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Patch Note 2018-08-08

pet hunt dice 5th anniversary new char flapping janus

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Hello Players,

Happy 5th Anniversary. Yes, we’ve been here for five years. Time flies when we’re having fun, doesn’t it? We have had many players over the years; many come to play out of nostalgia and after the nostalgic itch is scratched, some go on their way, some stay for longer. We have players from many countries and while we may speak different languages, we all speak the same language of love for the game.

Here’s hoping for another five more years. We have the long-awaited dice event for this month; have fun and a 1000x thank you to everyone.

~ GM Wan    





1.1 Potions

Suggested by Elliott.

The following potions are sold by Item Girl in the following maps:



Worldly Cure

Twinkle Potion



Fiesta Zone 8 - Snow Lady Alert

Fiesta Zone 9 - Stone Sculpture Alert

Fiesta Zone 10 - Orc Alert





1.2 Intermediate Wind Spirit Card

Suggested by Elliott.

The name of this card is changed to Int. Wind Spirit Card.



1.3 Set title for Miko Cloak Wings + Miko Wig = Shrine Maiden

Reported by Elliott.

The set title for these matching wings & hat have been corrected to “Shrine Maiden.”



1.4 Resurrect Scroll

Reported by Elliott.

Resurrect Scroll reportedly not working in two maps:

  • Mirage Island Dungeon 1 - Ocean's End
  • Abyss Field 2 - Living Boneyard




1.5 Goddess Shield

Suggested by Astronaut.

Goddess Shield is now compoundable with HV.



1.6 Monster: Chocho (Lv.162)

Reported by hovado.

Monster: Chocho

Stated property is changed as follows:

Soil, Fire Resist/Elec. Weak -> Water, Light, Magic Resist / Physical, Gun Weak



1.7 Pet’s name change: [JP]Squid Daughter (from Ikanji Box)

Requested by luxmea.




The pet’s name is changed as follows:

[JP]Coral Beach invasion squid daughter - Lv.30 -- > [JP]Squid Daughter 30

[JP]Kabaria Island invasion squid daughter - Lv.100 -- > [JP]Squid Daughter 100

[JP]Space invasion squid daughter - Lv.200 -- > [JP]Squid Daughter 200



1.8 Pet’s name change: [JP]Squid Mother (from Aggression Box)

This pet is similar to Squid Daughter, but does not ride a lobster.




The pet’s name is changed as follows:

[JP]World conquest ? Sui ka Mother - Lv.200 -- > [JP]Squid Mother 200

[JP]Japanese conquest ? Sui ka Mother - Lv.100 -- > [JP]Squid Mother 100

[JP]Unno home conquest squid daughter - Lv.30 -- > [JP]Squid Mother 30



1.9 Bonus Egg

Requested by danielitan123.

This item is now tradeable in game.



1.10 Star Tears

Requested by danielitan123.

This item is now tradeable in game.



1.11 Hyperium Potions

Requested by Adrazelle.

This item is now tradeable in game.



1.12 Pet’s name change: [TH]Santa Esther

Reported by CrisisTime.

The pet’s name is changed as follows:

[TH]Santa Esther(Power/Charm) Jr. - Lv.60 -- > [TH]Santa Esther (P/C) 60

[TH]Santa Esther (Sense) Jr.. - Lv.60 -- > [TH]Santa Esther (S) 60

[TH]Santa Esther(Power/Charm) - Lv.260 -- > [TH]Santa Esther (P/C) 260

[TH]Santa Esther (Sense) - Lv.260 -- > [TH]Santa Esther (S) 260



1.13 Recharge Time Options for Driller Pets

Suggested by Mizzo.


NPC: Pia



Pia can now recharge driller pet for the duration of one day (24 hours) only for 4 Recharge Coupons.

Players who want to AFK drill only for one day can now choose this option.



1.14 Compoundable stats for Magician Dragon Halo 220 / 150 / 70

Reported by CrisisTime.

MP and DP are added to the compoundable stats for these items.



1.15 Dr. Garfield Pet

Reported by CrisisTime.

MP, MA, and MD can now be compounded for this item.



1.16 Pirate King Karan Card




Pirate King Karan (legendary boss monster) now drops this card.

Previously, this card was not available; now you can hunt Pirate King Karan and may get him to drop this card for you.

