduced. From the website I guessing this is what they call "Season 2". I started around Christmas time and chose the class that I'm most familiar with, the Bunny. Right now I'm enjoying the game more than I have before and have even spent some money to support the game. I usually don't spend money but this is the kind the game(s) that I enjoy playing and so that's why I support it.


Yeah and so.. that's my story. Wall of text, thanks for reading, I hope you haven't fallen asleep. I definitely left out a lot of information that kind of want to share but to me this isn't the topic for it as it has to do with the mechanics with the game and what happened to it in between the years. I have always wanted to share my experience with the game ever since I redownloaded around christmas time. But the problem was I couldn't get anyone to confirm my email here at the forums LOL. And now I'm glad to talk about it.


In between the years I have played some other MMOs but they sort of faded away. I never played WoW or any of the other really huge player based games, but I played Neverwinter. Over the course of gaming it just got too time consuming to keep up with gearing and so I had to stop. And also something happened with a few items where while I didn't lose them they de-valued, GREATLY, causing me to lose a lot of money. Fearing that this could happen with future items I had to stop as this wasn't something I liked happening.


Trickster Online is different. Whether it is a good thing or bad thing, there are no updates to keep it competitive in-game. This is something I like as opposed to something like WoW where you're expected to be in a huge party doing raids and you must upgrade your equipment every week to be any good or get invited to future raids. I wasn't into that kind of thing so I didn't really play those games.



IGN- Meracle88

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Not an Entry (I just feel like writing something)



I had a dream two nights ago. In my dream, Taylor Swift is dead and becomes a ghost. Now, I don't know why I dream of Taylor Swift, because she's really not in my worldly radar at all. The last time I paid attention to Taylor Swift news was when she broke up with Calvin Harris, then went on that crazy whirlwind over-the-top relationship with Tom Hiddleston, which brought her into my orbit of interest since I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki.


Anyway, so Taylor Swift is a ghost. She haunts a building where there's a lot of pipes and metals and stuff; looks like an engine room or a boiler room of some kind. But she's a happy ghost. She smiles and laughs and hugs you from behind if she likes you. Sometimes she appears almost fully form from head to toe; sometimes she appears just halfway (only the upper body is visible); sometimes she's just a misty figure floating almost invisible.


When she hugs you, she feels very cold, like you are being hugged by ice.


But when she doesn't like you, she will try to kill you. She may trip you up, and you may fall flat on your back. Mind you, the room is full of machinery and metals that can cut you. Luckily, in the dream, she likes me, so she's always happy to see me. I don't know why, in the dream, I go to that building with the engine room. The building feels old, like an abandoned place. It has a haunted feeling to it. Of course it is; it's haunted by the ghost of Taylor Swift.

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Stange Awakening


A fuzzy dream or nightmare which ever you call it? After falling asleep to a tiring night and waking up the next morning, the awakening was not a good feeling. I had woken up to a strange nightmare and was too afraid to fall asleep. Trying to recall what happen laying in bed, I started piecing details together. It all came back in the nightmare I was being chased by that supposedly purple bear that was supposed to be a child friendly animal bear Barney? You might ask how one could have a nightmare about Barney, but I kid you not I did. My conscious was either out of wack that night or maybe my memory was. I woke heart beating fast and feeling a bit heated. I remember slightly but didn’t want to remember the fact in my dream I was being chased around by Barney in a warehouse which seem like a constant maze without an exit. Now this wasn’t the friendly smiling kid friendly bear, I could only faintly remember he was holding something unpleasant in his hand. All I remember from this was I was constantly running and jumping in the warehouse with obstacles and that I could hear his footsteps chasing me getting closer and closer. Faintly when I woke up I remembered I didn’t want to turn back and look at the horror of how he looked but only hearing the foot steps "thump thump" getting closer no matter how fast I ran. (I’m not very athletic). Fortunately or Unfortunately you can take a guess on the ending. I just remember running until I could not run and jump or hitting a dead end. I had reached a limit, an obstacle and he had caught up.


And that’s is where I woke up abruptly and we’ll never know what happen afterward. Strangely enough I had this dream a second time but forced myself to wake up earlier.


A strange nightmare and probably most would recommend me to seek some help.



IGN: Emyily

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IGN: Enlightened


Title: Helpful Mother






This story requires a little bit of background to make any sense. Well, my name is Alex, I'm on my late 20s and when I was younger I had sleep paralysis quite often (about once or twice a week).

For those who don't know, sleep paralysis happen when you wake up during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of ur sleep cycle but your body gets stuck as if you were still sleeping (basically you have your eyes open but  your body can't move). During REM, as the name suggest, your eyes move quickly bellow your eye lids and that's when dreams are formed in your brain.


