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List of known bugs in-game

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Here is a list of known and common bugs in the game:

- Throwing items too fast and the game might make you throw the wrong item instead. BE CAREFUL.


- Exceptional Error (EE): Portal to maps randomly disappearing , character/UI/ Equips  turning invisible, gears/pets turning into random NPC image, skill’s visual effects stacking/stuck on your char, etc. (Usually from constantly logging in and out with the same client)
+ Fix: Close the current client and open a new one.

+ Fix 2: Login to Playtrickster website > Manage Account > Move character > Proceed to move character > Select character > Click Move.


- Bunny cape bug: 1st job and 2nd job Bunny cannot wear capes due to a bug.
+ Fix: Use web fuse to be able to wear them (Note: 1st job bunny lets you wear the fused cape but it won’t show the image)


- Couple bug: Random coon with no name as your couple and you can’t use teleports to couple function.
+ Fix: Logging in with the 2 characters and logging off until it fixes itself.


- Storage bug: Having too many items (especially JP, KR, TH) in your warehouse results in constantly getting EE.
(Recommendation: Leave at least 2 rows at the bottom empty for each page)
+ Fix: Go to the main website > Login > Manage Account > Warehouse Take out > Choose character and the amount of items you want to move to that character.

- Right clicking on the skill “Guard Break” causes EE.


- When drilling in certain maps like coral dungeon, coral fields, event garden, gate of desert beach, … sometimes your character would detect an item in that spot but will fail to drill it till you try again. 


- Saving new skills for a guardian freezes the game, you have to constantly logout and login to add skills for now.

- Using Tornado Bomb on Koiosu will bug him out.

- Using Blazing Strike on GM Penguins can make your characters run off screen when they teleport as they die.


- Right clicking certain pets can cause Exceptional Error. (Example : Kuran)


- Hallos Locket ( Right clicking causes EE)


- Absolute Unique timer glitch: If you don't have any Absolute Uniques, you can ignore it.


-Invisible Ears/Tails in Bank

+ Fix Go to the main website > Login > Manage Account > Move Item Back Into Inventory > Choose character and the amount of items you want to move to that character.

- Error "(ERR-0021)": when trying to login into a char means that char is currently holding too many items, use Auction House to move the items to another char.

- You CANNOT comp any stats to stated tails/ears, DO NOT expand their slots.

- Randomly gets kicked when afk drilling followed by a warning of using illegal 3rd app - Ignore the warning, it's fine

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