Good luck!

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i. Please use the following Wiki information as a guide for your general understanding of this feature: http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Pet_Item_Hunt.html


ii. Only pets with 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars can be used to hunt.


iii. Pets can hunt in certain maps based on their levels as follows:





iv. To enable your pet to hunt (hunt = dig/drill), you must have a pet item consumable on your char. The consumable we use is Pet Drink.




In the official eTO server, this item must be bought using MS point.

In our private server, we have set this item to be bought using galders at Item Girl in Blooming Cora and Megalo Shop.

The maximum number of consumables used by pet per run is 300.

You can carry more than 300 on your char, but the pet will only take a max of 300 from you for its use at any one time.


v. How to play:


1. Log in to game. Make sure you have the pet that you want to hunt is carried by your char. Travel to the map where you want your pet to do the hunt.


2. Equip the pet on your char.


3. Log out from game.


4. Log in to your account on the website: https://playtrickste...ndex.php?c=home

This, of course, is to activate your account on the website.


5. Then go to pet hunt link at https://www.playtric...ex.php?c=petdig

Note: If you haven’t logged in to your account, this link will ask you to log in first.


6. Choose the char, and then click on the Start button to start your pet hunt.






7. While your pet is hunting, you can log back in to game and play as normal.

You can equip other pet on your char while your first pet is off hunting.

Your hunting pet, while he is hunting, disappears from your char in game.


8. When you want your first pet to stop hunting, make sure your pet slot is empty on your char. Then log out from game.


9. Press Stop on your pet hunting on website.


10. Log back in to game and your pet hunter would appear back in your pet slot.

Check your MyShop inventory to take all the items hunted by your pet.



Please clear your MyShop inventory as much as possible so that you don’t overload your MyShop inventory with items.

MyShop inventory can carry a maximum of 300 items.

If you overloaded your MyShop inventory, items will disappear and worst case scenario, your MyShop inventory will get bugged and you may end up unable to open your Myshop inventory anymore.



vi. Please open your pet hunt with Chrome. If you used Firefox, the buttons may not appear properly (although they still work).




Have fun with pet hunt ~

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3.1 Pets


i. Nereides

Suggested by hovado.

Pet skin item.




ii. Rex Raptor

Redesigned by Elliott.

Pet skin item.




3.2 Head Accessory


[RTO]Gunner Head Accessory Lv.260

Requested by velv.

This item is created based on [RTO]Gunner Head Accessory Lv.130.




3.3 Mask


i. Blood Moon Mask

Designed by Dan213.

Mask skin item.




ii. Squad Shades

Designed by Velvetcake.

Mask skin item.




iii. Black Eye Patch

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Mask skin item.





3.4 Weapon


i. Torobbie Stick

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Weapon skin item.




ii. Torobbie Gun

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Gun skin item.


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3.5 Hats


i. Heart Peach Hairpin

Designed by Inugome.

Hat skin item.




ii. Sashimi Hairpin

Designed by Shojolt.

Hat skin item.




iii. White Dragon Horns

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Hat skin item.



This hat item is a set match for White Dragon Wings, set title = White Dragon.



iv. Torobbie Hat

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Hat skin item.




3.6 Shields


i. Magical Pepper Shield

Redesigned by Elliott.

Shield skin item.




ii. Torobbie Shield

Designed by [Mod]Mizzo.

Shield skin item.


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3.7 5th Anniversary Items

The following items make up the 5th Anniversary set, which are rewards for one of our events this month. Please make sure you do this event because these items will not be available other than from this event. Their stats are pretty good for new chars.


5th Anniversary Sword - Lv.50


5th Anniversary Circlet - Lv.50


5th Anniversary Shield - Lv.50


5th Anniversary Jacket - Lv.50


[RTO]5th Anniversary Gun


[RTO]5th Anniversary Head Accessory




The 5th Anniversary items make up 2 sets as follows:


Set 1 = 5th Anniversary Playtrickster Warrior

Sword + Circlet + Shield + Jacket + Head Accessory


Set 2 = 5th Anniversary Playtrickster Gunner

Gun + Circlet + Jacket + Head Accessory


Set Bonus for each set:

AP 112   AC 10   DX -1

MA 10   MD 150   MP 150

WT 1500   DA 10   LK 10

HP 1500   HV 10   DP 150


(We’ll publish screenshots of the sets and stats later.)
















