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Explorer's pouch of pain formula

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description: This pouch hurts. Especially if there are heavy items in the pouch. This skill can also attack multiple enemies at once.

formula: (Max WT - Current WT(checkable in shops)) × Magnification

Let's say A = max weight

B = current weight

C = magnification

so  in other words ( A - B ) x C.


A= 25000

B= 10000

C(at master level)= 0.66


(25000-10000) x .66= 9900




Let's use more weight.

A= 25000

B= 20000



(25000-20000) x .66= 3300


I'm under the impression that the MORE WEIGHT you currently have the MORE DAMAGE you should be doing.

But according to that formula, no, its' the LESS WEIGHT you have the MORE DAMAGE you do.


Someone confirm this?



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Current WT = available free WT in your inventory


Edit: this formula would be better: carried WT * mag

if im not wrong then mag for level Master is 0.76

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The higher percent of weight you are currently with (how much burden) the higher the damage. So if you use the skill while you have 30% of weight in your bag, it deals less than 60% weight.


Honestly, I don't even know why this thing exists. Do foxes go around hunting bosses or leveling with a 89% bag?


edit: Or is it because the skill is probably the only reliable AoE for fox? 

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Most fox skills are useless. But then again, what do I know? I don't even play fox like a fox.  :ph34r: 

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