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Weekly Mod Forum Event (June 1st - June 8th)

Weekly Mod Forum Event

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It's because I love this game! And the graphics are so cute <3 


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Right now i'm in DEEP for two different fandoms from a game named 'Detroit become human' and an anime named 'BNHA'.
So i would love to be in the two world just for the meme/fun/excitment, even though both worlds are not utopia.
I love games that makes us think and debate about humanity and morals as mankind, games that have depth and meaning, also for the great storyline and character developments of course, Detroit has what i've been looking for this year in gaming. (HIGHLY recommend playing or watching the gameplay btw.)

BNHA in short is an anime about aspiring heros and villians, i love the idea of it that not all hero lives forever, whether you are good or bad, one does take over the other from time to time, we can only accept, let go, move on and change for better/worse. I also love that the main character which was born without any super powers, never gave up and is still chasing his dreams of becoming a better person and future hero himself, his derpness is also pretty darn cute and funny lmao. That's some burning motivation, courage and braveness i admire. So i want to get into the world of his and go on an adventure with him and the others lol





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I had a few in mind but I decided to pick Destiny because I like its storyline/lores.

There are challenges that Guardians (soldiers who were brought back from the dead by their partners, Ghosts (little flying robots)) have to deal with like protecting the City from aliens (Fallen, Hive, Taken, Cabal, and Vex) and trying to prevent them from doing something like creating a supernova in a system. 

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Question: If you were given the opportunity to be whisked away to any fantasy world or realm where would you go? And why?


I would go to the world of one of my favorite anime, Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions. 

Basically you wake up on a different world and all you remember is your name. Now you have to try and survive in this very hostile world. Yes... sounds like SAO... but its completely different + this is focused heavily on the psychological aspect. 

Do you have what it takes to kill a living being? In this world Orcs are not just mobs, they have families of their own. They're just like us. But if killing an orc is the only way to get silvers to buy food and live another day... would you do it? What if it begs you to spare his life? Sadly in this world only 1 rule matters. Kill or be killed.

It's a tough and sometimes horrible fantasy however its the thrill, fear and hunger for survival that makes me love this show.




In the end of the day you gotta do what you gotta do to eat and survive!

Watching the main characters struggle but try their absolute best to gather enough money to sleep under a roof or eat a decent meal makes me wanna join them in their journey. It's a tough world but I'd love to be a part of their group! 

This is not a happy fairy tale, if you put yourself in their shoes it is actually depressing but honestly it's such a beautiful anime Q.Q 

I love action, fantasy and adventure so count me in!! 


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Omg someone else that love Grimgar!

Ah, as for what fantasy world I'd love to live in? Ooh boy do I have a lot. But... If I had to choose... I got like, four to pick from dozens. 

The first world I would be completely enthralled to live in, would have to be Skies of Arcadia: Legends. A world, whose oceans are the skies (literally there are no ocean waters to be found, its all sky islands) and has Six Moons? People use moonstones rather than coal to power their ships, used on weapons or daily life, just amazing to see! And having Moonstones can let you use magic! And best of all, flying on airships that look like actual ships that we see on the sea.

And joining the Blue Rogues faction of Air Pirates, going around looking for treasure and helping out people in need. Making new discoveries, battling it out against mythical creatures like a Roc or a giant sea serpent or heck a giant... flying spider... Or brave the chaotic winds of the Dark Rift to see what lands it hides within and beyond its reach. 


Granted, its not without its dangers. The most basic and ever constant danger you are in no matter where you are, in the air or on the sky islands... never fall into Deep Sky. The air pressure in those deep dark skies far below can crush a ship like a tincan. 


Second world? Has to be Monster Hunter. Getting to battle it out with giant creatures that can probably swallow you whole? Sign me up! There's no magic in this world to revive you back, you just gotta pray that the Felynes are fast in carting you to safety before that Rathian eats you alive~

3rd World: Its Trickster, hands down. I've played this game for years (on and off) but I can't walk away from it entirely even with its... problems of exp and TM and quests. XD Its just has this magic to draw you in, the story hooked me so I would love to live this world. Running around the landscapes, fighting monsters all in a huge game of finding something. But along the way you discover many, many secrets and discover more of yourself as you go. The music, the land and the characters are things I want to experience myself if I could live in Trickster. Just come on, you living on a huge island full of magical secrets and legends? Tropical vacation right there~. I'd probably be visiting Blooming Cora, Phantom School and Vamp Castle, just for the music and scenery. Not to mention, who wouldn't want to go adventuring in this tropical paradise with friends? :D

4th world, last but not least. Strange as it is, I would love to live in world of Lore. That's right, its AQW (AdventureQuest Worlds). A world where everyone in it is well aware they're game sprites and don't care, except when EXP boost weekend comes along. While its whacky and random as the internet itself with memes, parodies and references out the wazoo; its got a very good story going. To me at least, so I wouldn't mind running around the world, checking up on what these crazy people are up to. Going to the sun, go to the center of the world, jumping between timelines and facing the undead with a weird but charming paladin that gets super excited in fighting the undead. 




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Hello Tricksters!


I will announce the winners within the next few days. At this moment all of my slots are filled with the Creativity Event. Once I have room I will send out the 2 winners. However, during any free time tomorrow I will send out your 1 million galder checks!



This Weeks Winners:

1. NurseDeath

2. Thanatos



If I were to answer this question it would be Pokemon for me. Pokemon was a big part of the mid 90s culture and well growing up in the 90s it was one of every childs dream to own a pokemon.

Have a good weekend!


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