Set 1 = Playtrickster Warrior




Set Bonus:





Set 2 = Playtrickster Gunner





Set bonus:





Note: The 5th Anniversary gun looks like Tempest Gun but has the same aura as Tsunami Pistol.  :P 

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Field 1

Swashbuckler’s Set (Requested by WarrenBuffet)





Field 2

Magician Louie Set (Requested by WarrenBuffet)





Field 3

Jen the Fallen & Azhi the Redeemed (Requested by Diamond94)





Field 4

Amelie the Fallen & Roan the Redeemed (Requested by Diamond94)





Field 5

Panther Set (Requested by Diamond94)



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5.1 Set & Special – Special Box:


Rare Con Sale Box

(Requested by DiegoZz)

[JP]Rare Con Sale box 130 / 230 / 310

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13443-jprare-con-sale-box/



Vivid Boxes:

(Requested by Adrazelle)


[JP]Vivid red box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13053-jpvivid-red-boxes/


[JP]Vivid blue box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13051-jpvivid-blue-boxes/


[JP]Vivid Green Box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13052-jpvivid-green-boxes/


[JP]Vivid yellow box 70 / 190 / 250 / 310

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13054-jpvivid-yellow-boxes-updated-2018-06-06/



Elemental Headdress & Wings Boxes:

Elemental Headdress Box 260 / 130

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13238-elemental-headdress-box/


Elemental Wings Random Box

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13233-elemental-wings-random-box/



Lord Lycan Box

Lord Lycan Box 120 / 240 / 300

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13018-lord-lycan-box-updated-2018-07-31/



Choux’s Dessert Box

Chouxs Dessert Box 110 / 180 / 250

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13444-chouxs-dessert-box/



Gelatina Dessert Box

Gelatinas Dessert Box 110 / 180 / 250

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13445-gelatinas-dessert-box/



[JP]Rare Serenata Box

[JP]Rare Serenata box 60 / 180 / 240

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/10023-jprare-serenata-box-updated-2018-07-31/



[JP]Rare Voce Box

[JP]Rare voce box 30 / 100 / 150

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13446-jprare-voce-box/



2nd Job [JP] Char Pets

[JP]Aruhian Adein-300 box

[JP]Aruhian Regulus-300 box

[JP]Aruhian Rapiusu-300 box

[JP]Aruhian-Fortina 300 box

[JP]Aruhian Taurus-300 box

[JP]Aruhian Dracul-300 box

[JP]Aruhian Aries-300 box

[JP]Aruhian Inoto-300 box

Link: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/9068-2nd-job-character-pets-level-300/



5.2 Equip – Cape/Inner:


Cute Neki Bag [3] - Lv.200

Dark Blue Wings [3] - Lv.200

Blue Musketeer Gun Wings [3] - Lv.200

Dark Choco Ribbon Wings [3] - Lv.200

Moon Crystal Wings [3] - Lv.200

White Gold Wings [3] - Lv.200

Donut Lover Wings [3] - Lv.200

Crown Princess Staff Wings [3] - Lv.200

Rock Star Guitar Wings [3] - Lv.200

White Dragon Wings [3] - Lv.200


New Wings

Princess Aurora Wings – Lv.60

Lovely Dark Witch Wings – Lv.60

Teddy Ribbon Wings – Lv.60

Direwolf Tail Wings – Lv.60

Flapping Janus Wings – Lv.260



5.3 Equip – Weapon:


Torobbie Stick

Torobbie Gun



5.4 Equip – Hat:


Cute Neki Hat - Lv.0

Big Butterfly Headpin - Lv.0

Blue Musketeer Hat - Lv.0

Dark Choco Hat - Lv.0

Moon Crystal Hat - Lv.0

White Gold Crown Hat - Lv.0

Donut Lover Hairpin - Lv.0

Princess Candy Wig - Lv.0

Rock Star Wig - Lv.0


New Hats

White Dragon Horns

Princess Aurora Horns

Lovely Dark Witch Hat

Teddy Ribbon Hat

Direwolf Ears



Matching wings + hats are as follows:


