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[JP] Rook Hammer 300

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Good evening, please consider changing the elemental attr compound of [JP] Rook Hammer 300 for Air Attr instead of Dark Attr.


Thanks in advance.



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wasnt it supposed to be like the 240 counterparts? it should by default be wind??



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The lv 120 and 240 boxes are the original versions from eTO. Those are the sets with the air attribute weapon.


The lv 60 [TH] and 300 [JP] boxes were probably unique to their corresponding server with lv 60 having a fire attribute weapon and lv 300 having a dark attribute weapon.


I bet the JP server changed the attribute intentionally. It would be cool to change it back to air for this server, but do we really need another air weapon? 

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They should add Soil, Fire, Water, Electric and Air to the Rook 300 sword :) 



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What Kean deducted is correct. Each of the boxes are from different servers: JP, TH,  and ETO. They even have different stats with them.

That is why they have these compounds, however, if you wish this to change I would suggest placing the suggestion on the Patchnotes later today rather than here.



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