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Mod Forum Event (June 10 - June 17)

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IGN: Bunzo

I like Carbigal. Gives me a very night-time chinatown-like feel. It's a got a bit of everything, even Monkey_T trying to scam you.

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My favorite map in the game used to be Battlefield of Desert back in the eTO days when I was a heavy pvper, Jewelia had two servers, and Fantasia didn't exist yet. I had a lot of fun chasing down GM Loki because he'd taunt everyone on the map. Sometimes he killed people or dropped loot. It was like a game of hit the moving piñata and everyone looked completely ridiculous following the big eagle man. 

These days though, I have to say my favorite map is probably Cavalier's Office. It's a small glimpse of how regal and powerful the man really was, if purchasing Caballa Island wasn't enough of a clue. The music is classical, yet eerie. You get the feeling of being watched. The scenery is beautiful; the colors are bright and rich. It's also pretty reclusive, as you have to do a couple quests to even access it, making it the perfect AFK spot.


ign: Narcissism

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my favorite map is megalopolis!! bcuz when i play first trickster, im very impressed!

very widely and nice architecture and many npc and player!! i have a good memory in that place~!!

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I think that, for me, the most definitive map of Trickster is the Coral Beach area. While I love the pastel colors and mysticism of the Alteo Empire maps, Coral Beach is where I spent all of my time when I first played this game in elementary school.


I was too little to know anything about how to play MMOs, let alone be any good at them. So, when I played them, I wasn't playing them to be good, or strong. I played them because I loved becoming immersed in the worlds that MMOs would build. Trickster was my own special hiding place, where I could make the world my own.


Coral Beach was my home. I would make one small bit of land my fortress, and kill any monster that came near it. I would lounge on the beach chairs and listen to the music endlessly. I would even lay my character down and sleep during the night cycle in the game, and wake up and have a "stretching" time in the morning. Trickster was like an online doll house for me.


As I grew older, I lost that sense of contentment with just the little things in the game. I learned that I was supposed to become stronger, and move on as fast as I could. I lost my sense of appreciation for places like Coral Beach and games like Trickster. But, every time I come back to the game after a time away, I always make sure to visit Coral Beach, and find the places that would make great fortresses, or nice lounging areas. What I feel for Coral Beach goes deeper than simple nostalgia; it restores my sense of child-like wonder, even though I am now close to graduating college, and appreciation for the small things in life that make you happy. 


Sorry for the sappy monologue, I just get excited when talking about Trickster, which is basically a friend that grew up with me. 


Thank you to everyone who is keeping Trickster alive and well!


IGN: MicoVanDonselaar

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For me the best map is Fiesta maps because there i leveled most levels to get 400 ^^

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Coral beach. No contest.


When you enter here for the first time, you have little adorable Cora dancing and welcoming you to the game as you walk to Bunny Maid. Not only that, but to the right, there is a lovely rock decorated with coral reefs and boat path to walk through.To add to the tropical theme, there is an adorable slide, two beach chairs and a very cute boardwalk to walk on.


So many people walk through this beach and take all these pleasant sights for granted. To me, it's a great first step into our game and an excellent way to welcome new players.

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I choose episode 6 - Alteo Empire

Of course it has beautiful graphics and bgm, but there are much more meaningful memories to me u_u



Alteo is the place where only the truthful, sincere players can reach in their adventure's finale,

especially their own guardian is needed.


I was such a slow solo-player who took more than 1 year to reach ep6.

At that time I was unwilling to hatch guardian 'cause card id was so time-consuming...

but forced myself to do it JUST for another episode quest.

Feeling obliged, I didn't have idea what to do after finishing all episodes.


and yes, finally I met my guardian...



I'd never expect this tiny creature will make me restore my passion for this game zzzzzz





Since then ep6 became not an unwilling task of obligation, but a wonderful family picnic with my baby ^///^

He let me enter this beautiful place,

He let me play trickster again,

He let me continue my story.


Surely Alteo is the most memorable place when I think about me and my baby's relationship.


And here, I received the token of finishing ep6: for me, the token of our family love...<3

Still I remember our adventure's finale, whenever I see this crest which symbolizes Krusef.




I hope everyone could get heartwarming memories in this place Alteo,

experiencing how your very own story end and reborn again..


...with your little baby. :D



IGN : RomiKu

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 Take care of your guardian  2qs4guc.gif



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Hello Tricksters.
thank you all for participating in the mod forum event. I will send the rewards within a day so please continue checking your in-game mailbox
this week's winners are
I wish that i could choose more winner ! it was so much fun to read all of you guys' map stories
thank you once again for participating and have a wonderful day!

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