Cute Neki Bag + Cute Neki Hat

Dark Blue Wings + Big Butterfly Headpin

Blue Musketeer Gun Wings + Blue Musketeer Hat

Dark Choco Ribbon Wings + Dark Choco Hat

Moon Crystal Wings + Moon Crystal Hat

White Gold Wings + White Gold Crown Hat

Donut Lover Wings + Donut Lover Hairpin

Crown Princess Staff Wings + Princess Candy Wig

Rock Star Guitar Wings + Rock Star Wig

White Dragon Wings + White Dragon Horns

Princess Aurora Wings + Princess Aurora Horns

Lovely Dark Witch Wings + Lovely Dark Witch Hat

Teddy Ribbon Wings + Teddy Ribbon Hat

Direwolf Tail Wings + Direwolf Ears


Supporter’s Guild Hats (Requested by Untouchable00)

Supporter`s Guild Hat (the original)

Green Supporter’s Guild Hat

Purple Supporter’s Guild Hat

Red Supporter’s Guild Hat

Blue Supporter’s Guild Hat

Gold Supporter’s Guild Hat

Pink Supporter’s Guild Hat

Grey Supporter’s Guild Hat


Price for each Supporter’s Hat = 10000 pts


Mizzo Hats

Poke Beanie - Lv.0

Pretty Headband - Lv.0

Coral Beach Ceremonial Headband - Lv.0

Bubblegum Headband - Lv.0

Violet Floral Band - Lv.0

Coral Beach Floral Head Band - Lv.0

Fuschia Headdress - Lv.0

Daisy Headpin - Lv.0

Violet Ribbon - Lv.0

Blue Hibiscus Headpin - Lv.0

Orange Floral Headpin - Lv.0

Little Pink Flower Headpin - Lv.0

Purple Headgear - Lv.0



Blue Diadem - Lv.0

Purple Diadem - Lv.0

Pink Diadem - Lv.0

White Diadem - Lv.0

Gold Diadem - Lv.0

Black Diadem - Lv.0


New Hats

Heart Peach Hairpin

Sashimi Hairpin

Torobbie Hat



5.5 Equip – Shield:


New Shields

Magical Pepper Shield

Torobbie Shield


Mizzo Shields

Mystic Snowflake Shield - Lv.0

Tangerine Shield - Lv.0

Musical Shield - Lv.0

Raspberry Shield - Lv.0

Indigo Dragonhead Shield - Lv.0

Blue Star Shield - Lv.0

Eustas Lionhead Shield - Lv.0

Mystic Flower Shield - Lv.0

Lord Hunter Shield - Lv.0

Dragon Crest Shield - Lv.0



5.6 Equip – Head:


New item

[RTO]Gunner Head Accessory Lv.260



5.7 Equip – Mask:


New item

Blood Moon Mask

Squad Shades

Black Eye Patch



5.8 Pet & Drill – Pet:


i. RedSonja Pets






Note: This is a good time for pet collectors to get all of RedSonja pets that have been published before. Predator pet is still being offered this month as well.  


ii. Elliot Pet

Rex Raptor

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The following sets are offered on webshop (on website, not in game):


6.1 Yanagi Bowler Set


Suggested by Elliott




Yanagi Bowler [2] - Lv.50

Yanagi Parasol [2] - Lv.50

Yanagi Shield [2] - Lv.50



6.2 Arno Set

Suggested by banana123, dlwns3215.


Set 240

[JP]Arno bath towel head [3] - Lv.240

[JP]Arno Basumoppu [3] - Lv.240

[JP]Arno bath sponge [3] - Lv.240


Set 60

[JP]Arno bath towel head 60 [3] - Lv.60

[JP]Arno Basumoppu 60 [3] - Lv.60

[JP]Arno bath sponge 60 [3] - Lv.60

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7.1 June/July Event: Hunting Candy Basket

This event has ended.

GM_Wan stays in Event Garden to enable players to continue making reward exchange.

He will be gone in September.





7.2 MyShop Bonus

20% MyShop Bonus is activated to celebrate our 5th anniversary; this will last until next maintenance in September.