During a sleep paralysis you can hallucinate (or, maybe, see ghosts?), in my case, I would see "shadows" speaking gibberish, until I could see their RED eyes, once I did, I could understand what they were trying to convey.


Suffice to say that being stuck in that situation is... TERRIFYING.








 Introductions aside, one day, a few years back, I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating, heart beating up on my throat, feeling my chest heavy and having trouble to breath. As I have been in that stage before, I knew exactly what was coming forth: another sleep paralysis attack.


As I became more experienced with those, I learned a few techniques to mitigate a probable attack, one of which was closing my eyes and imagine that my body was floating in the air. Apparently, that was supposed to help me relax and snap out of that state.

So, as I closed my eyes and imagined my body going with the motions of my weightless corpse, I actually felt as if I was buoyant (not Girlyant - HUE dad's pun - anyways...). In that sense, I have no idea why, I decided to open my eyes and as I did so, I was flying above my bed and when I tried to look down I fell and I was SLAMMED against the floor. Weirdly, it did not hurt but boy... was it loud.


As I lifted myself up from the ground, my mother walked right in front of my door and asked if everything was all right - as expected from the loud noises, she came to aid me, love you mom. She grabbed my hands and we went downstairs to talk about what happened in the living room, sitting on our comfortable coach.


On that context, I started telling her about how I was about to have another sleep paralysis attack and that I tried to use the "floating" technique just to see myself on the floor, far away from the bed and how that was weird and impossible. I was also telling her about how weird human perception is and how I probably just sleep walked and lost balance and fell in front of my bed.


She, as angelical as she was, kept starring at me with her beautiful smile.


That was when it kicked me. My mother was TRAVELING ABROAD. So I stopped talking and said "You are not my mother, she's travelling, who are you?".

As I barked those words, her smile became stained with an evil grim, a grim which I wish I could forget. I'd never want to see my mother making that face.

I felt my body being DRAGGED by my legs upstairs, my head banging on each and every stairs step until I reached my bedroom. There, whatever was pulling me, threw me on my back, right on my bed and then BOOM.

Eyes opened, shadows ALL AROUND ME, THE ABSOLUTE HORRIFYING FEELING, chest pain, difficulty to breath, cold sweat and then, as I looked down in the direction of my feet, my mother started becoming a shadow, with fiery red eyes starring right through my SOUL and as her transformation was happening, she climbed to my bed, knees first, hands following like a wolf from hell.

As she approached me and started touching my legs, I could feel the freezing temperature of it's hands, engulfing me in absolute FEAR, until the shadow stopped, on top me of, and it whispered in my ears "IMPREGNATE ME AND THEN I'LL LET YOU LIVE".


After that, I'm pretty sure I fainted or went back to sleep. It was THE most terrifying  and last sleep paralysis that I have ever had. To this day I have no idea if I'm the father of a spawn of hell, but I hope not.


My ass was hurting when I woke up (Jk xD)



If you guys like this kind of story telling I have a bunch of other ones that happened to me, but I felt like telling this one.


Sorry about any gramatical or lexical mistake I made.



Much loves, Alex.


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Why does hazel nut paste contains hazel nuts but tooth paste doesn't contain tooth?



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Why is that so hard to say goodbye?
It is actually fun to think about the past. To remember how things were before growing up and turn into a busy person. When I first met trickster, from my best friend, I had a different idea of how would my journey be. I though I would be a top player on a few weeks and meet a lot friends, be rich and popular and reach lv 400 really fast.  It actually never happened. I mean, I sure did meet a lot of new players but also got hacked a lot of times. I do not blame them actually, it was mostly my fault. I was young and naive, so I trusted in the wrong person. 
The craziest part is that I met my first girlfriend in the game, (that i've never got to kiss her LOL). The game brought me different feelings. Was due to the game who I also met my first boyfriend (LOL), real life, but got hackedfew weeks later. As I said, naive. 
I’m really grateful for the time I spent on trickster. Due to this time I’ve met one of the most important person in my life. He is a great friend. He was there for me when I needed help. He was there when no one else was. Funny part: we have never met each other in real life and we both are from the same country.
After 12 years on trickster I have never done most of my original goals. I did met a lot of friends and I have made a few lv 400 characters but I have never got rich or famous (not even close). 
In spite of all of those things, I got really attached to the game. That’s why it is so hard to say goodbye. I tried many times but I always got back to it. I have to admit, it’s nostalgic.
His ign is: Elija  - Hiroto.

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This is the mini story of my  

~Online Gaming Journey~ 

I'm sure some of you out there could relate to these tales I am about to tell.


