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Patch Note 2019-02-08

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Critical for normal shots for Lions are timed. First, you shot one target, then you wait until the damage number disapear before shoting again. If you time it perfectly, you get crit, if not, you won't. In other words, you need around 2 secounds to hit opponent with critical shot and there is a high risk you will fail the timing.


hmm, ~ 2 seconds, i didnt know it

now it makes sense :)


yes, changing all normal shots to critical hits would help

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hmm, ~ 2 seconds, i didnt know it

now it makes sense :)


yes, changing all normal shots to critical hits would help

It certainly would.


I made some calculation and some field tests and this is what I found:

When I used Double Shot against single mob, I did 77k x2 damage. (With sharp sense, critical damage was around 114k x 2)

Berserk do 113k damage (with sharp sense, critical damage is around 168k)


If player is using "Double Shot, Berserk, Double Shot, Shot Spree) combo and there is only one opponent on the field (no group of mods that makes berserk and shot spree last a lot longer), in 6 seconds it would be around 501k damage in 5-6 seconds. (Though I think Berserk takes 9 or 10 seconds to recharge) If there are groups of enemies, it would take 10 seconds instead or longer. (745.5k if all are crits)


With Keen sense, if timed correctly, normal shots will do around 80k damage per shot (with gun overdrive, I did 104k damage per shot) In other words, if you do a perfect timing everytime (which is very hard), you would do 520k damage every 10 seconds. (And you can't just hit/run like you can with skills. You must be very focused, or else you'll miss the timing).


I am not sure how fast you can shot bullets with fastreload skills, but if with keen sense all normal shots would do critical damage, it would make Lion a bit better agianst signle opponent.

Lets say Lion do Double shot, normal shot, normal shot, Double shot, normal shot, normal shot.

If all double shots aren't crits, you get 77k x2 + 104k +104k + 77k x2 +104k + 104 (724k damage per 5-6 seconds)

If all double shots are crits and you have both keen sense and sharp sense, you get 114k x2 + 104k + 104k + 114k x2 + 104k + 104k = 872k damage


I know it is not that much of a difference, but since Lion would do a bit more damage against single target than he would do by spamming skills (especially when boss summons a bunch of minions to distract you), I believe this little change would fix Lion's greatest weakness and also give Lion one more style to use. (Right now Lion is all about spamming skills, but with this small change he would also be able to act like a sniper)


I also think that with this change, keen sense should drain mp overtime or per shot, just to balance it a little. I know that mp potions aren't important anymore since they are easy to get, but slight mp lose would make sure that this new strategy isn't mp free.

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