7.3 August Event: Caballa Island’s Greatest Expedition Event


This event is similar to this event in wiki:  http://www.tricksterlover.info/Bwiki/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Caballa_Island%27s_Greatest_Expedition_Event.html




How to play:

1. Hunt or drill for Dice Star Gift Boxes.

2. Open them to get 6 sides of the die (Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cater, Cinque, Sice).

3. Make a die by talking to Item Boy Thomas.

4. Roll the die at this link: http://www.playtrickster.com/index.php?c=event&m=treasurehunt

5. Rewards will appear in your MyShop inventory.


Note: Please make sure to clear your MyShop inventory by taking your rewards out so that you won’t bug your MyShop inventory.


Also, the event rewards page uses Flash Player, which some browsers do not support. If a button appears showing “Get Flash Player”, click on it to make the page works. (This happens to me, and I am using Chrome.)






7.4 August Event: New Char Event (5th Anniversary Event)




i. This event is valid only for new chars created after the August maintenance.


ii. Chars created before the maintenance are NOT eligible for this event.


iii. The account itself can be created before or after the maintenance, but the char to be played for this event must be created after the maintenance.


iv. Reward is given on a per char basis.


v. Rewards are awarded only for quests that are completed.

Therefore, for example, if a char didn’t complete Quest 5, but completed all the other quests, the char then can collect rewards for all the quests except Quest 5.  


vi. This event runs only for one (1) month, until next maintenance (September 2018). Any quest completed after next maintenance is no longer eligible for reward under this event.


How to play:


1. Create a new char.

2. Level up the char by doing quests.

3. Rewards will be given to this char based on progression as follows:





4. To collect the rewards, log in to website -- > Manage Account -- > Event -- > New Char Event


The screenshot of each quest is shown below (for ease of reference):








7.5 August Event: O/X Events

We will hold O/X event on the following dates:


Saturday, August 18th @ 8:00 a.m. website time

Saturday, August 25th @ 8:00 a.m. website time



EXP Boost Event: http://board.playtri...vent-in-august/




Please report any bug you may encounter from this patch. Do not exploit bugs. If you have any suggestion for future items, please post in this patch note.


We wish all our players Happy 5th Anniversary.

Let’s all grow old together playing this game.

~ The Playtrickster Team (GM Wan, Coder, Aran, Mizzo, Impy, Cush, Hiroto, Temmie, Miviko, Zen)

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Updated 2018-08-15:


5th Anniv. Head Accessory & Gunner Head Acc 260 are now fixed.



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Questions and Answers about Pet Hunt:

  • Why is my screen black? A. You are most likely in a safe zone. The pet hunt feature only works in zones that can be drilled.
  • Are the items moving supposed to happen? A. Yes, we are aware they move.
  • Can we use pet skins? A. Yes, as long as it has 3-5 stars.
  • My pet doesn't show its correct skin. A. Pets will show the base pet during pet hunt.
  • My Pet created by Hovado shows up as a black box is this normal. A. Sadly this cannot be fixed however the pets like Predator and Soki work you just will see them as a black box.
  • The Ex Function is disabled. Meaning special pet hunting pets such as Kooh do not hunt special items.
  • Can I hunt dice boxes during the event with Pet hunt? A. Yes, we have enabled pet hunt to collect boxes.
  • Can I hunt Tartarus with pet hunt? A. No. Pet hunt doesn't work in safe areas. When you log off you are transported to a safe zone.


Warning: Don't Let Your Inventory Fill Up in Myshop. The max you can have is 300. If you do go over you may encounter a myshop inventory bug. Be especially careful during the dice event.


Reminder: Cheating such as drill botting, kill bottling, and abusing bugs will result in permanent ban.





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The fact there's a Calvin and Hobbes image on this patch just adds to how fantastic this is.


Looking super forward to the server being up!

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I'm really diggin the fashion choices, I'm gonna have to recharge. 



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Lovely patch, sounds a great month in the server and playing *-* ...

Well, happybirthday playtrickster o//

Edit: sadly, bad events again...



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GachaBabyGacha *--* ty <3

Happy anniversary :3


And once again,i would suggest for next patch to:

Update carved wooden boxes <3

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Those Gacha choices are just MMMMMMMM <3!




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This is an extra juicy patch. Thanks to Aran and all the mods, admin, coders & gm for your hard work!
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Awesome patch. Cant wait to sell some stuff and buy new :)



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5 years ... amazing!

Happy Anniversary.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks. :)

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