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Mod Forum Event (May 23 - May 29)

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My favorite sport is Taekwondo...


I practiced a few years ago, for 2 years, and I still follow some championships on TV today ...

It is a martial art that helps in balance, physical and mental, in addition to respect and discipline ... I still go to the gym regularly, but Taekwondo started all my interest in good physical conditioning.
It is a soft martial art, and with very beautiful and artistic movements, I advise anyone who wants to spend a pleasant time, have fun and make new friends.
:D  ;) 

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Out of all the sports i play (since I'm a sporty kid<3), my favorite sport would be volleyballVolleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Volleyball has taught me so many things that I didn't know and have. It taught me to trust my other teammates; I learned how to manage my time for my both my studies and volleyball; I had more discipline of myself and many more did it teach me. Not only did it teach me a lot of things in life but this is also where I relieve my stress. Volleyball is especially my favorite because in here I feel free<3. I just really love this sport, I don't think I can live without this. What is life without volleyball? BALL IS LIFE<3 XD



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I know this may sound weird to others but I really enjoy playing chess. Yeap, the board game chess. I know some people don't consider it as a sport however I believe it's one of the prime. Chess is the gymnasium of the mind. You have to be careful in every move you make and consider each piece or else, it'll be checkmate. Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do; strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. It makes you think how you're gonna beat your opponent with making the right moves and maybe even sacrificing your precious queen. Well, chess isn't always about winning, sometimes it's simply about learning. And so is life.

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My favorite sport is Volleyball.

I first got into the sport during my senior years in highschool. I joined the try outs for my school's team on a whim whilst feeling kinda 'meh may as well do something'. Completely forgetting about the auditions, my friend sprung out of nowhere to tell me I made it in the team. Great.

Soon after practices came. BOIIIII WAS MY BODY GLISTENING FROM ALL THAT SWEAT. But so was everyone. And after that small moment of realization, i started 'giggling' ( imagine that asthma kid wheezing from laughter), and they did too (i fit in somewhere mum). Weird, it was; Happy we were. We then trained together as a team making unforgettable bonds and love for the sport.

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Hey I noticed this Mod Event last minute I hope I am not too late  ;)


So my favourite sport ist Vovinam which is a martial arts from my native country Vietnam (I live in germany though  :lol: ). Vovinam is kinda like kung fu and I started about 7 years ago when my best friend in school ask me to come to try Vovinam one day in 10th class. I was very happy because I knew for a while that he was doing this martial arts and sometimes he told me stories about it so I wanted to know how it was. 2 weeks later I came to my first vovinam training session and my best friends father introduced me to the master that was teaching the class back then and is still today. On that day, just 3 days before my 15th birthday in 2011 I started as a beginner in Vovinam... As a beginner you stand on the far right when we line up for the training and my first goal was to catch up with the others that were standing on the far left. With "others" I mean all the wonderful friends that I met through the years in vovinam, I really wanted to reach their level to be in the same group to train together with them ~ 

Before I began with Vovinam I watched alot of martial arts movies with my friends and I was also doing another martial arts in my childhood so I knew some of the basics which helped me alot later on. When I still was a student with a blue belt (there are only 3 belt colours in Vovinam: blue - yellow - red. Blue is for students, yellow is for trainers and red is for masters) I got to know that there are traditional asian weapon techniques (sword, saber, halberd etc.) in Vovinam. I was very excited about those but you only learn them in higher levels and today with my yellow belt 2. Dan I am suddenly learning some of these awesome techniques (double saber style ftw! :wub: ). Apart from those techniques in Vovinam you have all kinds of techniques like wrestling, self defense, partner exercise and much more. Theres enough awesome stuff to learn for your whole life in Vovinam and I cant wait to learn them! I was about to write more but thats enough for now  :)



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I think this event's period is over. I will close it now. I will send your rewards via AH and the links will be sent to your forum account. Please make sure your inbox has enough space to send messages.


Thank you, everyone, for participating. I will announce the winners in the next few days.  :)  :D 



p/s Mod Mizzo will organise the next round. She will open the next thread soon.

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Hello Tricksters,


[Mod]Cush and [Mod]Mizzo have sent out the 1 million galder checks to all of the participants. Make sure to check your in game mail!


The chosen winners for this week are: Meow and Ellet.


If you did not receive your 1 million galder check please pm [Mod]Mizzo.

Note: [Mod]Mizzo will be gone this weekend for a trip and will return in 3 days.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-Play Trickster Team

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