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Guild Update suggestion and possibly Paula?

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(yes I stole this image from another post)


So I just wanted to suggest updated content for guilds, and possibly the addition of Paula. There are probably dozens of posts like this somewhere, but I feel like the guild update offered more for guilds such as the working Ranking/Points system, Cleaner visuals (when you press G), and I'm not entirely sure on this but I want to say they also had guild Logo's, and also reward the guilds that enjoy GvG. I feel like as small as this seems, it would bring more activity to the server.



I seen 4 years ago that Kheops replied to a thread on here saying;


"Some refinements were part of latest Season 2 update which sadly this server doesn't use.


If other functions are missing it's for the same reason (pet hunt, item shop search etc...).


I don't know if those will be implemented later, probably but focus is on more pressing matters."



Well now that the CT and Tart updates are here there's nothing else left to add... Except the guild update (and Paula), and a lot could have changed or been obtained in the 4 years since.


Now onto Paula. I know that asking for Paula seems like a tall task, but I'm sure everyone has noticed that the Thai Server has Paula, and well the Thai server and this server are like "sister" servers. Is it possible for us to have Paula too since the Thai server has it. and the Thai community isn't as active?




(I tried to find more information supporting this suggestion but sadly ggftw contained a good chunk of that information, so unfortunately I had to go off of memory.)


I'm sorry if these suggestions seem like a bit too much, but I feel like they would bring more life to the game instead of logging on only to afk.

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Wow Paula ? :o never heard of her .. this suggestion is really original !! Ive never seen someone suggesting paula before :o Really cute chara..
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I doubt Wan will ever consider adding Paula in rTO. Why? Because they've already applied a lot of modifications in this server and it will require a lot of work to compare each and every file. (unless he and the coder gets motivated which is impossible to happen, we all know that, hehe)

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Hi, Eric, remember the last few months we were in Fantasia when the server upgraded to the new guild system?


Well, this new guild system is actually part of Paula ecosystem. I think at that time, Fantasia was getting ready to implement Paula, only to have the rug pulled out from under them when everything was shuttered.


Now, GM is working on the Paula files. The one in Thai is basically a test server with a lot of bugs. He put it in Thai because Thai players could deal with playing in a buggy server better than our kind of players (sorry for having to say that, but indeed our players complain about every tiny little thing, and it might get them so irritated playing in a buggy test server). 


Sadly, the new guild system still doesn't work. In fact, the whole Paula files are so different from Season 2 that it could be called Season 3. 


So I'm sorry I don't have much good news for you about upgrading guild system.

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