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PlayTrickster Creativity Event 2018

Drawing Event 2018 Creativity Event

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IGN: Urbanne

Entry Type: Drawing (Hand)

Entry Title: NPC Eclipse

Description: OoooOh



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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) His legs were made for walking all over me.




:lol: I had to!! Megalo isn't just Megalo anymore without melongirl.

When I can do the bg and perspective stuff, I'll remake this so it's officially finished kekekeke.....




Really nice pieces everyone. The shading and lighting in a lot of these are just gorgeous!!




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IGN: TinyRose

Entry Type: Drawing

Entry Title: rose family

Description: my lovely character






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IGN: Cattiechu

Entry Type: Digital Art

Entry Title: Hiya~!

Description: My tablet broke while I was working on this, I ordered the parts to fix it and they were supposed to come in before the contest finished but they didn't. I'm hoping this is still enough work to get participation reward and I will finish this when my tablet is fixed! ^__^






I decided to draw some more except traditionally this time 


IGN: Cattiechu

Entry Type: Drawing

Entry Title: Ocha

Description: my sheep enjoying some tea at a kotatsu~ 



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IGN: hellokaty

Entry type: drawing


Entry title: E V O L U T I O N


Description: Watercolor, marker, pencil crayons. I used the in-game sprite/pixel art and skill card as reference. I hope this entry is not too late (thought it was the 2nd today LOL) but even if it is I wanted to share my work and say good luck to all that entered! Really enjoyed your pieces :D




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Lucky ninja

Lucky ninja

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IGN: JapaneseNinja


Entry Type: Drawing


Entry Title: Gladiator


Description: I like buffalo




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IGN: Vima1496


Entry Type: Drawing


Entry Title: Friends With A Monster


Description: Bunny and Bad Fury maybe they can be friends instead of enemies?






Entry Title: Snow Bunny


Description: Bunny posing for "Mega Girl Magazine




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IGN : rei9ne
Entry type : Creativity
Entry Title : Trickster Event
Description : Volleyball beach event

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My personality is ME :D My attitude depends on YOU :wub: 


                    Je t'aime Mon Amour <3



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IGN: Psyy
Entry type: Drawing
Entry title: need help on harkon 3
Description: that moment everyone rushing to three at the same time.

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Hello Tricksters!


Firstly I wants to say we are so proud of everyone who participated and  are very impressed with the variety of wonderful submissions.

All of you deserve a round of applause! Kudos PlayTrickster Group you were amazing!


1. We have removed all reserved posts, to prevent someone being sly and cutting in after time!

2. The Forum will be closed after this post is made.

3. The winners will be announced within the next few days on a separate winners announcement thread.

4. On the winners announcement thread if you have won please tell us which wings set of choice you would like

5. As soon as the winners are announced the Mods will be sending out the rewards as quickly as they can. Please have patience.


Thank you everyone who participated! You are amazing!

-Play Trickster Team

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Posted Image Go Go Harkon Rangers!