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I'm having trouble landing a hit on enemies

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I'm having a bit of trouble actually hitting enemies. I'm not sure if it's an accuracy problem but I hope not.

I'm a boxer at level 160+ and the only way I'm hitting most of my enemies is through a critical hit. Otherwise all I see are "blocked" and very rarely a miss. I'm fighting vampire castle enemies, about to head to the swamp, but all I see are "blocked, blocked, blocked". Does accuracy have anything to do with this? Even if I put on my AC buff I'm still frequently getting the blocked messages.

Skills on the other hand always hit, aside from tetra punch which I know will occasionally miss, but my issue here is skill-less hits seem to never land. Like one time I just had a reenactment of a dbz fight where all I did was keep hitting the enemy and the enemy blocked all my attacks, essentially nothing happened for like 7 to 10 seconds.


What can I do about this?



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Block means lack of LK. AC affects the miss. As a power we don't have a lot of LK status, so it would be helpful to get something with LK. But don't worry about that, it's not really worth to buy LK equips as a power.


Skills are affected by AC thats why u hardly miss.

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