So.. where do I begin? 

I know! 

How about the beginning. 



Chapter 1 - Ready, Set, Goodbye.


So how did I find out about this game?

Well.. honestly, it was by chance. 

I used to play many an online game, such as MapleStory, Flyff, Canaan Online. The list goes on.

But one of my all time favorites was always going to be Trickster Online


As we all know, not everything good in the world can last forever. 

The time had finally come for me and many of the friends I had made along the way to say..

Goodbye Trickster Online. 

It was finally announced that the original game was going to be closed down.

I thought I would never be able to play that game again. It was a game I often enjoyed, being able to simply lose

myself in the many hours of Gameplay, questing, having fun with my guild friends.

Not only that, but I absolutely adored the whole art style of the game itself! 

I actually had a cat over level 200, and I was beyond proud of that too. I will never forget the fond memories I made

on the original game.


As life continued, I often thought back to my days of playing trickster. 

I mean, who wouldn't? 

If you loved something and enjoyed it, sometimes it will often re-emerge in the back of your mind. 

The main thing is, that it brought a smile on my face despite the many challenges faced while playing it. 


Chapter 2 - New Beginnings 


There it was.

Play Trickster.

Ready to download right before my eyes. 


I was in shock when I found out there was a private server for this game! 

Immediately I created an account and was instantly smacked in the face with nostalgia. 

You should have seen the smile on my face when I found Play Trickster. Every little thing I did on my new character in the game,

my little sheep, just kept reminding me of what I enjoyed about the game. 


As I started getting back into it I often thought about the friends I used to game with along the way. 

Oh, how things had changed. 

But I know they are well, so that's ok. 

These days, it is not as easy finding friends to game with. But those who I have had the chance to 

speak to along the way have been very friendly. It's a really nice feeling to know you're not alone. 

Playing a sheep character instead of my usual cat character was quite challenging. 

But still to this day, the players on this game are super friendly and helpful with advice. 

It has really helped me along my journey so far if I needed a helpful nudge. 


Chapter 3 - My Personal Struggle


While gaming is something I enjoy doing, it also helps me in other ways too. 

I find myself to be an over thinker in many things throughout life. This isn't a healthy thing to do. 

But Play Trickster is one of the coping methods I use to distract my mind. If I put my focus into something else,

for example the sometimes complex quests or activities on this game, then it actually helps me to push aside what I'm 

worrying about in real life. Many a time, I usually worry about either very small, not worthy of my time subjects; or I worry about 

things that have not even happened yet. It's really nice to just have something to help me divert those thoughts. 


Do any of you have similar issues like that in your life? 

Like I've previously mentioned before, it would be nice to not feel so alone in this already large world. 


Chapter 4 - May the odds be ever in your favor! 


I don't regret the time I have spent on this game, because I do feel like it does help me to just let loose. 

It does sometimes frustrate me not being where I want to be in the game OR real life. But who am I kidding here? 

This game is a journey, just like real life is.

There will be struggles, there will be challenges.

But you also must remember that there is also reward for your hard work in both worlds.

Just because something is difficult to accomplish..doesn't mean that it's the end. 

Just when I thought it was the end for my Trickster Online hobby.. 

along came

Play Trickster 

and for that I whole heartedly thank everyone involved in allowing my online gaming journey to continue.


Here's to new memories!

Let's look forward to all that Play Trickster has to offer. 


And if you read up to the end of my mini story,

then thankyou! 


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-_- People take life too seriously sometimes.  :mellow:



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IGN: Linsi
About being far from God
 I want to bring you a word from God today.
 It does not matter what shape, size or color of stone it made you stumble and then fall.
The Lord wants you back because He misses you. You may be in the Church or have walked away from it. You may be in the ministry working for the Lord or no longer in the mission that He has given you.
You can pray every night just to thank or you can not say a word to God. He looks at you and says, "I miss you." He misses the way you sang that conveyed a supernatural anointing to the listener.
He misses when he comes home after a tiring day and soon he was going to talk to Him, for he was dying for the secret place. He misses you when you open your heart and cry without fear, because you felt deeply loved and where there is love there is no fear, for love casts out love as the Word of God says.
He misses when you take the Bible and asks the Holy Spirit to teach you and reveal what you could not see without Him. So there is nothing you have done or failed to do that will lessen God's lack of you . Today may be the day you will return. It is only to take to Him your repentant heart and that you want to return to the Father's arms.
He calls you by name. He knows every thought of you. He forgives you and never judges. Wants to go back? He offers you a fresh start and throws all sin in the sea of ​​forgetfulness.
Do not care what people can say or think about you to be reconciled to God, but bother to please only the heart of the Father who misses you immensely because He created you to live in fellowship with Him. He waits for you.
 Let's all think that we are special to God and that he wants to do something new in our life today is to change our History.

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IGN: Acidic


Bleu's Awakening

Have you ever wonder out loud?
Asking yourselves, your REAL pure form of self, unlabelled and untainted by the human dictionary + physical  vocabulary of this space we call Reality.
Who am I?...IDENTITY
Why am I here....? PURPOSE
Why am I different....? FEELING
How do I figure this out...? ACTION
What is this strange yet constant familiar undefinable  feeling inside me..? EXPERIENCE
This is a short story of how I found Bleu,the core to my existence, my spiritual compass to navigate the living experience
of being a human and how trickster played a part as a catalyst to my self discovery.
I grew up at the islands of Borneo, where traditional cultures + religious morals 
ran thick in its  veins from the misty mountains to the depths of the emerald rainforests.
But I was born into the milennial age where modernity just started to rise and seep into our local soil, bringing in all the things we experience today.
I came from a privileged family but was raised independently and learned life lessons and had my character development through imagination, artistry and creative mediums which unfortunately was not a respected and still highly misunderstood.
Today, I will talk about two things that triggered my epiphany as a Queer person and as an Artist, both separate yet equally important.
Interactive Games + Drag.
 From their concept art, soundtracks + player experience, I was able to experience so much growth by discovering new mediums to be experiment with or meeting virtual individuals who share amazing life inputs and the very thing we all are so desperate for, social expression and acceptance.
Every game breathes something fresh everytime but for this time, I wanna talk about how Trickster, my first 2D mmorpg
that I accidentally found out through a random uncle of mine when I was 12 by spying a grown adult play an insanely colorful and narrative
rich "cute " game which was rare at the time as most mainstream games were all about the action and catered to adults.
The interest in playing spread like a plague and within a week everyone within the household was in on it.
But for me, I was so triggered by its beautiful storylines and character design to features like MyCamp + Drilling + Fashion.
At the time, I was clueless about how TRICKSTER was actually reflecting my current passion for the arts,
it just made so much sense now looking back why I was so gagged by the game when I was a wee boy.
Having an interest in anything artistic was pretty much unheard of and taboo in my reality back then.
I had no reference point, no institution , events or friends who I can fully access to exchange and express myself it was really dark those days.
Inside and outside of my social circle, Nobody respected the field or even supported any ideas of pursuing it as a career except myself.
In Trickster world, I was able to transport myself into a virtual field where I can explore and let my imagination
have a feast for my poor oppressed soul and within it, an experience that changed everything.
The people I met from overseas did not only open my mind, they literally killed the switch and reformatted
my brain allowing me to expose myself to all things strange yet exciting and eventually,
it peeled all the confusing layers in myself and that was when I saw him,
Bleu, clearer than crystal, there he was all along hidden within me.
From then onwards, I fully embodied him within my life and thats how I got to where I am today, a complete and fully content trickster of my own kind.
P.S I actually turn out to have a degree in Interior design while expanding in my specialty as an artistic director for visual arts through styling eventually.
Now, lets talk about something that is becoming more mainstream now but was a very old yet still confusing art form known as Drag.
I know many people, even within the LGBTQIA-BCD-OMG-WHY-etc aka Alphabet community
[ insert funny pun anyone? thank you in advance darling ] who dont understand its history.
I'd like to share my experience of it to you guys whom may not even be interested in anything queer
but hopefully it will shed some light that may help anybody out there who can relate.
Today, I'm not talking about drag performers as in DRAG QUEENS/KINGS which is entirely separate.
I am referring to Drag as an ARTFORM and how I personally define it.
My definition of drag is to TRANSFORM to ELEVATE + EXPRESS.
The simple explanation = to Drag your pure self out of you
Still confused? Its normal dont worry. Think of it this way :
You are simply revealing your real self OR you are evolving into an elevated version of yourself. 
 Think of yourself as going into SUPERHERO mode or levelling yourself up.
It can manifest in many FORMS but here are the basics.
By manipulating your physical features = BODY
Your way of thinking / outlook = MIND 
Your persona / character = SPIRIT
Your feelings = HEART
The characters from all my gaming experience has truly influenced the build up of my drag until this day and will never stop growing.
It is for EVERYONE so I hope everybody here can be inspired to explore drag as it has done wonders for me and i'm only touching up on the very basic layer of this artform.
The most important thing to understand is that DRAG has nothing to do with gender-orientation-character-personality and whatever sterotype is left out there.

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I am that Powerpuff boi that eats Unicorns to fart Rainbows + Poop glitter all over my daddy after <3





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Hello Tricksters.


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